How to Create Readable Content – Engage Your Visitors

How to Create Readable Content

Article updated on 09/08/2018

In this article we will be looking into how to create readable content that will engage the visitors your site receives. Being able to write compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis is key to building a successful online business…

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Socially Engaging

A lot of people seem to miss the mark when it comes to creating content that grips the reader. A majority of blog posts I come across seem to have something ‘uninteresting’ about them.

I don’t think it’s done on purpose – people wouldn’t hit the publish button if they realized they were boring gits!


Socially Engaging


A lot of people are excellent at communicating externally in social situations and you would then expect these same people to be good at communicating through their website. Sadly, this is not the case.

Most people seem to think it is alright to address people in a way that comes over as a scientific document. I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of reading this type of writing online – it seems like an article from the Financial Times.

So without further ado – let’s take a look at how to create readable content that will keep your visitors interested…


The Power of a Headline

The success of your page or post is always going to start with your headline. The headline of this post is titled ‘how to create readable content’ and there’s a good chance it’s what brought you here in the first place!

Most blog owners or webmasters reading this title will look twice at it with the view to reading the post – it’s eye-catching and interesting to them because they ALL need content on their sites.


The Power of a Headline


The headline needs to be captivating and relevant to the topic you are going to cover in the post. You may want to consider asking a question within your headline:

– Is Your Content Engaging And Interesting Enough?

– Do You Want More Social Success For Your Posts?

– Struggling to Write Interesting Content?

I could go on but I’m pretty sure you get the picture, right?

You don’t have to think of a title before you start writing. A lot of people find it easier to just ramble on about their topic and then pull a title from the content they have written – whatever works for you!


People Are Visual

If you are anything like me then you hate to be confronted with a bald screen of text online. I often come across pages of excellent information that leave me blank due to the fact they fail to engage me.

People are visual

Content without images becomes very difficult to read and quickly turns from interesting to boring. People by their nature are very visual so including images will keep them engaged in the page.

I would always advise using at least two relevant images on each piece of content you create.

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The Sea of Text

If your content appears as a vast sea of words I guarantee it will give the readers a headache and they will switch off halfway through…

  • ​Always have white space within your content – it will make it a lot easier to read
  • Try to use headlines to break up the themes within the content whenever possible
  • Titles and sub-titles will help the reader skim over your page and find what they are looking for
  • Using bullet points ( like I am right now! ) offers the text a lot more white space – people tend to take to ‘lists of things’ 🙂

So use small paragraphs and concentrate on offering the reader plenty of white space within the content. A good rule of thumb is to write the opposite way to what they taught you in school – short and sharp paragraphs! 



Taking a Break Now and Again

If you are looking to write your blog posts in a compelling, concise and clear way, you are going to have to take a step away from the computer screen every now and again.

The mental energy you need to write creatively is not in an everlasting supply – you are going to need to ‘top yourself up’ every once in a while.

Now, please try and get away from the immediate vicinity of the computer screen when you are refilling your energy supplies otherwise it just won’t work.

I like to take a step outside the house and go for a brisk 20 minute walk (weather permitting of course!).


Taking a Break From Writing


A geezer named Eugene Schwartz released a technique a while back that seems to have grown quite popular among professional bloggers…

Simply use a watch, your phone, anything with a timer, to set up 33.33 minute intervals!

Basically set the timer and work your ass off for 33.33 minutes then take a 10 minute break – sit back down after your break and reset the timer for another 33.33 minutes…

Rinse and repeat!

The idea here is that with so many short and sweet breaks you are going to be able to work longer hours and produce more quality within that time span.


​Get Yourself a Social Boost!

These days the safest way to get backlinks to your site is to get people to do the dirty work for you. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty scared by the changes Google has made.

You want people to share your content socially and gain natural links back to your site – it’s a safe and easy way to build a back linking profile.

So…what’s the easiest way to get people to do something?


Ask people for their feedback, their contributions and their comments – remind them that they have an opportunity to engage in your site.


​Get Yourself a Social Boost!


I tend to be pretty obvious with this sometimes – it doesn’t bother me and I feel no shame through it! I simply leave a call to action at the end of a post that goes a little something like this:

If you have enjoyed this article today please feel free to share it socially for others to read


If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today please leave them in the comment section below

Remember – comments and social activity make your website/blog seem active and trustworthy. Don’t forget that Google LOVES real comments so chase them down and get people interacting…

You know what to do if you enjoyed this post or have any opinions on the subject 🙂

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21 comments on “How to Create Readable Content – Engage Your Visitors

  1. I really like your article. I write website contents and I am still not confident if I am doing it right. I see that you have applied your concepts to this article and you have made a really good example.

