How to Get People to Share

How to Get People to Share

The internet marketing world brings forth all sorts of strange characters, some are destined to succeed whilst others are destined to fail.

Any sort of online marketing training is a waste of time if you don’t have a degree of realism about your direction. You ARE NOT going to get rich overnight, there are NO push-button systems that work and you CANNOT guarantee something turning viral.

It’s now becoming a very popular question – how to get people to share your work and spread the love on your site?

There is no magic formula for this happening – it’s all down to hard work and doing the right things at the right time. We’ve decided to cover a few of these ‘right things’ in an article here today – hopefully they will provide you with a strong platform to get people hitting those post social buttons…

How to Get People to Share Your Work

Keep the following points in mind when next writing an article/post for your blog…

1) The Helpful Guy

I don’t know about you but I have a handful of friends that like being the ‘clever dick’ in the group. You know the ones who always want to be first to spread the news and answer ANY query?

Let’s be honest – we all have friends like this right?

People love to be seen as a resource for their friends – if you can publish work that will allow them to become this resource they will jump at the opportunity to publish it on their own networks.

Make a clever dick’s day and provide tips and information that will help them look good in front of their friends!

2) The Entertainer 

When was the last time you felt the urge to share a piece of content on a severe disease that’s wiping out a country or a disaster?

Let’s face it – people don’t want to be reminded about the hurt and pain in this world ( they see enough of it on every newscast and every tabloid front page ). If they do see a post that has a depressing ring to it they will read it…but I doubt they’ll often share it.

People like to share stuff that makes them laugh, stuff that makes them happy. Try and inject a nice image or a humorous title into your content – people will be much more likely to share this.

3) People Need to be Told What to do…

Sometimes the easiest way to get things done is the direct way – sometimes people need to be told what to do!

Don’t feel shy on your own site – if you want people to spread the word simply ask them to. You don’t have to be rude about it, simply ask at the end of the post ‘if you enjoyed this article please feel free to spread it’ or even ‘sharing is caring’.

Think outside the box and think of nice terminology to twist a few arms and get them sharing your work!

4) Social Buttons ( Point Out The Obvious!!! )

Place social buttons prominently at the start of each article and post ( like I have above this one! ). Make sure they are big and bold enough to encourage people to share your work.

I see a lot of marketers and bloggers opting for the social buttons that include counters these days. I prefer the crafty social buttons you see above but many claim that counters actually entice visitors to hit that button!

5) Images 

Stats seem to show that content with images included will get shared much more often than the plain ‘text on page’ offerings.

Including visually interesting content increases shareability and visitor engagement. Always include Alt Tags with your images to help boost your page’s SEO power.

6) Time Sensitive Content Sharing

Your social media posts or tweets can actually benefit from time-sensitive posting. I recently read a study conducted by Buddy Media that highlighted the fact that it’s best to post outside the 9 to 5 working day hours. The study concluded that content posted at this time was 20% more likely to be shared.

7) Catch Their Attention

Regulars to this site will know how important it is to get the headline ( title ) right on posts and articles you publish. This will help you grab their attention in a sentence. For great examples watch other tweets or newspapers and magazines.

How to Get People to Share

Don’t forget to make it easy for people to share your work – I can’t stand it when I see just three or four social buttons at the top of a piece of content. It makes sense to include ALL of the big social players up there – not just Twitter, Facebook and G+.

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