How to Create a Great Blog Post – Rock Your Reader’s World

How to Create a Great Blog Post

If you manage to create one captivating blog post it can bring you in more traffic than a years worth of ‘normal’ content. In this article we will be looking at how to create a great blog post that will become one of the pillars of your website…

I Wanna be Popular!!!

Popularity usually brings with it a degree of success – whether you’re online or in the ‘real world’. Why don’t you take up the challenge and see how popular you can become through your blog?

CaptureIn the initial stages of building out a blog or website it is so tempting to just fill up the space with content. After all – the more content you have out there, the more pages get indexed and the more traffic Google sends you right?

We’ve all been there – don’t worry! Slamming out space fillers on subjects you have already covered in a post about a month ago.

So let’s make a pact!

The next post you write is going to be the most popular post you’ve ever written yeah?

I’ve provided the following tips to help YOU make this happen. Read through them and see which ones you feel your writing style needs!

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1) Time ALWAYS Outweighs The Talented

I know many, many bloggers that are so confident in their writing style and their success that they can easily knock off two 1000 word posts within a hour.

Is this a good thing?

Well you may think so but I tend to disagree. Whilst it has the benefits of producing a lot of decent content in a short space of time it seems like talent wasted.

Take Time Over Your Work

Can you imagine how popular these guys could be if they just slowed down the whole process and put a little bit extra into each article?

If you work on an article for four hours I will guarantee it will be a good piece of work. Use the last half an hour of this time to proof read your work a couple of times ( once is NOT enough ).

Take your time and make sure you like what you are reading before you hit that ‘publish’ button. More time means you can refine, format and fill your post with things you are certain that offer value and sense to the reader.

2) Formatting

As you can see from the various posts/articles scattered around this blog – I like to use a bit of formatting!

But it’s not down to me liking pretty things – it’s there for a reason!

Formatting is an awesome way of placing emphasis on certain sections of your article – a way of making these parts stand up and shout!

You will want to be highlighting the resources you are covering in your post, the most humorous or clever bits and your GOOD advice.

Use formatting whenever necessary – it tends to split up the text a bit for the reader as well 🙂

3) Headlines Need a Head! 

This factor can make or break your article very easily – in most cases it will kill it off real quick…

Headlines can kill off an article quick

There are a handful of professional bloggers out there who have completely mastered the art of creating untold amounts of killer headlines. EVERY article title of theirs seems to rock and you’re left wondering how on earth they manage it.

I find the trick with producing great headlines is to spend at least five minutes pondering over one – if nothing comes to mind move on and go back to it a bit later.

In some circumstances I even write the WHOLE article then leverage the title from the completed work!

In most cases you are not going to be able to come up with a banging headline straight away so don’t panic – sit back and let the creativity flow ( you’ll get there in the end! ).

4) The WOW Factor

I have had considerable success with some articles just through the WOW factor of the first few lines.

Think about this for a second – how often do you share a piece of work on social media without reading the entire thing?

Don’t worry – we’ve all done it before in the past ( in some cases it can be quite embarrassing! ).

The wow factor

If you manage to promise a certain degree of value in your content people will subconsciously take to your words straight away. They will be gripped to the article and they will want to read on and find out more.

You want to make them feel enthusiastic about what they are about to read and learn – they need to be reassured that this article is for them!

The inclusion of enough promised value in one place gets the reader enthusiastic about the content immediately.

5) We All Like Looking at Beautiful Things…

You want a good looking post – you DON’T want a PDF looking thesis or a tacky eBook layout!

If your post looks good AND your website looks good visitors will be drawn in and decide to stay for longer.

Always try and make use of as many ( relevant ) images as possible along with thumbnail sized captions ( whenever needed ). People are so, so, so visual when it comes to being online – tempt them with your visual feast of an article!

6) Get to The Point Chris!

Well yeah, OK then…I WILL!

People don’t want you to waffle on about the history of a subject if they are looking for a short and sweet answer to their query – leave this drawl to Wikipedia!

You are here to offer your reader value and not spread verbal diarrhea all over them.

In most cases a visitor to your work will skim over your introduction completely if you appear to be a rambler. Say hello, introduce the article, then get into the ‘guts’ of the subject.

