How to Boost Your Website Traffic Without Using SEO

How to Boost Your Website Traffic Without Using SEO

When I published my very first article, to my very first blog, it was an extremely exciting time!

I had visions of my content reaching millions of viewers – money was surely on the horizon…

But my hastily set up analytics account indicated that not more than 3 people had seen my article…in over a week!

Okay, so back to my internet marketing training – I had obviously jumped the gun with it and I needed to complete a few more lessons.

So, I got to the point where I had 10 quality articles on my site – long and full of great research – surely now the traffic would start to trickle in?

Well it did – it doubled…which means I was now getting about 6 people to my site every week…

Sh#t! This blogging gig is going to be HARD work!

I was right.

You see, traffic is the lifeblood of every single website – traffic actually acts as a sort of online currency.

You can rely on traditional SEO, but even that is not enough at times (some niches are a hard nut to crack!).

So you can’t really put all your eggs in one basket – sometimes you need more than SEO knowledge.

In this article we will be taking a look at how to boost your website traffic WITHOUT Using SEO – a few options you may not have thought about before!

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Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO

If you are having problems viewing the text in the infographic below, simply hover over the image and click on it. You will then be taken to a separate tab where you can view it in it’s original dimensions with a magnifying tool.

How to Boost Your Website Traffic Without Using SEO

How to Boost Your Website Traffic

At the end of the day, you can study SEO until your back teeth fall out…but you still might fail when it comes to attracting the website traffic you want.

So am I saying that SEO is a waste of time?

NO, NO, NO – it’s just good to have a couple of different weapons in your arsenal.

I’ve been working online for a decade now (I started some time in 2007 – I can’t remember the date!) and success was earned through trial and error.

Sure, I run a handful of successful websites NOW…but I failed a lot more than I succeeded early on!

That’s right – I’ve had to pull the plug on several websites in the past, and it was heartbreaking.

Hopefully this article will have given you a few new ideas when it comes to bringing in traffic to your blog – what do you think?

Do you feel that SEO is giving you the traffic you need to succeed?

Have you tried out any of the options that the infographic covers?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comment section below.

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22 comments on “How to Boost Your Website Traffic Without Using SEO

  1. This is a nice write-up and i must commend you heavily for putting up this incredible post; I agree with you but on the other side SEO also has more  advantages compared to its disadvantage.

    Nevertheless; The 10 ways you highlighted on how to grow web traffic are secrets you can hardly find elsewhere. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tips and am hopeful I will gain and learn more when next I visit your blog.

    P.S. Where did you learn about these subjects?

  2. Nice tips you give there. You are right when you say that SEO is not the beginning and the end of website traffic but in my opinion you should always have diversity on the ways you attract visitor. Using SEO, using social media and many different ways is the way to go. Because the Internet is not a stable condition, everything changes and in order not to find yourself in an unpleasant condition it’s good to have many options.

    1. Ahh – don’t put all your eggs in one basket! 

      Yep, that’s certainly one way to look at it Stratos. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. 

  3. This is a timely article for me I must say. I have been working hard on my website but am still not impressed with the traffic that I am receiving. I find your 10 tips helpful, and I am going to implement all of them. I do hope to see a change in the near future.Many thanks for sharing, I will be back with a feedback after I have implemented.Cheers

  4. Thank you for this amazing tips, Chris.  These are not even tips for foundational education to progress on how to be successful generally. Getting interviewed about your niche is really important to have good voice and strong opinion on your niche you’ve chosen. YES! I can confirm to you that most subscribers loves give away. It will even make them trust the Blogger more and constantly checking for your content. I love these tips

    1. That’s great news mate – glad you enjoyed the education. Have a look around our other articles and see what takes your fancy! 

  5. Dear Chris,

    At the moment I am purely relying on the organic traffic and I was looking for some other free ways to increase my website traffic. I am grateful for your post and it means a lot to me.

    The 10 ways you shared are amazing and I got great insights from your post. All I need to do is implement what I learned from your site.

    To answer your question…

    No one is going to say NO for free traffic and to be honest I am in the beginning stage so the traffic I am getting from SEO is less. Thanks a lot for the informative post.

    Wishing you great Success!