    I agree with you. Sometimes I try to observe popular pages like Yahoo News articles. They really are skilled in making headlines interesting. Not only that, I also observed that each paragraph of their content contains one, two, or three sentences only most of the time. Even if they have less photos, it is not hard to finish reading their articles. But I still do think they should add more photos. Their articles would have been more interesting to read. Thank you for this information. I am starting to be confident that I am doing things right.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Yes I like the whole format of keeping the paragraphs short and sweet when writing content for my sites. It gives the reader a little more breathing space to enjoy the article. Glad to see you building up the confidence there – keep at it and keep writing!

  2. Hello Chris. Awesome topic, catchy headline and great content – you nailed it!! Everything you talked about in your post you did on the page so the message came across loud and clear making it very easy to follow along. This will be very helpful for anyone wanting tips on how to ‘create readable content and engage your visitors’ and you certainly gave them! Well done. I am also please to see you are promoting Wealth Affiliate which is an awesome education program for anyone wanting to learn about building an income online.
    Great work 🙂

    1. Well…glad to see you so enthusiastic about the article Peter LOL!!!
      By the sounds of things you are a member of the WA community correct? Well nice to have you here – I hope your marketing education there is going OK.
      Thanks for stopping by ( and getting so excited! ) about the post 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It is great to see helpfull tips on one site. This tips are very helpfull for creating my new site. Can you pls tell me did more readable content helps with google ranking? I Mean if content is relevat to subject and if I use good keywords is google pay attention to how is it looking or thisi is just to make things easier and more interest for reader?

    1. Hi Igor,
      As long as you a producing unique and valuable content ( from a reader’s point of view ) you will be picked up by Google. Believe in the system – if you play by their rules and use decent keywords you will eventually rank 🙂

  4. This is a great article on how to write an engaging content for readers.
    I really like the way you took your time to explain every bit of how to improve upon one’s content writing skills in details.
    Also I am much more impressed with you saying if one will like to create back-links to his or her site he or she must ask reader to do that.

    I think that sounds like a good idea

    1. Hi Fidel,
      Glad you feel so positive about the article after reading it – hope you can put the information here to good use 🙂

  5. Hello Chris

    some time ago( l dont remember when) i found your site online,enjoyed so much that i bookmarked.
    I must admit l enjoy reading your posts.
    lm new to blogging but knew nothing about having to leave some white space in my content, thanks for the tip.
    Now to getting social boost after writing my content,will my readers not feel lm kind of desperate for shares if l ask them to share?
    Is it not better if l do not ask and hope they share?
    Thanks l got from your post some points l need to improve in my writing.

    1. No, no Roamy, not at all! As long as you don’t seem like your begging it’ll be fine 🙂
      Just including social share buttons at the top of your site is going to be enough in most cases – if you don’t ask…you don’t get!
      So glad you enjoy the articles here – don’t forget to share ( see what I did there? ).

  6. Hi Chris, I know the content is very important for the website ranking on search engine. I have been doing writing artcles and do try to build trust for my visitors.I don’t know if I am doing right, and sometime I would reference with other bloggers on what they are writing, references with the layout, headlines and image alignment and the like but I still don’t know how to arose the readers interest to comes in my pages.

    1. Hi Lok,
      Well it’s one of those ‘practice makes perfect’ techniques I’m afraid – the more you do it the better at it you will become ( and the more comfortable and natural it will seem to you! ). Stick at it and keep writing – search engines LOVE content 🙂

  7. This article hit the nail right on the head. Not only did you create visual interest in your blog, but you showed examples of how to use the techniques you are teaching. I have written articles from 400 – 700 words as content for websites and writing content is never a challenge for me. The biggest thing to remember is to be conversational and connect to your audience, because there are real, relatable people out there looking for what you are writing. The challenge comes when you’re attempting to create visual interest along with the content – breaking up the article, using the proper heading tags, integrating colors – it can really make you confused! You want to do enough without overdoing it. Thank you for making such thorough posts and capturing our attention!

    1. You’re very welcome Tamara! It’s nice to hear that you agree with so many of the points we have covered in the article 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion – we appreciate it!

  8. Hi Chris!

    Really great article. Obviously, you know your stuff. I like your points when it comes to readability of the content. That`s very important. I used to miss most of right ways in approaching this subject before. Simply because of my ignorance but we learn on the way. May I just ad, once we get it, the process becomes easy and natural.

    Thanks for the info!

  9. Hi Chris,

    I like your website.Really great review about Income ideas.I really like your article and of course the images.
    Your second image scared me a lot but the information provided is useful upto me.Your review about social Engagement is simply awesome.
    Thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful information.

    Good work Keep it up..

  10. Wow, this is the most captivating post I’ve read so far. The easy with which I read through made me excited to keep on reading. This post made me laugh, especially about the scientific document quote. I am a serious offender. I learned a lot and I think I’m going to be back reading another one of you post. Thanks for being so thorough!

  11. What you describe in this text is in fact perfectly demonstrated by the text itself, I mean by its technical side. So nicely written, with good sub-headings and images. You are right about ‘the sea of text’, I used to make such mistake myself but I think I have improved my style. Your last section is really something to bear in mind. I do miss to have such calls for action. Thank you, it was useful indeed.

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