As my father would say – ” Don’t piss about son…GET MOVING! ”

7) Begging Never Hurt Anyone

So you’ve created your masterpiece and Shakespeare is quaking in his boots ( well he would be if he were alive! ). Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the world to spread your wonderful work over the various social platforms…

Yeah, it ain’t really gonna work out like that in most cases!

Don’t just sit there and wait for people to share your work on StumbleUpon or Facebook – beg them to!

Beg people to share your work

I have no shame with this matter and I will ALWAYS include social buttons on every article I write. Make sure they are bright and bold and even include a ‘PLEASE SHARE THIS’ caption.

If you don’t ask you don’t get – period!

Don’t be Afraid to Step Back in Time

There’s no problem in admitting defeat and stepping back in time to figure out how you rocked a subject’s world before.

If you have any past articles that were successful go back over them with a fine tooth comb and try to figure out what ingredients made it stand out. When creating a popular new post, it’s important to learn by example and build on what has worked for your website’s content in the past.

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13 comments on “How to Create a Great Blog Post – Rock Your Reader’s World

  1. Hi Chris, I’m not new to writing content as I have my own website and I’m certainly not short of things t write about.

    I can write for a few hours at a time without a break and the result is a well written, helpful post.

    The problem is I think they may be kind of boring. Helpful, but still boring!

    I always ask my partner to proof read my posts before I publish them and I often see her eyes glazing over.

    Your blog posts are interesting and make me want to continue reading them, the opposite to mine.

    Can I ask, is your writing all natural or have you had training in this area?

    1. Hi Lee,
      I certainly don’t have any sort of training in writing! I learned internet marketing at the Wealthy Affiliate but as far as my writing style goes…I just sort of make it up as I go along LOL. I think the best way to write is just relax and have a conversation with the reader ( if that makes any sort of sense! )

  2. Hey, Chris, this is a very detailed blog post on how to write your articles and get them published so that you can have your readers engaging with your content. Your formatting is very effective and easy to read. I always wonder if I give my readers too much to chew on or too little.

    This brings me to a very important point. Which is better, a 500, 1000 or 2000 words article? I for one love reading the 500 word article, because it is short and straight to the point. Which do you think is more search engine friendly?
    🙂 Bishop

    1. Hi Bishop,
      Personally I like to go for about 700 words – not too long and not too short! As far as search engines go – the bigger the word count the better I’m afraid!

  3. Hey Chris,

    Great post on creating a GREAT blog post. I think a lot of people overlook how important layout and making headings that summarize what you’re talking about.

    The fact is most people won’t read a post word for word, but if you can intrigue them with a heading or have a heading that’s what they’re looking for, you have a much better chance of them sticking around to read, visit other pages, and become a customer!

    Of course being straight to the point and leaving out fluff always helps as well!

    Lots of great points in this post, I’d say you made a “great blog post” here.


  4. Wow! This was a great post and a real “Wake up call” for me. Glad I read this, because you highlighted a lot of things that I needed to know and reconsider. especially the part about that it is better to make one good blogpost than many mediocre ones. Thanks again!

  5. This article on how to create a great blog post is phenomenal.

    And I landed here just in time.

    I was searching for ways to write good blog posts in a faster manner. But what you said about wasting talent in “rush writing” all made sense.

    It’s not a race, but I figured publishing faster could attract more people. Going to take my time and write a the best piece I can. Thanks for tips.

    1. Yeah just write at your own pace Jason – you will get faster at it the more comfortable you get with it ( practice makes perfect! ) 🙂

  6. Yes- to every single point you just raised. Just yes.
    Content is so important, and I think you’re right….we all fall victim to ‘space filling’ at times.
    I’ve found, though, that when I spend a few hours on a post, it is worth it. My most popular post took me absolutely forever to complete (12 hours. It was brutal), but people shared it, and commented- which is so much better than creating 5 other ‘meh’ posts that just get ignored.
    Formatting. And white space. And massive blocks of text (no!!!)….argh, I don’t know how I’ve become the person that cares so much, but I have. It all matters!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this, I always find something really valuable on your site.

    1. Hey Chloe – nice to see you again!

      Sounds like you’ve got your content on the right track – keep it up ( the sky’s the limit! ) 🙂

  7. Very helpful article, Chris. Writing quality content is one of the most important aspects of a successful website and the tips you are sharing with us are awesome. I like your post’s headline. It has the WOW factor. When I saw it I wanted to read it immediately, as I am a website owner too… Thanks!

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