How to Become Successful on YouTube


How to Become Successful on YouTube

I’ve come across a mass of recent articles covering the subject on how to become successful on YouTube. I’m not going to pull any punches – some of them have been good…and some of them have been pretty bad!

I’m interested in the subject because of the FREE video tutorials we have linked to this site. Of course, we use YouTube to house these videos as it’s an awesome platform that also brings in it’s own traffic.

So, we’ve pieced together all the ‘useful’ information and tried our best to filter out the crap. Let’s take a look at a few techniques you can use to boost your YouTube brand’s presence…

How to be Successful on YouTube

If you want to be a successful YouTube blogger you first need to take a look at the reasons why your videos may be failing:

  • The production levels are pretty amateur at best making them a little boring to watch
  • You are providing video content that ​is unoriginal therefore you are not standing out from the crowd
  • The content is not entertaining, informative or perceived as containing any type of valuable information
  • The length of your video is much too long causing people to switch off and therefore displaying short engagement times to Google
  • The title and tags of the video are thrown together without much thought process or keyword research
  • You hit ‘Publish’ and sit back and wait for the world to find your video – you need to promote guys!!!!
  • During it’s initial few days the video receives a barrage of ‘Thumbs Down’ leading to future watchers passing over it

​In my experience these are the main reasons behind a video not quite making it in the world of YouTube. Let’s take a closer look at how to get around these problems…

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1) Make Quality YouTube Videos ( Content )

Now I’m not saying you should pop out and blow a grand on a top of the range camcorder here – you can make superb videos with nothing more than a cell phone camera!

What I am saying is that you should aim to make videos that impress the majority of watchers out there ( not just your uncle and a few friends! ).

Type in a few popular niche keywords that are related to your video subject and go through the videos that show up in the results.

  • Which videos stand out in your humble opinion?
  • What are the videos you click out of quick time?
  • Who seems to be getting the most views?

​​Watch what the people you watch do, and emulate the positive aspects while making it your own.

2) Hit That Community Feeling!

A lot of YouTube accounts seem to look upon the platform as nothing more than a storage base for their videos. They upload their work and think a tidal wave of traffic is going to come their way – if only things were that simple!

YouTube Community

Get involved with YouTube and contribute to the community – respond to all the comments left below your videos ( positive AND negative ) and even include a few ‘shout outs’ in your newer releases.

Find videos that you like and leave some positive feedback on them. The owners of these videos will be interested to find out more about you and in most cases they’ll end up checking out your work.

3) Become a Beggar

Sometimes people needed to be subtly reminded that there are actual CTA’s ( call to actions ) that they can perform on each video.

Don’t be a shrinking violet – throw it in their face and let them know that they can do more to show their love! Throwing in an annotation at the start of the video is completely fine no matter how much of a beggar you feel by doing it.

A simple ‘If You Liked This Video Please Subscribe’ is fine in my book and can work wonders with growing your audience.

4) Love Thy Hater

The more popular your video or channel becomes the more dickheads you are going to attract – fact of internet life I’m afraid!

You really do have to develop thick skin to reach the type of YouTube peaks you are looking at. Whenever someone leaves a nasty comment below your video laugh at it and use it for what it is – a comment and nothing more!

Hate Comments

Reply to the comment with a witty comeback and leave it right where it is. What these people don’t realize is that YouTube likes ranking videos with a lot of content and comments – at the end of the day these trolls are actually doing you a favor πŸ™‚

5) Make Your Goals Known

This is by far my most favorite tactic to draw in new and willing YouTube subscribers! I often create a goal and link it directly to the amount of subscribers I have to a channel.

Let me explain…

Say I had about 300 subscribers to a channel and I wanted to reach the 500 mark. I would then make a short video describing my goals and what I was prepared to do when I reached them…

‘When I hit 500 subscribers I will give a shout-out to all my top contributors’


‘When I hit 500 subscribers I will record my next video in a pink bikini’

Use your head a little – think outside the box! If people find your claims amusing or interesting they will certainly consider hitting subscribe just to witness them. It can be anything – a free tutorial, a free gift a humorous dare…anything you feel suits the type of channel you are building!

How to Become Successful on YouTube

There are a LOT of videos floating around YouTube in just about every niche. This means you need to be as remarkable as possible to stand out. Posting a video and hoping rarely works out for 99% of us – the viral trick is a pretty hard one to pull off.

Be consistent and try and stand out from the crowd – offer good video content and promote, promote, PROMOTE!

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  1. Having haters on YouTube just means that you’re relevant! πŸ˜€

    Awesome post here, YouTube success definitely takes unique content and it also takes consistent action. Consistent content much like how blogging works. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Colton,

      Well I must be VERY relevant then LOL. Having a few trolls following you is just part of the online game πŸ™‚
      Glad you enjoyed the post and you could take something from it – cheers for stopping by and leaving your opinion.

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