How to Create Quality Blog Content

How to Create Quality Blog Content


It’s a question I get asked time and time again…and the answer never really changes…

I need to know how to create quality blog content to attract more traffic to my site!

Well, as I touched on above, the answer NEVER REALLY changes…

Just turn on the computer, and type…

It really is that simple!

No need for long hours of backlink building, no need for masses of social media campaigns – if you keep writing, they will come!

But, once they arrive at your site, you are going to need to keep them there for a while – Google isn’t that impressed by websites that instantly ‘bounce’ their visitors.

So how do you go about creating content that will keep the visiting eyes on your page?

How hard is it to create a killer article or blog post that ranks well in search engine results?

Not that hard really – you just need to follow a few simple guidelines…

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How to Write Great Website Content

If you are having any problems viewing the infographic text below, simply click on the image itself to be taken to it’s separate tab. Here you will have the option of using a magnifying tool over the image if needed.


How to Write Great Website Content


Content Writing Online

There is one point from the infographic above that I really need to clear up, because it’s actually a bit dated now (it could hurt your article’s ranking!).

Point number three suggests that you should use keywords between 2 to 5 times in your article – please ignore that!

SEO has moved on and keyword density is nowhere near as important as it used to be. As a matter of fact, these days Google actually uses high keyword density as an indication of spammy affiliate content (and you don’t want to be tarred with that brush!).

As a rule of thumb – I wouldn’t use a keyword more than twice in this day and age.


I’ll end this article by highlighting the importance of content on your site – you really DON’T NEED flashy backlink campaigns or in-depth SEO to get noticed by Google.

I have built and run several successful websites and they all grew on the same technique – I just posted content and didn’t stop!

Once you get over 100 articles on your site, Google will start to take you seriously – this is a simple yet effective way to rank (the more the merrier!).

Of course, this content needs to be unique content, so get typing guys!

Now over to you…

Do you have any special techniques that you use for creating killer posts?

If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Please leave them in the comment section below.

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16 comments on “How to Create Quality Blog Content

  1. Great post. I have often struggled with this question because I thought I should be doing more to get traffic, but I think that like you have said, creating the quality content will bring people to the site as well as keep them there.  It is good to know that using the keyword too much may result in your article coming across as spam, so thanks for that heads up.

    It is also quite helpful to know that Google takes you seriously when you have more than 100 quality posts on your site, so I will definitely be working on that right now!

    Thanks for the useful info.

  2. Dear Chris,

    Being a full-time blogger your post is a greater help and I got great insights from your post.

    How I wish I had found your article sooner when I first started! I had to go through the old way of trial and errors and I don’t have any check list. Your post can be served as a check list for content writing.

    Since I am in the initial stages of my blogging career I can’t afford to paid traffic and I am depending on organic traffic only. So as the experts often mention Content Is King, I am going to write more quality content and I learned a lot of new stuffs from your post and I will implement it going forward.

    Thanks a lot!

    With Friendship,


    1. Hi Paul,

      Well you’re on the right path mate – content certainly is king! Just keep on posting and I’m sure you’ll see some success. 

  3. What a wonderful article.  Im glad you pointed out to stay away from keyword stuffing because I see all too many people still doing it even though we are being taught differently now.

    The fact of the matter like you say is to keep writing.  Content is king and thats all there is to it.  Until that changes I suggest writing good 1000 word articles and the traffic will appear.

    Thank you for a great article.


  4. Hi Chris,

    I couldn’t agree more, what is required for creating quality blog content hasn’t really change over the years. You give some great tips here, I found the ” 6 elements for a more compelling media mix” particularly interesting. Slideshare and click to tweet are great ideas and things I hadn’t considered previously. I’ll look at getting them added to my blog.

  5. Hello,

    I really like how you explained everything so thoroughly here, and it really comes down to just writing. Meta description is very important in my experience.

    I have a question though, how important do you think grammar is when you start writing long 1500+ words article? Do you know where we can check grammar for a whole article before publishing it?

    1. Grammar is important – Google can tell if a article is written poorly or not. Have you tried the free version of Grammarly?

  6. That blog post checklist is fantastic and really easy to follow. Thank you so much for including it!

    You mentioned that high keyword density is now considered spammy contet by google and that you didn’t recommend using the keyword more than twice in the post. Is more okay if it is a really long article, like 1500 words? Should I only use the keyword once if it is a post that is short on words and relies heavily on other content, like video? 

    1. The longer the article, the more times you can use the keyword Marie. Just don’t go mad and start using it in every title or heading etc. 

  7. Thanks for the valuable information on how to create a great blog post. I am constantly wondering how to make my site better and you covered many great elements that can help and I am missing!

    I also noticed you corrected yourself about keywords. I have heard about SEO considering to much of a keyword in a article spammy. Spammy is not a good thing. I guess I need to return to some of my posts and change a few things, as well as add a few things.

    thanks for the wealth of knowledge friend 🙂


  8. Great post and good info.

    It sounds easy to do, writing content and a lot of it. But it turns out not to be so easy, also to write quality content. And you know why? People are mostly not so patienced to write a long article, but it is very important to do that. It is good you write a post about how to write it and I’m confident this will help a lot of people. I suffered the same situation in the beginning, and those tips you give helped me, so that is the reason I say this will help. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it. 

    1. I agree with you Emmanuel, but I do need to point out that this ‘longer article’ myth is not always correct. On many occasions I have out-ranked long articles with 500 word posts! 

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