How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Website

How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Website

Happy new year everyone!!!

In this first article of the year we will be looking at how to choose a domain name for your website.

I often see people over-thinking this part of building out a website and it’s mainly down to panic SEO. I decided to cover this subject due to a post I came across in the awesome Wealthy Affiliate community.

The post in question was directed at new members in an attempt to clear the ‘domain myths’ up once and for all. It was the result of a member posting a community question labeled ‘how to choose a domain name for my website’ and it contained some awesome and simple-to-follow information.

So without further ado, let’s check out the points it covered…

How to Choose a Domain Name For my Website?

When starting out in the online earning world a lot of time can be wasted looking for that ‘perfect’ domain name.

A good domain is one that is brandable and memorable – you do not have to look for a keyword to stuff into your domain name ( regardless of what the SEO gurus preach! ).

All you should really be looking at is whether or not your chosen domain name is relevant to your niche.

Let’s look at a few examples of domain names including this site’s domain name…

  • – This site has an obvious keyword/phrase within it’s domain name because it was a low competition keyword and VERY relevant to my niche!
  • – This is not a real domain name but it is one I could of gone for as a purely brandable domain. It’s quite a catchy title actually and it’s one I may take up in the future ( as long as it’s not already taken! )
  • – This is a BAD choice of domain name but unfortunately a lot of people seem to go for this option. Avoid using dashes in the domain name at all costs!

​The trick here is to try and get a good mix of the first two examples above – keyword rich and brandable at the same time. Try not to make the domain name to long.

The domain name for this site is just about pushing the length boundaries – Passive Residual Income Ideas. I would not advise using a longer keyword than this otherwise it will appear like you are creating nothing more than a flimsy micro-niche site.

What Domain Extension Should You Choose?

First an foremost you should always aim to get a .com extension and if that is not available go for a .org.

If these two are taken the buck stops with a .net – but don’t go any further!

I tend to stick to .com domains only – if one is not available I move onto the next name idea until I find one that is not taken with this extension.

I know how enticing it is to buy one of the new top level domains like .rocks or .money but please don’t go down that route. These more modern domain extensions tend to be a little slack on facts and figures and there’s no way of telling what Google thinks of them.

What About Buying my Domain Name?

The author of the post on the Wealthy Affiliate community was a big fan of but I’m afraid I don’t totally agree with this.

I have always found to be reliable and glitch free when purchasing domain names. Sure, there are a few upsells that come along with every purchase but just ignore them and go straight to the checkout – all you want is the domain name at the end of the day! 

Don’t Waste Time!

The domain name is only the first step in your business career online so please don’t consume yourself with choosing one.

Whatever name you choose will start to eventually grow on you and appeal to you when you start promoting and writing for the site.

As we covered above make sure that:

  1. The domain extension is a .com if at all possible​
  2. Make sure there are no dashes ( – ) in the name
  3. Purchase the domain name from either Godaddy or Namecheap ( both reputable registrars )

​If you have any advice on how to choose a domain name for your website please feel free to leave it in the comment section below 🙂

10 comments on “How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Website

  1. Thanks for the information. Choosing a domain name can be a headache at times and I agree that people make it far too complex and time consuming. In an ideal world we would have the perfect brand able name for our niche with keywords added too but it is certainly not the be all and end all. There are many successful websites and companies with names that have no connection to their niche yet they are super successful!

  2. Hi again Chris!

    I’m becoming a regular to your site man! I mean, it is so full of great content, there is no way you cannot use this great info to improve a website!

    I totally agree with you about the tips for choosing a domain, I also stick always to .com, I just don’t like the other ones!

    I think that your domain is like your brand, If you fill it with keywords it will seem very forced, and if you manage to be successful with it, I think you can regret it in the future. Just imagine, if Coca Cola had branded themselves like “adrinkwithbubblesthattastesgood”, they would probably have nailed it because their product is good, but they would have a harsh time moving from there, to “Coca Cola” 🙂

    About where to buy names, I have used Daddy and namecheap, what I really liked about my last purchase with namecheap is that the the whois protection came for free, that was very good for me 🙂

    Great site!!


    1. Hello again Fito! Nice to see you back so soon!
      I was unaware that namecheap offered that whois protection – thanks for including it here ( sounds like a very reasonable deal! )

  3. Your post is well organized and your information is presented in easy-to-manage chunks which help ensure you don’t loose my attention. You present all the info needed to make that domain decision and your summary was a smart touch. You do I good job talking about blending keywords with what is brandable – this can still be a struggle for me to grasp and you have made it much clearer for me. Thanks!

  4. Hi Chris, great post on how to choose a domain for our website. I wonder Chris, would it be okay if I choose a domain name that is a bit different, so that I can use it as a way to start my own branding. Like for example, let say I’m thinking of starting a website on nice women winter boots, so I call them winterkickforchicks. Or is it I’m better off choosing a more generic one such as winterbootsforwomen. Appreciate your feedback Chris!

    1. Whatever works for you Dominic – a lot of people prefer to build their own brand and ignore the ‘keyword in the domain name’ route! It’s totally down to what you want to build! 🙂

  5. Appreciate your feedback Chris! Well, winterkicksforchicks it is lol!
    Just kidding by the way, but certainly somewhere on that line 😉

  6. I remember agonizing over what domain name I should buy for hours. Picking a good domain name is important since that could very well become a brand that people know you by in the future. That being said, in the grand scheme of things there is no reason to spend hours like I did searching for the perfect domain name. Pick something that is relevant and that is catchy and run with it.

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