How to Find Low Competition Keywords With High Traffic

how to find low competition keywords with high traffic

Before we jump in and get into the bones of how to find low competition keywords with high traffic, I thought it was important that you grasp how powerful simple SEO is to your website’s future success!

At the end of the day, keyword research is essential to any website hoping to get free traffic from the top search engines.

Without proper keyword research you are in fact shooting in the dark…and I can guarantee you that your competition ONLY shoots in clear daylight!

If you neglect to use keyword research you are basically playing a guessing game with what your target audience is looking for. On top of that you are also guessing HOW MANY of them are looking for it!

When you enviously look at your competition outplaying you on the first page of Google remember one thing – websites that rank highly in the search engines ALWAYS have the right keyword strategy in place.


Keyword Research Video Tutorial


High Search Low Competition Keywords

This is the bread and butter of EVERY successful website floating about out there – high search low competition keywords!

You NEED to be targeting keywords that are searched for regularly…but are yet to be properly picked up by the competition.

Makes sense?

Now, I’m not going to say that I was a complete SEO ninja when I first started out – nothing could be further from the truth (in fact I was f###ing hopeless at it!).

You can study all you want, dive deep down into the subject on a molecular level, but at the end of the day your success will rely on the tools of the trade you choose to use!

As a matter of fact – I only got my head around keyword research when I managed to get hold of a tool that used Layman’s Terms to explain the whole process.

And that is the tool I shall be introducing you to today…


keyword discovery keyword tool

Jaaxy is the world’s most advanced keyword research tool built for internet marketers. I use Jaaxy daily to reveal the hottest and most profitable keywords online.

What makes it stand out from all the other keyword research tools out there?


You see, knowing the competition that a keyword has in the search engines is the most powerful piece of SEO data that you can have.

Without knowing how many other websites are ranked for a keyword, you are flying blind with what keywords you should be using…

It’s why keyword research tools in the past have never worked out for you!


Let's Take a Look Inside The Jaaxy Keyword Tool...

Okay, the screenshot below is a snapshot of the main page you’ll be using inside Jaaxy. For the sake of this review I plugged in the phrase ‘Keyword Discovery’ as an example…


keyword search terms with jaaxy


Pretty impressive stuff right? But pleased don’t be overwhelmed by the colorful statistics – if I managed to get my head around this baby…any idiot can! 🙂

First off, let’s zoom in on the first column of numbers titled Avg


AVG Function of The Keyword Tool


This Avg column simply means the average number of searches per month for that particular keyword. If you move onto the next column you will see a title of Traffic.

The Traffic parameter is basically telling you the amount of internet users who actually click on the links from the search engines after they typed in the Keyword (‘keyword discovery’ in this case!).

But the third column, titled QSR is the daddy!!!! This is what is going to give you the edge over every other keyword research boffin out there!

The QSR is showing you the exact number of webmasters (or bloggers) out there that have already written an article targeting the keyword YOU are researching.

This is VERY powerful knowledge and it has helped me outrank websites that have been successful for years before I came along!

Now let’s go onto the final three columns on the Jaaxy results dashboard…


Final Three Columns of Jaaxy Keyword Results


As you can see – the first one up is the KQI. This is a very handy measure on whether or not you should be using this particular keyword.

Simply put – the KQI shows you how much of a chance you have of getting good rankings with your keyword:

  • Green means you have a high probability of hitting the big time with your keyword
  • Yellow means you could have a decent keyword but you are in the medium probability zone!
  • Red means you have little to no chance of ranking for the specific keyword

The next column is the SEO parameter and it is sort of linked to the KQI parameter. This parameter basically gives you a SEO quality score out of 100.


Try Out The Keyword Tool For Free

The cool thing about this tool is that it has a pretty awesome trial period – that means you can gather a ton of keywords for FREE without the need for a credit card, Paypal payment, or any of that jive!

Simply type in the keyword you are looking to research and take this baby for a test run….

Remember – if you sign up for the trial run of Jaaxy you will get a minimum of 30 free searches which will spit out an absolute ton of results.

Copy and paste every one of them to a document and save them!

From my trial searches alone I ended up with enough killer keywords for over 50 articles!!!!

