How to Generate Blog Content – 5 Fabulous Ideas

How to Generate Blog Content - 5 Fabulous Ideas

​I recently purchased a book on Amazon on how to generate blog content due to the fact it was at a VERY low price. I must admit – I don’t normally go for these types of books as I’ve always found the WA community to be more than helpful in supplying me with knowledge ( and it’s FREE! ).

But this book was a bit of a hidden gem really and it covered it’s subjects well in an easy-to-read format.

I’m not going to go ‘on the sell’ here and name the book with a nasty Amazon affiliate link. Instead I’ve opted to cover some of the killer info it provided here in an article…

Who Are You Writing For?

As a blogger you are either writing for the search engines or you are writing for the visitors to your blog.

Can you guess which one will bring you more success?

Those who are writing for the search engines are more inclined to come out with the lower quality blogs – fact of life! They find a killer keyword and the WHOLE of their article relies heavily on that keyword.

When you concentrate this much on one thing how will the rest of your content turn out? The word ‘mediocre’ springs to mind right?

Who Are You Writing For?

These blog owners don’t really care about building and retaining an audience or the amount of social shares they are going to receive – they just want traffic and lots of it!

They are constantly ‘on the sell’ and they are not looking to offer any real value – the affiliate products they are promoting have landing pages to supply that ( overcooked ) value.

So I Should Forget About Keywords?

No, no, no…

Keywords are still the most important STARTING BLOCK of your article – it’s where your ideas will come from.

All I’m saying is your choice of keywords shouldn’t be your sole consideration when writing your masterpiece.

So I Should Forget About Keywords?

I tend to get my topic ideas from a site named which acts as an alphabet soup type of system for search engines. Once I have my topic idea I plug it into Jaaxy where I can determine high search volume and low competition.

So I now have my keyword and I can start my article!

First things first – forget keyword density! 

Yep that’s right, it’s not that important these days and it will only take your mind off the creativity within your writing.

Use the keyword in the title of your article then use it again in the first paragraph, then the last paragraph – that’s all I really do these days and I achieve wonderful rankings through this method.

But beyond doing keyword research through Soovle and Jaaxy, how can you generate content ideas?

Let’s take a look…

1) The Competition

Other blogs in your niche should act as a source of inspiration for you. Don’t treat them as competition – treat them as a source of knowledge.

Read through the articles they have to offer and use them as a sort of springboard for your own posts. Take a good article and make it BETTER.

2) Your Regulars

Regular visitors to your blog are sometimes a smashing resource of new ideas. Why not publish an open-ended post that asks your regulars what subject THEY would like YOU to cover?

3) Books

As I explained in the intro, the idea for this article came from a book I bought on the cheap. Find books in your niche and run wild with the ideas they provide.

4) Shake That Ass!!!

It’s extremely easy to let yourself go when you are stuck in front of a PC all day long. My routine allows me to get up in the morning and take a 4 mile jog before I sit down to work.

This jog is perfect for developing my thoughts and coming up with new ideas. It allows me to clear my mind and prepare for the day ahead.

Exercise also gives you a kind of ‘buzz’ when your finished – like you’ve just drunk a bucket full of coffee! I find writing with this ‘buzz’ gives my content a fresh and invigorating feel and it’s normally the best work I will do in a 24 hour period.

5) Watch TV

This may sound a little bit of a lazy cop-out but I assure you it is not!

Television is a 24 hour source of wonderful ideas for content. If you can keep up to date with world affairs and somehow implement them into your posts things could really take off for you.

One of my mentors at the Wealthy Affiliate University started writing articles about Steve Jobs the day after he passed away.

He was religiously into article marketing at the time and used it as a platform for this specific subject. The click through rate he had off these articles was completely off the scale not just for that particular week, but for months afterwards.

He had made use of a current affair to get thousands of visitors to his site and the effect was near enough viral.

So if you can find a topic that relates to your niche on the news you really should take advantage of it.


