How to Earn Money Online by Watching Videos

How to Earn Money Online by Watching Videos

I spend a lot of time writing articles for this site that are targeting people who want to build up an online business – people who want to get out of the nine-to-five lifestyle and earn a full time wage online.

Today I thought I’d target those of you who are looking for something a little bit different – an extra monthly wage packet to help with the bills etc.

Now, I get A LOT of contact messages from this site during each weekly period – most of them asking for advice on various earning mediums.

Over the last year or so I’ve received a ton of messages down this route…

“I need advice on how to earn money online by watching videos”

It does sound a bit scammy doesn’t it?

Earning money by simply doing something you’d normally do online anyway?

But it’s not!

The site I will be covering in this article is called Clixsense – it’s been around for about a decade now and it’s the first site I used to make legitimate money online (so it’s close to my heart!).

Not only can you earn simple cash by watching videos, you can also earn through a number of different methods.

Simple, effective and most importantly FREE – let’s take a closer look at it…

NOTE: We have published a full and detailed review on Clixsense – if you would prefer to read that article, you can find it HERE


Earn Money by Watching Ads

Okay, let’s cover the main subject of this article first – making money by watching videos.

I need to point out that you won’t be sitting there watching Hollywood blockbusters and totting up the money as the film progresses – life ain’t that sweet!

No, in reality, you will earn money by watching ads.

But that’s not a bad thing really – is it?

I mean, getting paid for sitting on your ass and munching Doritos can’t be bad work!!!

But this is only one of the earning mediums that Clixsense offers – you need to explore each and every one to make the most out of the site.

Here were some of my favorite earning options when I used to use the site to pay for my internet marketing education

  • Complete mini tasks (mostly data entry jobs and simple search engine research)
  • Complete surveys from hundreds of different survey providers (covering just about EVERY subject you can think of!)
  • Watch videos for money
  • Listen to a radio station for money (just keep the station running in the background then fill out a captcha every 30 minutes!)
  • Take part in cash offers (get paid for trying new products and services, downloading apps, signing up for websites, watching videos and more!)
  • Play games
  • And much, MUCH more!

Seriously, I’d be here all day and night if I tried to list all of the earning options that Clixsense offer (besides, I’ve forgotten most of them!).


How Does All This Work?

Okay, Clixsense has links/relationships with hundreds of marketing panels and retail companies. It’s basically a middleman for these companies to get our opinions.

At the end of the day – our opinions as consumers of ANYTHING are like gold dust to this lot, they NEED to know what we think about certain products and services.

Earn Money by Watching Ads

99.9% of the jobs on offer at Clixsense are linked to a specific product or service, and our actions in these mini-jobs provide a sort of opinion.

The cheapest way for these companies to get honest opinions is by paying for them through Clixsense.

We give our opinions – they pay us a small amount for doing so!

Everyone wins.

Below is a list of the main companies that Clixsense works with:

  • ClixOffers
  • TrialPay
  • Peanut Labs
  • OfferToro
  • Wannads
  • Adscend
  • AdGate
  • SuperRewards
  • Revenue Universe
  • KiwiWall

The money earned through these providers is totaled up in your Clixsense account and paid out once a week through a payment processor of your choice (or you can receive a check every month!).


Make Money Watching Videos Online

As I touched on in the introduction to this article – Clixsense is not a platform that will get you untold riches overnight…

That’s not what this article is about.

This article is aimed at people looking to make an extra couple of hundred bucks here and there – it will not offer you a full time wage.

Clixsense is simple to use and simple to earn with – the more work you do there, the more money you will earn!

Here is a snippet from their About Us page:

“ is an online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world. Founded in 2007, as a paid-to-click website, ClixSense has since changed its business model and has become an industry leader in providing an easy way for its members to earn extra money from multiple sources. ClixSense has paid out more than $26 million to its members and continues to grow.”

Still not sure about this site?

Need a little more information before you sign up for free?

Why not check out our full review on Clixsense’s services HERE


If you have any questions about the subject we have covered here today, please either use the contact form on this site or leave a comment in the section below.


8 comments on “How to Earn Money Online by Watching Videos

  1. I have done this in the past and find that watching video ads online can actually be quite tiring. I use another platform, not Clixsense and found that I couldn’t choose the type of videos to watch or they simply have very limited options where I would end up watching stuff that really don’t interest me. I believe apps that let you watch video and make money may offer better choices, but I’ve yet to try them. 

    1. Yeah, I should point this out Cathy – you don’t really have to WATCH the videos to earn the money…

      Simply keep the video running on an open tab until it’s finished! 

  2. Thank you for sharing all this information. It’s nice to come upon a website written by someone who’s been there, done that! From reading your post, I realized I did have an account with Clixsense and never took advantage of it. Where would you suggest I start on this particular website? I also want to return to your site to get more information about Pinterest. Thanks again Chris, hope to connect soon!

    1. Hi Renee, 

      Well first things first – as soon as you log in go through the working platforms and do all the video tasks, they’re easy and they get the day rolling. After that I would recommend taking on the mini-tasks/jobs, as there is always something there that will suit your tastes for work! 🙂

  3. Waoh, this is making a lot of sense, can one join the site for free or there is need to pay a certain amount of money to get registered. Besides how is there any referral system where one can earn additional bonus? Is there certain amount of money you must have before you can withdraw from this platform? What Are the payments options available? 

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