To be honest I didn’t even use all of them – I signed up for the full version within 24 hours of trying it out…and I never looked back!


It's More Than Just a Keyword Tool

It certainly is!

It can also help you:

  • Find untapped niches to turn into lucrative online businesses
  • Create awesome content that ranks on the first page of Google
  • Spy on your competition
  • Quickly find and compare Affiliate Marketing Programs in your niche
  • Locate top Domain Names for building new niche websites

Over the last couple of years I’ve read many internet marketing articles claiming that change was on the horizon – the online market is apparently too heavily saturated and the competition is too intense for newbies to handle…

Utter rubbish!

About 16 months ago a report came out claiming that there were now approximately 2 billion internet users…soon to turn into 3 billion!

The real truth is that there are millions upon millions of niche opportunities out there and everyone that builds a new website brings new ideas with them!

People are buying more of their products online than ever before – It’s the cheaper option, it’s efficient and it’s way more convenient than driving to the stores!


Conducting Effective Keyword Research

I struggled for years looking for effective information on how to find low competition keywords with high traffic. At the end of the day – the free Google Keyword Planner is completely hopeless.

Like the Internet, the keyword market and the reason we use keywords has evolved…unfortunately 99% of the keyword tools out there have not followed suit…

We all want MORE keywords and MORE niches right? Sign up for your FREE Jaaxy trail HERE

6 comments on “How to Find Low Competition Keywords With High Traffic

  1. Hi, I’ve been to your site before and it is always so informative. I tried the free trial on jaaxy and yes I like it but it is sooo expensive when you are just starting out, do you have any recommendations for us not so skilled yet that are still waiting to start generating income before we can afford an expensive tool? I use the wa researth tool all the time and i have found it really helpful but I wonder sometimes about comparing results with it.

    1. Well the WA research tool is the only SEO option that comes anywhere close to Jaaxy Ashley. I’m afraid Jaaxy is THAT good – nothing else really compares? If you want to rank well with your content I’m afraid there are no real shortcuts – SEO is all about the research tools at the end of the day!

  2. This is a great tool for keeping your SEO in tune and making sure you are leaps and bounds ahead of the top competition. In modern day internet marketing you NEED the best tools of the trade!

    I have used Jaaxy and it is by far the best one I have seen yet on the market – you get what you pay for at the end of the day and free stuff ain’t worth Jack!

    The QSR and KQI are game changers in trying to corner your market, no matter what niche you finally decide upon (the more diverse the better in my experience!). You get to see exactly what’s out there and what you are facing in terms of powerful competition and ranking.

    I recommend anyone in online business to use this tool, it has a free trial option after all!

    Hey Chris – what side of the jaaxy tool do you find the most useful (use the most frequently?).

    Thanks for the info


    1. Hi there Anton!

      Yeah in this day and age free SEO tools just don’t cut it I’m afraid – they are only ever going to be able to take you so far…

      The most useful parameter in jaaxy from my point of view is the competition tab – it’s allowed me to rank websites I never thought possible. I also use the site rank feature quite frequently as I like to know where my articles are in the SERPS and how well they are performing overall!

  3. Thanks for your article. I am trying out Jaaxy myself and have certainly come up with a few ideas about finding my niche advantages.

    The QSR is my favorite feature from my early experience. It is information I did not think was even available, and to combine it with average traffic gives me great confidence about writing content which works.

    Do you use Jaaxy for all your articles or do some of your articles avoid keywords and SEO altogether?

    I find that writing without SEO in mind is much easier for me and my content flows much smoother – It would be lovely to forget about keywords altogether and just write for my blog!

    Great article – I will be returning here for a ‘bump up’ of SEO knowledge soon! 🙂

    1. Hi Simon,

      First of all I should really point out that you don’t need to be a prisoner to your keywords. These days you can use your keyword in the article title and still rank – you don’t have to flush it through the whole article like in the old days.

      I usually include it in the title and then somewhere near the start of the content. If I feel like I need a little boost with it I’ll also include it at the end of the piece.

      In answer to your question – yes I do center all of my work on a related keyword. It’s not often that I write without ranking in mind.

      And why would I – when I write I want people to read it! 🙂

      Hope this has been helpful for you!

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