How to Find New SEO Strategies That Can Actually Work

Article Written & Provided by Irina Weber

Any SEO expert, business owner or internet marketer worth his salt knows that SEO is always changing.

New trends and developments are discussed, new search engine algorithms and updates are released and new SEO methods are evolved.

It is something that will constantly develop.

What are the best practices to succeed with SEO? How to find new SEO methods that can really work? Here are common questions that every SEO specialist asks himself.

Today I am going to make it easy for you. I will show 3 major options where to find new SEO strategies that can really work.

Where to Find New SEO Strategies

Let’s examine each of these ways in more detail.

#1 Analysis of Top Competitors

The easiest way to find competitors, just enter niche-related keyword in Google and you will get a list of supracompetitive websites.

What you should turn your mind to?

  • Systematically analyze the niche;
  • Choose top best websites;
  • Find their tricks and put them into practice.

Here is the outline plan that allows you do it by yourself:


1) Analyze The Top Results in Search

Analyse the top results in search

I usually use SE Ranking to find competitors:


Choose top niche-related sites and analyze them.


2) Website Traffic

Use Similarweb to check out organic site traffic:

Audience Overview

Pay attention to the major source of traffic.

Traffic Sources

In our case, it is not the best website, although it is in Top 4 of search results based on the target keyword.

I don’t confirm that 60% of direct traffic is really bad, it is awesome. Each project should work toward this index. But I am more interested in websites that generate search traffic.


3) Organic Traffic >50-60%

Take a look at the example:



4) Website Visibility in Google

I use SemRush to view website dynamics in Google:

dynamics in Google

In my experience, it is better to choose websites that have the domain age of a site more than a year and are still at the top of Google.



5) Monitor Backlinks of Competitors

It is very easy!

  • Use Ahrefs
  • Export backlinks in .xls format
  • Sort them by the date
  • Analyze all backlinks

Analyze backlinks


6) Search For Tricks

It is time to find some tricks and ideas after website analysis.

At least:

  • write down your ideas in Evernote or other workspace;
  • recheck them again.

The deeper your analysis is, the more tricks you will find. Make sure that it is a time-consuming process to get the most out of websites.


7) Add Ideas to Your Main Strategies

As soon as you find new ideas that correspond to the project budget, you can easily use and put them into practice.

8) Systematically Analyze Successful Examples

It is the most effective way for highly competitive niches. If you find new SEO ideas, it is better start analyzing all successful examples of your competitors.

Try to analyze constantly and systematically all Top websites in search based on wide semantics.

#2 Get ideas from others

Do you know Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Adam Connell?

I can numerate a bunch of SEO experts and bloggers that share lots of great case studies, articles and ideas on their sites and social networks. Sometimes you can find there something interesting that deserves to create epic content.

Don’t you think so?

Look at some examples:



1) Paid E-Mail Newsletter

LinkMoses Private is the easiest way to do that.

Eric Ward distributes email newsletters 3-4 times per week where you can find some interesting ideas and websites to build up quality backlinks.

Eric Ward

The first 3-4 emails are about link building: news, guest articles, case studies from other experts and the last emails disclose ways how to get links. In other words, you can watch a list of URLs and explanations how to get links from authoritative sources.

Actually, you won’t find many variants how to get backlinks, but sometimes there are good sources you can check out.


2) Forums

Forums are a great source to get a heap of ideas, build up new connections and breathe a word of yourself and your brand.

As you know that most of forums are free, but they have a paid marketplace section where people disclose new ideas, share their experience and promote their products.

I guess that it is a good way to assert yourself. Here are some great forums you can check out:


3) Topical Courses

I know there are lots of courses that are designed for SEO newbies and you won’t find much useful and worthy. But, I have met some good courses and videos that can push you to create new SEO ways.

Check out the course from Pointblank Seo..


It is a well-structured approach to post information in one place. Especially, pay attention to:

  • Strategies;
  • Actual link building opportunities


You can also review the course SeoThatWorks from Backlinko (Brian Dean).

What can I tell about this course? Not too much information, but the approach they use works well.



The course is based on the following things:

  • what content and how to create it
  • how to get backlinks
  • how organic traffic grows

You can find an awesome closed group in FB:


I like this course for their strategies, information and outcomes. The whole thing is to capture the essence of the course and not look twice at every penny to improve your SEO skills and find new strategies.


4) Blogs

To tell the truth, there are not so many good bloggers that provide quality and helpful content. There was only water there.

You can check out a list of quality SEO blogs:


Find there many issue-related blogs and some of them cover top-notch content.

I don’t sign up for newsletters of these blogs, but in general I go to Alltop and look through headlines. If something sounds intriguing, I start reading it.


5) Blog Aggregator Sites

Besides Alltop, you can check out

Go to the site and search for any keyword with a filter:


Use the same algorithm:

  • look at the topics
  • disclose something eye-catching
  • add to Evernote
  • find some time to read content

As a result, you can find much interesting and helpful. You just need to have a desire and time to read and put into practice everything you get most out of the post.


3) Experiments

It is the best variant to check out efficiency of a SEO strategy.

For example:

  • Make your suppositions;
  • Test them;
  • Put them into practice;
  • If it works well, use them for further projects.

As you know, permanent experiments are not a cheap pleasure. If you get enough budget to do testing in different niches, it would be the best thing.

In case, you find out the variants what to test for your projects, it would be tiptop.

In Conclusion

To find new SEO tactics and ideas for testing, you can take advantage of the first two ways that will last for a long time, in case you will do everything systematically.

The most important thing is that not only know anything, but test it and get most out of these results. That’s where it’s at!

Let us know how you find new SEO strategies…

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