How to Create a Small Business Website For FREE

How to Create a Small Business Website For FREE

I hazard a guess that 99% of you that land on this page have already been force-fed the small business fluff that so-called ‘big business blogs’ are offering…

Well wipe their crap from your mind for a moment and make damn sure you keep your wallet in your pocket – all of this process can be done for FREE!

Today we will be taking a look at how to create a small business website for free.

It ain’t hard, it certainly ain’t expensive and it’s all under one roof!

Let’s take a closer look at your options…


How to Start a Small Business Website

So you’ve probably heard all the simple yet effective tips to get started:

  1. Locate a need in the market then fill it
  2. Create content and copy that sells
  3. Design your website
  4. Get free traffic from search engines then retire to the Maldives…

Then you get hit by what I like to call the ‘biggie’ – a nice little subscription to a website building service, a tool, an education or some super-software.

Whatever it is – it’s gonna cost you money!

Well, not today!

All of what I’m about to show you is included in a free membership to an internet marketing community.


The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training

When I first stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate in 2009 I had to pay the full price just so I could see what it looks like and what it really is.

Fortunately, it has changed it’s membership levels since then, and now it’s completely free!

That’s right, The starter account is $0, no catch, no credit card required.

You can immerse yourself in their education and learning community without pulling your wallet out of your pocket!

The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training

I’m not going to piss about here – because 99% of you reading this have had the same bad experiences as me…

Falling for internet scams and losing money is no fun whatsoever!

Before my introduction to Wealthy Affiliate I was no different than any other newbie – I fell for numerous hyped-up products that would supposedly help me build an online business.

I became very skeptical about the whole idea of building up an online business and making money on the internet.


Make an Online Business Website

So why is the Wealthy Affiliate a great choice for those looking to make an online business website?

Good question!

As I pointed out earlier on in the article, this platform offers you a FREE membership with access to valuable educational content with no strings attached (with no credit card information required from you).

But the REAL jewel in this community’s crown is that it hands you two FREE WordPress websites completely functional and ready to start your online business – with completely FREE hosting.

Perfect for those looking to create a small business website for free!

Make an Online Business Website


Get By With a Little Help From My Friends…

Okay, okay – I know what you’re thinking…

All this sounds pretty cool, but I have no prior experience with building websites or the online business world…

Am I gonna drown in a sea of confusion?

Well yes, at first you probably are…I know I did!

But the beauty of this platform is the constant support it provides – it is made up of a fantastic HELPFUL COMMUNITY that genuinely cares about your success and is always available to help you…24 hours a day!

The two owners of this platform are also members of this community – they spend several hours a day in the active chat area, helping those members who are struggling.


Ever Evolving – Ever Updating! 

The main thing I love about the Wealthy Affiliate platform is that it is always changing – your online business will never be caught napping because the owners have their finger on the pulse…24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

On top of this, every week (Friday evenings), the WA hosts a live webinar covering a specific online marketing subject…so you are always fresh up to date on every topic!

live webinar


How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

I always look at this as a sort of package deal because nobody likes paying out monthly fees right?

Well I don’t anyway!!!!

If you are happy with just two free websites along with your initial training you are good to go…that’s right…it won’t cost you a penny!

But…if you decide to upgrade to the full member status you will receive the following awesome features…

  • Free hosting
  • Free websites
  • Free keyword tools
  • Free article writing tools
  • Free weekly webinars
  • Free training courses
  • 1000’s of hours of video training (for FREE of course!)
  • A 24/7 helpful community and top class support system

Now stop and think about that for a second…or even a minute!

How much would you be prepared to pay for all that on a monthly basis?

Does $47 a month sound alright to you?

How about a reduced yearly payment of $359? (that’s less than a dollar a day in case you were wondering!)

Everything you need to start, run, maintain and grow your online business is available to you for less than a can of Coke a day!


But We Like FREE!!!!

Yeah I get you – the subject of this article is how to create a small business website for FREE – so let’s stick to the path we started on right?

You can always upgrade to premium membership at a later date…if you feel your business could benefit from it.

For now just take on the free starter membership and see where that takes you and your business idea…


Everything you need to create and grow a business to any level online is included.

