How to Boost YouTube Views For Free

How to Boost YouTube Views For Free

Yeah, I’m guessing you’ve ended up on this article due to the fact that you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’ with your nice new YouTube Channel?

Well sorry to disappoint you – if you want to learn how to boost YouTube views for free…it’s going to involve some elbow grease (like most SEO avenues online!).

You see, I’ve come across numerous articles on this subject over the years and most of them are setup for one reason only – to review or ‘suggest’ websites that offer YouTube video services.

Why would they waste their time doing this?

Well, money of course…in the form of affiliate links to these (worthless) YouTube services.

So, why did I write an article with this title then? Am I taking the piss?

No, quite the opposite – I’m actually saving your channel/videos from being sand-boxed by the Big G (that’s Google, to you and me!).

Interested in avoiding the self destruct button with your YouTube Videos?

If so, read on…

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Get Your YouTube Video More Views, Likes, Subs

Have you typed the title above into a search bar yet? I’m kinda hoping I caught your attention with this article before you’ve signed up with anything sh#t!

Buying fake YouTube views, likes and subscriptions will not benefit the channel you have built. In fact, it will only damage it (regardless of what people TRY and tell you!).

So, why do people buy YouTube views, Likes etc?

People are looking to fast track the natural, organic growth of their channel AND make their videos appear more attractive.

Think about it for a second…

If you are searching for a new independent cover version of a song and two thumbnails show up in your results…which one are you going to click on to watch?

The first video has 1,000 views whilst the second video has 300…

I know which one I’d pick!

Similarly, if you come across a channel with ten of thousands of subscribers, wouldn’t you be more likely to subscribe as well?

At the end of the day, purchasing views, subscribers or Likes is geared towards attracting more REAL viewers and subscribers in future.

What Does YouTube Think About All This?

Well they ain’t that happy about it, and they haven’t been for quite some time now! As I’ve pointed out, many times before, Google now own YouTube…and they DON’T like the wool being pulled over their eyes with any form of black hat marketing.

What Does YouTube Think About All This?

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that YouTube is more interested in catching out the uploaders that monetise their videos, but this is not true. Buying automated views is definitely against the TOS that YouTube has laid out (for EVERYONE!)

View-Selling Services

So YouTube/Google are out to get you if you are trying to cheat the system – you’ll need to have complete trust in the view-selling service you are using.

This is where the main problem rears it’s ugly little head – Which one of these services can you trust? Which one of these services is telling you the truth about what they are offering?

At the end of the day – their whole business model is based on deception.

Okay, so they are only being shady with YouTube…but can you be 100% sure they are not being shady with you?

Most of these services all claim that the views or ‘video actions’ they provide are all made through real human end users and are spread out over a period of time to avoid detection.

But about 99% of the time this is just not true.

Then there’s the providers that claim their type of service cannot get you banned from YouTube – complete BS I’m afraid.

If you take the time to visit the Google Products YouTube Forum, you will find thousands of threads asking why their YouTube account/channel has been terminated (for no reason, of course!).

View-Selling Services

Read through the replies from seasoned YouTubers – more often than not they point out that they’ve checked the ‘said’ account and it’s obvious that they were buying views and subscribers.

Most people seem to think that a sudden spike in views, Likes and subscribers will go unnoticed.

The first couple of months your video was live you were pulling in about 20 views a week – all of a sudden you are now pulling in over 1000 views a week (all of which take the time to Like your video as well!).

How do you think this looks to the dudes at YouTube?

A little fishy maybe?

A Game of Risk

A good friend of mine, who’s also a blogger, compares this game of risk to the use of performance enhancers in big-time sports at the moment…

Do they work?

…of course they work.

Can they be detected?

…of course they can be detected.

Can you evade detection?

…of course you can, if you’re careful enough, but detection methods ALWAYS catch up with the doping methods.

In the past these types of methods certainly had their place – they worked and worked WELL.

But, it’s important to remember that YouTube places a lot more emphasis on viewer engagement these days when it comes to it’s video ranking algorithm. The views that you buy will probably watch your video no more than 30 seconds…

Would you consider that good viewer engagement?

What are your experiences with these third-party YouTube services? Have you been punished for using them or have you actually seen success through using them? Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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