How to Create Socially Engaging Content

How to Create Socially Engaging Content


So you’ve got a nice new shiny website and you’ve published a few articles – time to get some traffic right?

But you’re not an idiot – you know that website traffic is hard to come by these days, the competition for most niches is extremely strong.

So you turn to social media…a few retweets and shares and bang…you’re on your way to internet glory!

Unfortunately social media marketing ain’t that easy…


How to Create Social Media Content (That Engages)

Are you creating socially engaging content? Chances are you are missing the mark in one or more areas if you are not seeing the results that you expect. Don’t worry, it is not rocket science when broken down piece by piece.

The video tutorial below is going to walk you through the steps of creating quality content that people will want to share on their social platforms. How to create content that is stands out from the crowd, content that is intriguing to your visitors.

Here are a handful of the main steps the video will be covering…

  • Your Headlines
  • Using Relevant Image
  • Content Structuring / Layout
  • Getting a Social Boost



The Benefits of Having Your Brand on Social Media



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 Socially ENGAGING Content

There is your run-of-the-mill, typical, regurgitated content…then there is fresh and exciting ENGAGING content – which one do you think gets the most shares on social media?

At a guess, I’d say that around 75% of newbie bloggers end up losing their readers simply because they lack any sort of quality social engagement within their content.

Stop for a minute, and think about the last conversation you had – could have been over the phone, on the street with a friend, in a bar…you get the picture!!!

Now, think of why the conversation panned out –  You created a conversation. You asked questions. You BOTH gave opinions on those questions. The information was interesting enough to keep the conversation moving, and chances are you may have had a moment or two of humor.

Now, this type of natural conversation journey is EXACTLY the way people like to read their information online – people don’t come online to read a thesis or medical paper…they come online to get their information in some form of conversational speak.

Internet users prefer to read through content that is interactive and feels as though it is engaging with them personally.

If you have any questions related to the video tutorial we have supplied here, please leave them in the comment section below.

2 comments on “How to Create Socially Engaging Content

  1. I certainly am not creating any buzz on social with my content. This is probably my biggest hurdle because I am not into Facebook that kind of stuff and when I got into blogging and realize that I need to incorporate social engagement, it’s overwhelming.

    I tried a few times, but it sounds very promotional and once had someone flagged me for spamming – which isn’t my intention at all. I hope to find some good tips from the video tutorial that you suggested. Thanks.

    1. Done for spamming – no way!

      Could I ask what platform that was on Cathy? Was it Facebook?

      Yeah social media is a whole new marketing gig – it’s hard to attract engagement and it’s hard to attract new followers. Check the video out – I promise it will be a big help! 

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