How to Earn Money on Pinterest

How to Earn Money on Pinterest


In the world of social media, Pinterest is a strange beast, offering unique and exciting rules for the budding entrepreneur. I even know a few clever online marketers that don’t even use a blog to make money off the platform!

Are you looking to take your online business into this unique social media world?

Do you need advice on how to earn money on Pinterest?

Well you’ve come to the right place…

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Earn Money From Pinterest

As I mentioned above – you don’t really need to own a blog or a website to earn money from Pinterest, and you can even build yourself a rather powerful e-mail list with your pins as well.

Before we go into the methods and techniques of this article, I should point out that you need to have a decent Pinterest account for these to work. Please don’t come to this article expecting miracles if you only have 5 pins and 10 followers on the platform – you need to be slightly more established than that!





For this technique you are going to need a Pinterest business account, instead of the standard version, as the business account allows you to dive deeper into your analytics on the platform.

Simply go through your analytics and find out what products or services your pins are getting noticed for. Find the most popular example and build a whole new brand around this product/service.

You can’t really sell the product directly on Pinterest, but you can direct your pins straight to a webpage or a store you have built etc.

Some savvy marketers don’t even bother trying to flog a product – they just use their pins to draw in tons of traffic, and then make money off the adverts on their blog!





Most of us have heard about these YouTube and Instagram influencers raking in large amounts of money – why don’t you aim to become an influencer with your Pinterest account?

If you manage to become a influential personality on Pinterest, with numerous popular boards, and a mass of followers, brands are likely to pay you for promoting their products. This is usually a simple enough promotion route like re-pinning a brand’s latest release or even including it’s pin on one of your more popular boards.

The cool thing about this option is that Pinterest itself is right behind the technique – they WANT more influential personalities on their platform and they WANT big brands to interact with them.

Research show that Pinterest influencers can earn anywhere from $50 per promotion to thousands of dollars per campaign.





This is a rather interesting way of making money with Pinterest, and it has become more and more popular over the last 24 months or so!

Did you know that there are a growing number of Pinterest members that earn money by being a social media virtual assistant?

What do I mean by this?

Well, certain members earn money by running the Pinterest accounts of individuals or businesses that contract them for their services. They basically handle the day-to-day social media work schedules of their clients on Pinterest.

You are obviously going to need a high level of knowledge on Pinterest – analytics, business accounts, viral pins, etc etc. It’s certainly worth getting into though, as I’ve heard that Pinterest virtual assistants earn anywhere up to $50 a hour for their services!

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Well we had to get to it eventually, didn’t we?

But, affiliate marketing is the best route to making money on most social networks…and probably always will be!

Affiliate marketing in my opinion, is the most effective way to earn income online, but not everyone knows that you can take advantage of the millions of Pinterest members by pinning affiliate links.

Most savvy online marketers are now fully aware that a high percentage of Pinterest members use the platform to find products they may need in the future, then save them as pins on one of their boards. Imagine if one of these pins contained a affiliate link that you put there!

If you have a basic understanding of SEO and keywords you’re laughing in this situation – it’s like taking candy off a baby!

You simply need to use keywords on your pins and descriptions, and the users will find your content via search.

When I first started using Pinterest it had just launched, and I made a lot of money from this form of internet marketing. Within a matter of months Pinterest near enough banned affiliate marketers from using it’s pins…but they then had to cave in again in 2016 and allow the marketers back in! 🙂


How to Earn Money on Pinterest

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6 comments on “How to Earn Money on Pinterest

  1. I use Pinterest all the time and I had no idea I could be making money from my posts on there! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I should start building my account up now, as I use it a lot I don’t think it would take me long, I pick up a lot of random followers now already. I see you say you need a big account for it to work. 

    1. Hi Jayde,

      Well it sounds as if you already have everything in place to take your Pinterest account to the next level – good luck girl! 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,

    Affiliate marketing is truly opening up a world of opportunity for supplementing your income. The key word that you have brought out in your article is that you need to build your reach with your audience. 

    In you opinion, do you things that Pintrest is a better platform than say Instagram for affiliate marketing or do both offer their own advantages?


    1. Hi Richard, 

      Personally, I prefer Pinterest, but I do have more experience with it than Instagram (and a degree of success!). 

  3. I’ve been on Pinterest since over a year ago when I started my blog site. I always upload my latest article pics.

    It doesn’t seem like it really does much for me, but then… maybe that’s ‘cuz I’m still fairly new to the game.

    I’m not sure though if I have a business account or not. How do I tell?? I see that I do have an Analytics menu at the top…

    Is there some secret to what KIND of pics uploaded to Pinterest generate a lot of buzz? Or does it matter?

    Finally, you mention adding affiliate links. Do you do this in the TEXT that you add where it says “Say more about this Pin”??

    1. Hiya mate!

      Right, first off – what kind of niche are you in? What subjects does your blog cover?

      I only ask as Pinterest really isn’t that good for some diverse subjects. For instance, I have a blog on the paranormal, and that does TERRIBLE on Pinterest! 

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