From the education, the tools, the support, the network, the websites, and the community.
The only missing piece is you and some effort.


11 comments on “How to Create a Small Business Website For FREE

  1. I’m a little jealous you found Wealthy Affiliate in 2009. I looked for opportunities just like this for years before I stumbled across it last year and by then I’d run into so many scams that if it wasn’t free to try I never would have considered joining. Even then I spent a month researching it before I was willing to sign up. I have to agree that it’s the best opportunity out there 🙂 I’ve learned so much from wealthy affiliate and continue to learn new things to this day. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to start a small business website or blog!

    1. Yeah it seems a long time ago now Jessica – I was so ‘green’ on this subject I didn’t know where to start! When I think about how far I’ve come with them…it makes me laugh! A great place to learn how to build up a website and make money from it!

  2. I have looked at a number of online “wealth building” plans. I did earn something through each one with a great deal of work and almost always ongoing expenditure for something. I particularly agree with your review of Clixsense. I attempted that but the amount of work necessary for so little was ridiculous. I have tried a few other opinion type online efforts, but the surveys were long and the return was minimal. Your explanation of neobux was good, but I still don’t understand that. Anything that complex is not for me. I found your information on creating a small business to be great. You began with the information on building a website which is a good place to start and then delineated the various points. Your moved along in a good order covering community support and then going into the price. You also pointed out that WA is always growing and the information is changing. I think that sets it apart. Your closing by stating “…. all that is missing is you…” Is very affective. I like this page, but I found the whole site easy to read and full of valuable information. I am going to take some of your style ideas and compare them to my site.

    1. Ah that makes sense – I thought I was reading a statement from the website police LOL.

      So you’re also a website owner Anastazja? In the same niche as this blog I take it? Cool, take whatever influence you can from me! 🙂

      I agree, sites like Clixsense are not really set up for you to make a wage, more like a top up! I do Know people that earn a lot there but they use it religiously – it’s in your own hands really!

      Well good luck with your blog – and thanks for the rather serious report on my article! 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,
    May I have an answer for the following quation?
    – What is best suggestive , having a Website with your all built in Blog system hyerharchy linked to your King website or Atributing a separate system for your passion blog and launch it ? I know it all depends on me and what I’m passionate about but I need self vow expert opinion ):


    1. Hi Marleny,

      I’m trying my best to get my head around your question…but I’m not getting that far! (sorry I just don’t understand what you are asking!). My personal preferences are everything on one site – all niche topics on one blog which will rank for the large amount of content.
      Not sure if this will help you – come back to us if I’ve got it wrong! 🙂

  4. When I first started in 2013, I’m pretty sure that the free part of Wealthy Affiliate was for 7 days only. Then you get the first month for $19, then $49pm after that.
    I am still a member and very happy with the value for money at WA. I took up the annual membership offer and now I’m running four sites but I still pay the same price.

    Anyone who does the free trial will soon see that Premium Membership is the way to go if they want to create a website business.

    There is nothing that compares to the quality or cost of WA training. In fact, I think they are producing elite affiliate marketers these days.

    1. Hi Janelle,

      I actually signed up for the WA twice – the first time I had to leave because my band made a single that got a great deal of media coverage (actually a true story!).

      When I returned they had the free membership and I used that for 6 months before re-joining full time and taking the plunge – I never looked back really!

      The training there is second to none – and what’s more it’s always evolving!

      I keep on having to pop back to the modules to learn something new…and also to find out what techniques I’m using are out of date!

  5. Hi Chris–

    I think that free is good!!! But nobody gives much away for free. How can they possibly be giving away anything of value?

    I know, I know, I’ll just have to see for myself. I clicked through and saw everything, but what’s the catch? I mean, there’s an upcharge around the corner, right?


    1. Haha I’m sorry to disappoint you Steve but there are seriously no catches – ever! The free membership is just that – totally free.

      A lot of people end up upgrading due to their enjoyment and level of education reached anyway – there really is no reason for them to charge ANYTHING for the starter membership!

      If you are willing to learn then they are willing to teach you for free! 🙂

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