How to Become Rich at a Young Age

How to Become Rich at a Young Age

Gone are the days when becoming a millionaire was a thing for middle-aged women and men slaving away in the corporate yoke. Now we have ways of how to become rich at a young age.

Welcome to the premier of “The Young and The Filthy Rich”.

Success stories continue to pop up all over the world as millennials make amazing headlines about their brush with the big “dough”.

This is all thanks to the modern internet way of spreading knowledge and information. Oh, and the smartphone, plus all other mobile gadgets that allows them to keep tabs on what’s new and trending…every second of their lives!

And this has been the core of their advantage over the older generation who still support the newspaper printing industry.

So how do they manage to hack into the good life that we only dream about?

The answer is simple; they have followed a clear path to their goals through different approaches that we’re going to discuss next.

These “good-life” practices are sure to nudge you towards your true potential and achievement of financial freedom in this world where money is everything; and without it you’re just…sorry to say…nothing!

Here’s what to do…

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#1- Start With Clear Goals

A good mental picture of where you want to be later in life really helps to push you onward. Repeating the same old wish of how you want to become a millionaire doesn’t cut it…even the homeless guy under the bridge does it!

This is just wishful thinking, not setting goals.

Determine what you want in life and draw your own map to the “X” on the island.

Start With Clear Goals

However, don’t make the mistake of drawing your motivation from this long term goal only; small short-term goals in between can really help get you to your ultimate goal a bit faster.

The most important thing is to keep your end goal in clear sights, then do everything in your power to make it happen. Which takes us to the next important life hack…

#2 – Make Wise Career Choices

Sometimes we get carried away by the idea of “doing it” because so and so did it and they made it…making career choices is not as easy as many of think.

You have your family and friends and other trusted people thinking they know what’s good for you, your own heart also has its own opinion, the mind is saying something totally different and the world’s economy will be pushing you towards another direction.

Basically you are torn between decisions and it’s very easy to make the wrong decision in such a situation.

So what do you do?

Sit down and do proper research… you have the tools.

Forget hearsay, mixing a career path and your own life passions is a personal thing. Find out what works for you best, and pursue that.

The world has become a “village”, literally, and you’re allowed to take your prospects beyond borders. Just base your decision on true facts presented to you like current economic situations and you can never go wrong.

#3 – Who Do You Know? That’s The Question

Your network is very important as you move through life. The world is a big stage, and your network makes up your co-actors who help you play out the story of your life.

Choose your “Destiny Bearers” wisely; these are people who will play a very big part in how your life turns out eventually.

Mingle with like minded people, people who have clear goals and who are evidently moving towards something tangible…not necessarily the rich only.

It's who you know!

This way, you have more to share with regards to making your lives better; and this is where opportunities are born.

What you know is not enough anymore, its about who you know.

We have social media platforms that bring professionals together like LinkedIn where you can make new worthwhile business connections, keep ties with old classmates and work colleagues, as well as look for career advancing opportunities.

A contact that seems irrelevant now might turn out to be your stepping stone to bigger things in future, nurture those relationships well.

#4 – The Internet Is Your Best Friend

Young people are well aware of how deep and powerful the internet is, it’s where they spend half their lives!

Anything you want from business ideas to selecting your niche or ideas on switching careers, you will find it online.

You can even go to school on the internet and achieve the highest academic honors without ever stepping in a physical class!

This doesn’t mean cutting ties with the real world either. Physical contacts are a good way to get ahead and get real recommendations.

However, the internet does more…from the comfort of your couch.

You can get paid by designing a company logo for a company in Uzbekistan, or doing bulk data entry gigs from a Chinese company, create a funding foundations for elephants in Africa, and all from your laptop sipping on some hot coffee in your bedroom!

Opportunities on the internet are endless…

#5 – Learn From The Best

Go through stories and profiles of young people who’ve done it. It helps to motivate you and reassure you that smart and honest effort pays.

Take for instance the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, orย the Brazilian Neymar Jr, the F1 Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, and the enterprising founder of, Ashley Qualls.

All these young people have one thing in common… fat bank accounts!

Both Mark and Ashley got their money billions and millions from the internet, Neymar plays football, and Hamilton drives a miniature car for crazy cash.

Learn From The Best

One thing about them is that they had a passion for what they do despite their unique paths to glory.

Learning about what makes these individuals tick or whatever inspires their creativity is a good way to get started on your journey to riches.

There are many avenues to the promised land, it can be short and easy or long and hard, but all in all, make sure the path you take ends there.

#6 – Take Advantage Your Youthfulness

Your age is your “Ace card up the sleeve”. Of course you will run into a few older guys who disapprove your methods or are cynical to your abilities but the trick is not to let it hold you down.

Brush your shoulders, throw your chin up and call it experience. Just remember that you have your youth to your advantage and you can run a 15 hour shift with ease!

And this is only with 4-6 hours of slumber in between shifts!

Despite the assumed inexperience, there are so many things that the youth can outdo the older generation. Don’t get intimidated, get educated instead.

The young can learn new things better and faster than the old and they have a greater chance of building new business ideas into success stories.

Use your vigor and vitality to go the extra mile…while you still have it.

#7 – Become A Doer!

Sounds good when talking about big money and big living right? Get out of your comfort zone and do something about it.

Don’t just be a talker and a dreamer, become a doer!

Just take a closer look at the already young and rich and you will discover one amazing fact; they all have 10-12 hour daily work schedules. And they do it with a smiling face too!

Become A Doer!

Simply stop thinking about what you want your future to look like and start acting towards it.

