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how to find a good niche

Looking for advice on how to find a good niche? Tired of trawling through the Clickbank product options? Searching for a super-targeted product that hasn’t been diluted by the web yet?

Well I’ve got some good news for you – there’s a place where ALL good marketers go…

Dmoz Your Mind! is the largest publicly edited directory on the Web and man does it rock n roll ideas! If you are looking to find a profitable niche for marketing purposes you must try this site out!

I actually went over the site briefly in post a few weeks back ( completely forgotten what post it was now! ) and I realized I should probably dig into the subject a bit deeper. is a perfect resource for breaking down niches and finding something you feel will be a kick-ass topic to promote from. I was first introduced to the site a few years back in my initial internet marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate.

It is a fantastic research tool when it comes to starting up an internet marketing campaign. Here’s how to use it to find a profitable niche for promoting…

The Site

Check out the image below – this is the simple layout of’s homepage. You can start by either choosing from one of the topics they provide on the home page, or by typing something you are wanting to research into the search box. homepage

So lets just say we are happy with the options on the homepage and we decide to pick say…Health ( a popular yet broad online topic! ).

Click on Health to dig down deeper and find a mass of new sub-niche ideas on your screen.

Digging down niche choices with Dmoz

There’s so many choices here I don’t really know where to start but let’s take a shot in the dark at one of the top options at choose Mental Health. Wow – a load more targeted niche options.

From here we can keep on digging down through the targeted niche options until we get to the results page. This is the route I took:

Self-Help – Support Groups – Shyness

I then ended up at the results page below…

Dmoz Results Options

Now please don’t underestimate these results pages – they are Uber important for your research! These results are ram-packed with glorious information that will help to create a well educated, focused campaign.

Simple And Fun

If you are looking for directions on how to find a good niche please give a go. I use it constantly for new niche ideas AND new content ideas – it is a fun and simple resource to use.

Don’t forget that Dmoz is 100% FREE which means it’s a tool you really should not be ignoring, especially if you are just starting out in internet marketing!

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7 comments on “How to Find a Good Niche – Rocks!

  1. Of all the ways of thinking of a niche, I never thought of using Dmoz. I mean, I had heard of Dmoz before, years ago in fact. It’s been around for years. It just never occurred to me to look in there to find niche ideas.

    It makes total sense though. If someone is on DMoz, it must mean that they think real people are looking for information or products on those topics. I suppose another good place to take a look at would be to look at categories on sites like eBay or Amazon. Again, these are actual products that sell, so that’s a good starting point for sure.

    The only other factor is that it needs to be something that you are interested in.

    1. Yeah Marcus, it was one of the first places I used to go online when I was looking for niche ideas. As you mentioned – Amazon is a good indicator as well!

  2. Hi Chris, it is very good place to get ideas. As Marcus mentioned above, looking at in combination is much better. You take an idea here, go to a mall and look at magazines which sell and come back and see sale volumes at amazon, you have your research done!
    Thanks for the good tip for those who are staring, it is helpful!

  3. Dmoz can be quite the needed support to those starting out in the world of niche marketing. Choosing something you know and understand is key! If you can’t talk about somethi NH, give opinions and thoughts on a certain topic, then choose something else. Use this site to its fullest.

    Work hard!


  4. That is a great resource for someone looking to create a website and is having a hard time finding a targeted niche, they definitely give lots of options!

    I’m a little confused what the numbers in parenthesis mean. As well when I searched my niche (strollers) on the bottom it said websites what is that referring to?

    Also does it say how successful that niche will be or just the fact that it is on the list means it will get good traffic?

    1. Hi Batya,

      Okay, I think you’re maybe looking at this site in the wrong way! Dmoz is simply a list of many different niche options to drill down into. How can I explain this?

      Right, it simply lists millions of topics that can be dug into to find mini-topics that could prove to be lucrative niches.

      Does that make sense?

      Don’t worry about the numbers and parameters etc, just use it as a reference for ideas! 🙂

      Hope this helps!

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