How to Create Backlinks to Your Website

How to Create Backlinks to Your Website

When I first started my internet marketing training it was a heck of a lot easier to game the system. Google was nowhere near as smart or effective as it is now and there were more than a few loopholes on offer.

The problem is when people discover a loophole they keep on using it. This makes sense really – if it’s making you money, why would you want to stop?

We compiled this video on How to Create Backlinks to Your Website because the playing field has dramatically changed. Backlinks are now a VERY dangerous game to get involved with.

Years ago you could point any old backlink towards your blog and get some sort of ‘link juice’ from it. I’m afraid those days are well and truly over!

Google evolved and the machine behind it got smarter – backlinks can now cause you a lot of damage. It’s got to the point where marketers are desperately scratching around trying to remove the old backlinks that stick to their domain.

As you can imagine – this is a pretty tough task that is near enough impossible in some cases!

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Create Backlinks For SEO

Before we go any further it would be a good idea to check out the video tutorial we created on the subject. It covers a few more modern and ‘risk free’ ways to boost your SEO through organic backlinks…

UPDATE: This video was smashed by YouTube’s rather ratty policies – apologies for this inconvenience!!!!

Create Backlinks For SEO

Video Tutorial Subjects

The video tutorial above covers the following subjects:

  • ​What Are Organic Backlinks?
  • Using Controversy to Attract Natural ( Organic ) Backlinks
  • Creating Shareable Video Posts ( Like This One! ) For Organic Backlinks
  • Creating Popular List Articles For People to Share

As you can see by the subject matter above – the safest way to build backlinks these days is to get other people to do the dirty work for you!

Now, I’m not saying you should go out and buy a ton of backlinks on from some dodgy Twitter or Fiverr account ( PLEASE don’t do that! ). I’m highlighting the fact that you should create shareable content so that people spread it about the net.

This will result in totally organic backlinks being created by other people – Google absolutely LOVES these types of backlinks.

​​How to Create Backlinks to Your Website

So there we have it guys – we hope you can take something positive from the video and stay away from the potentially damaging backlink methods.

If you publish original and engaging content there really is no need to worry about backlinking – other’s will do the work for you!

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2 comments on “How to Create Backlinks to Your Website

  1. This is an interesting post, because I’ve heard it said recently that you shouldn’t aim to obtain backlinks like people used to. These days, Google is much better at spotting fake backlinks. So if you are going to get backlinks, you really need to make sure they are natural. I like what you said about creating shareable or popular content that people are likely to want to share. I’m intrigued by the suggestion of creating controversial content though.

    1. Hi Marucs,
      I tend to be very careful when building up backlinks these days ( as the video makes a point of ). You never know when Google is going to change it’s mind on things and start penalizing again. Cheers for stopping by and leaving your opinion – hope you enjoyed the video tutorial 🙂

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