Don’t drag your feet when doing things, procrastination will only leave you with countless regrets, and failure of preparation is…you said it, preparation for failure.

Once again, let your youth work for you by doing all that you can…all that it takes.

#8 – Fear Has No Place In Success

Fear makes you more than piss your pants, fear, can lead you to failure and so many underutilized opportunities.

Think you’re still too young to try something?

Well, do yourself a favor and stop thinking!

Learn to take yourself serious and other people will learn from you.

Let your revolutionary ideas come to life by acting on them without fear of criticism or failure; you will thank yourself in future.

Let the motivation to a great life be your driving force to countering fear.

#9 – Let Your Money Work For You

Stacking money in the bank is so last century! Piling dollars in your account and waiting for the earned interest will take you a few more years to get to your goal.

Saving money to make investments is the way to go. Make a plan of what investments you want to make then use your saved up cash to get something running.

A word of advice, “Stay the hell away from get rich quick schemes!”

You don’t need that BS! If anyone is trying to pitch you one of these funny ideas that you didn’t come up with or weren’t part of the development team then get rid of them…ASAP!

Let Your Money Work For You

Examine the probability for success against the risks involved before jumping into any business idea. Smart thinking will save you lots of headaches in future.

Of course every investment is always a gamble, but we can all agree that some ideas are more Vegas than Wall Street right? “Use Your Money to Get More Money”, that’s the motto.

Pay a writer to develop content for your money websites, pay rent or other fees to setup shop in your neighborhood, buy stocks, just invest.

#10 – Be Frugal, Its A “Rich” Vice

Does the term “Consumerism” mean anything to you? That’s the system our grandparents and parents grew up in.

Luxury is sooo overrated and you can do without that vacation to the Bahamas, or that fuel guzzler of car, or a house with extra rooms that you never get to use.

Every rich guy wants to live like they have money…even Trump sued a newspaper for calling him a “millionaire”!

We all know that the big guy is a billionaire right? like it means anything…but the law is the law and they had to pay him for seriously understating his financial muscle.

A human being can only drive in one car at a time, and no, don’t succumb to that colorful advert either, you really don’t need that expensive coffee maker; no matter what they keep telling you.

You will soon find yourself wanting to buy everything and anything you think your life missed before you had money.

Don’t fall into that trap, that bowl of noodles was good for you when you spent hours upon hours locked up in your basement coming up with a million dollar business idea, its still good for you now!

Learn to limit your spending to only what you need and not what you think you should have.

Want to know how to become rich at a young age and stay rich?

Spend less than you rake in and you’ll be fine.

Being frugal doesn’t make you a mean person, just someone who wants to spend their hard earned money the proper way…enjoy your success.

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10 comments on “How to Become Rich at a Young Age

  1. Hey Chris

    I liked the points you made here. While I am not at the younger side anymore, I can certainly agree that getting your goals in check with a PATH at a younger age is soooo important.

    We can all do this but when younger you have TIME on your side to help build value in your efforts.

    I believe who you know has been a huge part of the success ladder for all time, only now with the social networks we all have the opportunity to link up with other influential people, as before it had to be a physical meet, which kept the rich families rich within their own networks.

    Nice work in bringing this message to a younger audience.


    1. Thanks Wade. I will point out though that there is no real age limit involved with success – if you have the discipline and the will to succeed you can hit the dizzy heights (it’s just a lot easier when you are younger!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Initally I went into this article thinking it would be a “how to get rich fast” type of article. I am pleasantly surprised by the content.

    I feel that I can make use of some of the tips here for my own benefits. I particularly like number 8; Fear has no place in success. This is so true and it is the common factor in all successful people!

    Thank you so much for this great article


    1. No problem Fiq – glad you found some worth in it! You don’t have to worry about ‘get rich quick’ articles here – I don’t deal in that shite on my site! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great advice. Many of the people I grew up with are doing pretty well for themselves, thanks to the internet. Hopefully with all the hard work and effort I’m putting into my business, I will be able to achieve similar results. I love these tips you’ve given and you’re totally right about making the most of youth. I’m in my mid-twenties and I know that it’s only a matter of years until I’m 30, which scares me!
    Keep up the good work my friend!

  4. For starters great page, your ideas are well supported and cover what well all know as the Net or as you’ve asserted a “scam-ridden minefield.” Congratulations on finding something that works, the Net to me is like the Wild Wild West, there aren’t many rules, but to state again good page and information. You’ve covered the essentials in generating passive income. I know I learned something from reading your site posts and information.

    1. Well that’s good news Michael – I hope the Wild Wild West of the internet becomes a little more stable for you after reading this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hello Chris
    I really enjoyed your post, l usually do not leave comments in websites but will not forgive myself if l did not leave you a message.
    Your #10 tip.How so true,some may think it`s wrong to be frugal but im here to prove it can make a big difference being frugal than wasting on things we dont really need.
    Anyway, l think becoming rich is not always the goal, l prefer to be financially secure enough to do what l like when l want to,l don’t need that big car or the overpriced gadgets that l can’t pronounce and might never use.
    When the time comes that l do not have to get up at ungodly hours,leave my home when it`s still dark to go and work for someone then I’ll be fine.
    Thanks for your tips Chris,brilliant tips, and one l hope many your people will be lucky enough to read.

    1. Well no, not everyone is looking to get rich Roamy, that’s just a pretty cool title for the subject matter of this article! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for the super-positive vibes on the post though Roamy – really great to get these sorts of comments on the work we publish here!

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