    1. That’s great to hear Paul – always like to find out that visitors were able to take something from the work we post here. Good luck with your blogging career! 🙂

  6. Lots of excellent tips on how to get more traffic on your website without focusing on SEO. I am a believer in using the common SEO tactics and there may come a time when I will drill deep down into the finer points of SEO that many follow to get that coveted top ranking from Google and the other search engines.

    I also am a believer that the time you use to do that drill down can be better used doing something else like these tips that will also get you additional traffic at no cost. Not only that, you are also building trust, your brand, credibility, and etc. when you use some of these tips.

    These things will help you likely more than the finer points of SEO long term. Obviously, looking after the keywords you can compete with and including them in your content makes sense. You want to do that anyway so people are interested in what you publish.

    Engagement in forums, interviews, live streams, writing posts about other successful marketers, and just getting your name out there using the social platforms is helpful and gets you traffic and attention. It makes a lot of sense, and these are things that I have been doing since I started.

    After 4 years in the business, I can say that I have had success as much from the other activities as with SEO and buying traffic. All are options, of course, and need to be used, in my opinion. Focusing all your effort on one or the other can be disingenuous as it means you are losing traffic from the other means that are out there.

    Good post, good advice, and many ideas for online marketers to take action with for little cost. Thanks! 

    1. Hi there Dave!

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there when you mention “getting your name out there” – something all online marketers and businesses need to take into account. 

      It’s great to hear that you’ve had so much success with all of these techniques over the years Dave, thanks for taking the time to share your views on them with us here. 

  7. Hello, 

    The title of your article immediately made me curious to read more about the topic. I had a similar experience to yours when I started blogging. My website was not receiving much traffic. Then I started another website in another niche and it did much better. 

    It also depends on the kind of traffic you are going to get because not all kinds of traffic are going to convert well. I really like the first two ideas in the infographic. I am considering implementing them. 

    Maybe it will be a good idea to also ask your affiliate manager in a program to share your articles, promoting products from that affiliate program. But I don’t understand the third one. What is a link in your signature? 

    1. Hi, 

      The link in your signature is simply a call to action, or hyperlink to your site or offer, that you place at the bottom of an email or in a forum signature. Hope this helps! 

  8. Hey ,

    Wow , this is amazing article about boosting website without SEO . After reading your post , i understand that boosting website traffic is something everyone wants . It does not matter what tactics you use to bring traffic to your website . It can be SEO , social media , email marketing etc .The best method to get traffic without SEO is through community marketing . Everybody should follow this article . Thanks for providing this article with us .

    1. Okay mate…pretty nice to see that the article hit you in this way! I hope it helps you with your future blogging efforts (and thanks for commenting!). 

  9. Hello, interesting post of how to grow website traffic. To be clear isn’t SEO always evolving? The strategy you did last year might not work this year. At least that is the idea that how I  understand it from reading blogs on Search Engine Journal, Yoast, and WordPress. As they say, that is the nature of the beast. 

    Your post shows ten other ways to grow your website traffic. I would be interested to know which ones you are using? Moreover, how they are performing for you? 



    1. Hi Kevin, I wouldn’t believe everything you read online! 🙂

      At the moment I do very little SEO, as all 5 of my websites are very successful…but if I start a new one I will have to get back on the SEO train again! 

  10. Hello Chris,

    As you explain it is very important to make good SEO on our site if we want Google to not provide a better positioning. Our final goal will be to appear in the first positions, there we will surely find a lot of traffic. 

    There are also other ways to get traffic that does not have to do with SEO. According to all you detail, in my case, I use a lot to leave comments with my links in blogs of the same niche as mine. 

    We can also agree between owners of similar sites to insert certain links to our sites in certain places. Traffic will be vital to have a prosperous business in the future. 

    Thank you very much for sharing. Claudio

    1. Sounds good Claudio, but be careful when leaving links in comment sections (as most webmasters see this as spam, and are not often happy about it!)

  11. Hi Chris,

    Excellent writing of all those ten best ways to grow our website traffic without SEO. Now a days, it is very difficult to grow traffic without SEO and we do not have enough knowledge to do that. Although SEO trend is popular, all of those secret traffic generating method is very valuable and still unknown to many people. I will definitely use those strategies for building my website’s traffic. Thanks for sharing this helpful tips.

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