How to Create Viral Content That Rocks!

How to Create Viral Content That Rocks!

When I first started out in the blogging world the majority of content pretty much sucked!

Seriously, apart from a few pillar articles – content was nothing more than a filler designed to trick Google into thinking your site was worthy.

Back then article spinning was all the rage – terrible articles in messed up English infesting article sites – just so you could earn a quick and powerful backlink from the site.

Well, Google eventually decided that enough was enough – affiliate marketers were taking control of the search engine algorithm and people were struggling to find answers to their questions.

Now it’s all changed – quality content is your most powerful blogging weapon.

In this article we will be taking a look at how to create viral content – great content for your website/blog that has that shareable something!

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Creating Viral Content

If you are having any trouble viewing the infographic below simply hover and click on the image itself. You will then be taken to it’s media file tab where you can view it in it’s original dimensions, with a magnifying tool (if needed!).

creating viral content

Create Viral Content

As you can see from the infographic above, titles that include numbers seem to do really well in clickable search results – I see proof of this regularly with simple high-ranking ‘list’ articles…

  • 10 reasons your website won’t rank
  • 5-point SEO checklist
  • 7 of the most popular horror films of 2017
  • Etc, etc…

I was surprised to learn that brackets play such an important factor in click-through-rates (CTR). Who would have thought that titles containing brackets would result in a more clickable prospect?

Regarding images – I still have no idea why bloggers neglect to use enough of them?

At the end of the day, images break up your content and give your articles a more friendly or approachable feel – it takes no more than a minute to download an image and upload it to your site!

If you can’t be bothered to sort out or create your own image – ‘borrow’ them.

Seriously – nick ’em!

I do it – most successful website owners do it!

The worse that could happen is you receive a email asking you to take it down…so you take it down and replace it with another image – simple!

My final point is covering scannable content and the length of sentences.

This, in my book, is very important.

How often do you read every single word in an article?

Not very often right?

These days people need to be able to scan your article and look for the answers/points they are interested in – long, monotonous blocks of text tend to turn the modern surfer off the page.

Keep the sentences and paragraphs short, use images and plenty of subheadings – make it scannable!

Shout Out!

I should really take this opportunity to thank Brian Dean at for putting together this awesome infographic. (hopefully he won’t mind me using it on this site!) 🙂

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12 comments on “How to Create Viral Content That Rocks!

  1. Hi Chris – wow, there was so much great information in that infographic, some that I already knew, but a lot that was new to me.  Like using numbers and using brackets.  That’s very interesting, but not sure I understand why using brackets would be ideal.  

    Thank you (and Brian Dean) for this great information.  This is very useful and beneficial.


    1. Hi Michele, 

      Yeah I’m afraid I can’t really take the credit for this post – it has to go to Mr. Dean (unfortunately!).  🙂

  2. Thanks Chris for this wonderful blog post. My love for this write-up is great because I have been looking for ways to enhance my proffesionalism as a blogger. This is heart revealing especially the laid emphasis on images. I think this is where am getting it wrong. I hardly include images on my blog.Thanks; I appreciate…. I will work on what you have shared in order to triumph in blogging world

    1. Yep, Google likes images Abioye – as long as you remember to use Alt Tags so that the search engine can tell what each image is about! 

  3. It is the dream or goal of every new blogger to create a viral content but not everyone ends up achieving this and it’s good the way you just shared an informative article like this.

    There are rules, tricks and secret behind every successful business and so there are rules and secrets behind successful blogging and creation of viral contents. 

  4. A really impressive article! I’ am sure lots of bloggers will find it helpful. I liked the way it is organized, simple but clear. But some hints are not understandable to amateur bloggers like me. What is an influencer and where can I find influencers for my niche? What does CTA stand for? I would really appreciate a detailed answer 

    1. Okay…

      An influencer is exactly that Effie – someone who is so good at what they do they can actually influence the sector/niche. 

      CTA stands for ‘Call To Action’ – this is a simple request to do something (Buy Now, Click Here etc)

  5. Personally I have came across a few spinned articles and I think they are horrible. Those articles barely make any sense! I wonder if the strategy (getting backlinks from spinned articles) still work today?

    Love those tips that you have given. Some I have been using it unknowingly but others are mind blowing for me. I will put it into practice and see how it can help my ctr. Thank you!

    1. No I recommend staying away from spun articles these days Grace – most black hat marketers only use them as third tier backlinks. 

  6. Hi! This is a superb post! You have stated some very interesting facts. I really didn’t know about the 20% better CTR for headlines that contained odd numbers.

    And Xerox’s discovery of 80% more chances for an article to be read if it has a colorful image is amazing.

    Through the infographic there are many references to the importance of images:

    1. Use colorful images.

    2. Images add credibility.

    3. Use pro images rather that “semi-professional”.

    4. Use infographics.

    5. Always set a featured image.

    And I have a question concerning images in a post. Recently I have learnt from a respected affiliate marketer to always have some lines of our post’s text visible from the very moment our post is opened. He explains he has opened posts were an image is covering the screen. And in order to read, the person must scroll down. He explains that there are a percentage of readers that won’t scroll down. He recommends to have an image but also to have some lines of our text visible from the very moment our post is opened. Do you agree to this? I would like to enrich my point of view hearing your experience.

    1. That does sound like a good tip Henry, but at the end of the day it depends upon your website theme (some won’t let you put text in before the selected post image!). 

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