How to Get More Referrals For Your Business


How to Get More Referrals For Your Business

The main powerhouse behind new customers for a small business is the good old fashioned technique of ‘word of mouth’. But this method in itself is not down to good fortune – it is down to a number of simple variables that are molded together correctly.

Lets take a closer look at how to get more referrals for your business through a planned and well-executed strategy…

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1) Word of Mouth Marketing Tips – Just Ask!

The simplest of the word of mouth marketing tips is often the most overlooked method – just asking your audience to spread the word!

I often use this method on this website – if I manage to solve a visitors problem or query and provide useful information I put in a simple request for a little ‘spread’.

This is a simple process as long as you include bold enough social buttons above your content.

If you are using an email subscription service why not ask a few of your regulars for a simple review? You’d be surprised at what you can get in return for simply plucking up the courage to ask – satisfied visitors/customers will always be glad to spread the word.

2) Marketing New Customers

We all like the good old ‘regular customer’ that has been with us for some time now – but how likely are they to spread the word? I’m not being harsh here but at this point you’re pretty much old news!

Marketing new customers is a great way to get the word out on your business – they are ALWAYS a lot more likely to talk about a new experience.

For example: you may have a regular bar you frequent with your mates but what happens when you stumble upon a new and exciting night spot? You feel the need to talk about it – people like to be seen as the ‘go to’ person for new experiences.

When you get used to something there is very little left to say about it – it just sort of blends into your life with nothing worthwhile mentioning.

So go all out and make EVERY new customer feel like they are the king/queen of England! Make sure they leave your business feeling 100 feet tall and satisfied.

Remember – first impressions last ( and you only get one chance to meet a new customer! ).

3) Interpreting Customer Feedback

A lot of small business owners find interpreting customer feedback a struggle. I think it’s mainly down to the fear of hearing something you don’t particularly want to!

But a business owner that sits there with his/her hands over their ears is missing a very powerful trick. Feedback is a powerful marketing tool.

Feedback can be damaging of course – but this only occurs when you chose not to listen to it. Think about it for a second – wouldn’t you rather a negative comment be directed at your ears instead of ending up on review sites, blogs, and social networks?

Once a bad review is out there it’s out there to stay! 

Interpreting customer feedback should be looked at as more of a way of locating improvement. You are being given the opportunity to find out where your weaknesses lie and what you can do better.

4) Education

I have always found that being helpful online is a form of educating online. Creating helpful content through blog posts, newsletters and YouTube videos is a great way to draw in new referrals.

Most educational pieces online are list based or set around the ‘How To’ format. These types of content are extremely shareable and often find their way onto social platforms and other blogs in a similar niche.

At the end of the day by providing value you are in fact educating the reader. You are placing positive things out into the market that can deliver ‘value in advance’.

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9 comments on “How to Get More Referrals For Your Business

  1. Hi Chris, interesting post, I agree with all four of your above points when it comes to getting new business referrals but especially point 4. If you set out to educate people they will see you a trusted source or an authority. People do business with and buy from people we trust.

    1. Hi Lee thanks for stopping by and reading!
      Yeah I thought I’d leave point 4 until last as I also see it as the most important factor in drawing in new referrals. Trust is SO important when it comes to modern day business models.
      Cheers for leaving your opinion 🙂

  2. Hey Chris,

    Great tips on spreading the word. I think many marketers fall down on this a lot. Especially asking people to spread the word.

    Never be afraid to do that, the worst that will happen is people won’t or the people or person you ask says no – no big deal, just keep asking.

    I always ask – I do expect a “no” and I’m overjoyed when I hear “yes”, so it’s not a big deal to me. And really it’s a win either way for me.

    I wasn’t expecting a yes so no let down there and when I get a yes it’s happy, happy, joy, joy.

    Keep on keepin on


    1. Hey Leo,
      Thanks for stopping by and pitching in on the conversation. You hit the nail on the head with I do expect a “no” and I’m overjoyed when I hear “yes” – a brilliant way to look at it!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and helping this article evolve.

  3. How to get more referrals for your business, what a needed post, who isn’t looking for just that. You have some great ideas here. I especially like your thought on asking your satisfied customers to spread the word, its very effective, in fact its how I usually find what I m looking for. 🙂

    1. Thanks Vic,
      Yeah we all need new customers otherwise we won’t be around for long!!! Simply asking satisfied customers is such an easy and effective process of spreading the word. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion.
      Glad you found something worthwhile in the article 🙂

  4. Hey there Chris,
    I know for a fact that word of mouth is very effective.

    I live in a little town with not many businesses so it makes “word of mouth” spin into overdrive when something new is in town. I went to a few local businesses and just hinted to what I was doing and the next week I had more people visiting.

    #4 in this article is a must! Without the proper training you will bust. Before training you have training wheels. With training you are riding a harley. 🙂

    1. Hey Mary!

      Yeah word of mouth is an extremely powerful business tool and yet so many business owners forget about it completely ( the digital age and all that!!! ). Sometimes the simple, traditional methods work wonders! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on the matter 🙂

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