How to Author in a Niche – How REAL Are You?


How to Author in a Niche

In this article we will be taking a look at how to author in a niche market successfully – it’s a lot easier than you think…

Take a Step Backwards

When I was first getting into internet marketing I got real bogged down in technical things like keyword research, building sites, article marketing and all the other jazz that goes along with it.

I was warned about information overload but I paid little attention to it – I was the man and I was going to succeed…

…but my brain was about to explode!!!

Turns out there was only one magic ingredient I should of been concentrating on and I missed it completely. It led to me..

  • Becoming a well known ‘face’ in my niche
  • Building a great band of followers​
  • Actually creating decent money from my niche ( for once! )
  • Developing and creating an air of trust in my niche
  • Reducing my workload
  • Relaxing when I created content
  • Ignoring the importance of building back links

So what is this magic marketing ingredient?

Be a Real Person & Be Everywhere!

Yep it’s that simple guys! Don’t try and be someone you’re not – people will see straight through it! Get your face out everywhere in your niche – the internet ain’t as big as it claims to be!

The Lad Gets Around…

I was everywhereLets start with being EVERYWHERE…

When I was in the initial stages of learning my trade online I was lucky enough to have been following a lady that had rocked the online earning world.

Her advice was second to none and I found her style of writing really easy to follow. She was part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community where I was trained and she often posted her own attempts at training.

She taught me the ‘ins and outs’ of how to author in a niche and her techniques made sense.

But don’t go thinking she was a natural at earning online – she had to work for it! She explained that before she even had a website up and running she had been everywhere within her niche.

It got to the point that people were coming to her BRAND NEW site and commenting on the fact that they see her face everywhere!

I took this on board and I dug down deep into my niche online – I was in niche-related forums, in niche-related blog comments, discussion groups…I WAS EVERYWHERE.

I wasn’t just spamming online communities I was enjoying myself and learning at the same time. This meant that I was participating in my niche communities and this led to me being noticed.

When people take notice of you cool things start to happen to your website…

  • ​The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t need to build any back links any longer – people were noticing me and actually linking to my site!
  • The second thing I noticed was that I was turning up on social sites I had never heard of before – people were sharing my thoughts and content off their own backs on social networks.

I had left the idiots who concentrate on back linking profiles well behind – I had others doing my dirty work for me because they had taken notice of my work. ​

Now it’s About Time we Got a Little REAL…

By being a real person and avoiding the near enough pointless exercise of spamming you are gaining a lot more than just being noticed.

I am real

When you are real you are excepted into the community and the community responds to you.

Now here’s the biggest benefit of all…content! 

That’s right – these communities will provide you with untold amounts of new content. You will find as you are learning new things about your niche you will be encountering brand new ideas to write about.

This means you will never run out of things to write about within your chosen niche – pretty neat eh?

But by being REAL you need to come clean with people you meet – don’t try to appear like an authority in your niche unless you actually know something about it. As I mentioned earlier people ain’t stupid and they can spot bullshit a mile off.

Page 1 rankings are NOT the secret to success when targeting a niche – the PEOPLE are the secret to your success. Be REAL and be EVERYWHERE!!!


6 comments on “How to Author in a Niche – How REAL Are You?

  1. I do agree with you. We need to be unique as ourselves. Becoming a person that outside of our personality is something hard to maintain. However, it is much easier to do something we have passion about for our OWN interest NOT others.

    1. Couldn’t of put it better myself Edy – your opinion mirrors our article perfectly 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts, it’s nice to see you back here again so soon!

  2. I hear what you’re saying about getting bogged down in the technical stuff, like keywords and advertising. I also know about information overload, but I still kept writing articles! I’m saving your site to favorites – very useful information.

    1. Hey ‘K’
      Glad you were able to take so much from the article and glad our site ended up on your favorites list 🙂
      Look forward to seeing you here again soon!

  3. Hello Chris, this is a very informative article for anyone that wants to really succeed in Online Business. And I agree with you that, one has to be real in order for people to be able to trust and follow. And you are real man. Thanks for the post.

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