These five pointers were the ones that stuck in my mind after reading this book. I rewrote them in my own words obviously as I’m not a fan of being strung up for copyright reasons!

What are your opinions on how to generate blog content? Do you have any interesting tactics that you feel we would compliment this article? Please take the time to leave them in the comment section below – the more ideas the more this article will grow 🙂

12 comments on “How to Generate Blog Content – 5 Fabulous Ideas

  1. Hi Chris, I’m a big fan of WA myself they’ve helped me a lot. I am also open to anything that’ll help me progress so long as it’s inexpensive. The book sounds like a real catch and now you’ve got me intrigued lol. Any chance of spilling the beans my friend!

    Anyhow there are some very valuable points here and I shall be bookmarking this for future reference. BTW, I love your website and all that it has to offer, it’s an asset to the online community.

  2. Hey Chris,
    These are some great ideas for creating content on your blog. I also think that just it is important to get as much content out as possible so that you can get better as a writer and improve traffic to your site. Focusing more on audience than keyword density is huge as well!.

  3. Chris, WOW, You had my attention at the first sentence. First of all I am a visual learner and your pictures were used extremely well. You put so much knowledge into your site. You gave get incentive for others to want to follow you, want to conect with you. By what you have written you are a true leader in my eyes. You have all the meat and bones in here. I like your honesty. I truly felt like you were only speaking to me, I was absorbed. I think you did a perfect site. I will tell you I wish this were my site instead of yours. That is my honest opinion. Keep on going you will reap the benefits in no time, if not already.

    1. Lol well thank you Linda – makes a nice change from all the insults I usually get left for me in my comment sections! 🙂

      Just stick at your blog girl and don’t give up – you’ll get there in the end!

  4. Great article, This something I would use, the methods are great way for someone like me who has a hard time coming up with content ideas. I had never heard of Soovle so I am going to be using it for ideas. And to use competitors articles is great way to improve on. Thank you so much.

    1. No problem Dawn – great to hear that the content we published helped you out! Good luck with your writing.

  5. Great article Chris, I think all these tips are easy everyday ways in which we can increase our exposure to content building ideas for our websites.

    I think you are right in saying we get too keyword focused and should concentrate more on the quality and relevance of what we are writing than including the keywords. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve written with the keyword in mind…instead of just writing relaxed (writing more quality basically!).

    The more we follow our interests and try to pay attention, the easier it will become for us to create more engaging posts/blogs for our visitors.


    1. Hi Heath,

      I used to be the same really – especially when I was starting out! In those days you needed a keyword density of about 2% when writing each article to have any chance of ranking well. Think about it – how can you write relaxed with that sort of density hanging over your head? You can’t really!

      Sometimes I think it’s best to throw the keyword in the title and just forget about Google – let your (quality) content do the work for you and hope the title ranks you well!

      Great speaking with you – good luck with your content efforts! 🙂

  6. I love your five points they make a lot of sense to me. I realized when I’m driving alone in the car ideas keep flowing into my mind and often I stop to note them down on my note pad – breaks the day up a little bit but at least I keep a record of new ideas!

    I relate with your idea of jogging every morning or evening because it this would stimulate our brains more in production of new ideas – exercise is excellent for this.

    I think I would also consider your point no.1 and 2 which makes sense. Sometimes we look at our competitors with a negative eye and its high time we look at them with an eye to learn from them. Neglecting to recognize what they have done will not help you in the long run.

    Recently when I was doing my studies I discovered another software called “answer the public” which is a good source of ideas, maybe you may need to check it out. Have you heard of it before?

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Paul,

      I’ve not heard of Answer The Public before but I’ll be sure to check it out today. I feel that competitors are a great source of ideas for any webmaster. So many people tend to look at them as ‘enemies’ when it’s super-easy to look at them as allies instead.

      I’ve leveraged thousands of ideas off competitors…and ended up with better articles than them!

      There’s never any need to struggle when you know what your competitors are up to…

      Great speaking with you!

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