How Often Should You Post to Your Blog?

How Often Should You Post to Your Blog?

At its core, blogging is a pretty simple practice. You create a piece of content, enrich your site, engage with your audience and repeat the process.

The problem comes with the duration of that cycle. Some bloggers can leave a piece up for a week, watch the reader count rise and then update the site a week later.

Others feel that they need to create something new everyday.

Many believe that the more often that they post, the better the chance of being seen and making that connection.

How often should you post to your blog?

There is a sense of anxiety around blogging. If you don’t post a new entry will your followers abandon you for someone better?

If you don’t post every day are you missing out on extra readers?

The simple answer is no. There is no need to be so clingy. The reality of the matter is that this approach can actually be quite damaging.

Here are three important reasons why you should refrain from posting every single day…

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Don’t bombard people with information because it could turn them away…

The fear of losing readers through a lack of posts should be replaced with a fear of losing people by driving them away.

There are blogs that people like to check in with on a regular basis. However, this does not mean that we want an email notification every day before we’ve had our morning coffee.

This behavior just encourages people to unsubscribe and look to a less demanding alternative.

Don’t lose the flow of conversation by talking too fast…

Blogging is a two-way experience. You post an opinion or a story, readers read it and post comments or share it with other people.

With time, you can build a discussion and an ongoing story. These blog posts are chapters in a bigger narrative.

Don’t lose the flow of conversation by talking too fast...

If you post too much too often, readers may find that they get left behind. Perhaps they haven’t checked their emails for a week and now have 6 new chapters to read.

Maybe the 6th relates to a discussion they were not part of. It is too easy to lose this connection with your reader.

Don’t remove focus from a trending topic just so that you can offer something new…

A well-crafted blog post needs time to breathe and to gather a status. The top post on your site may be the first and only thing that new readers see.

The longer it stays up there, the more readers, likes, favorites and other social media terms it can get.

This is not just important for your ego. It also shows new visitors that this is something interesting and popular. This “social proof” is validation.

Hide the post and you hide this valuable evidence.

So What Should Bloggers be Doing?

This is what you shouldn’t do as a blogger. However, it would be too easy, and too mean, to simply criticize people for posting too often without providing a better approach.

There are three very simple solutions to adopt here. Instead of focusing so much on the quantity of posts being published, take your time to produce something quality.

So What Should Bloggers be Doing?

Instead of bombarding people with posts to hold onto the readers you have, promote each post to attract new readers.

Instead of sticking within the insular community of the blog, reach out to people on social media.

Quality Over Quantity

It is often said that writers should be writing every day in order to improve their craft. The problem is that some took this to mean that they should be publishing every day.

You can write each day to get ideas, jot down experiences and make drafts. Use this writing time to perfect that single post to make it engaging, informative and professional.

Believe that this is the post to go viral and spark a debate.

If you treat every post like your best work, rather than filler to meet a quota, it will become your best work.

Promoting Material to New Readers

There are two options here: you can spend all your effort writing low-level content, just to have something to say, or you can spend that effort promoting that one, brilliant blog post.

This goes back to that idea of preserving social proof and making a blog post more appealing.

Promoting Material to New Readers

Daily posts may be seen by a current audience, but they will go past new readers without proper promotion. This is where social media comes into play.

Tweet links to the post each tag, add in hashtags to add relevancy and talk to readers about the piece on comments sections.

Reaching out to people on social media to make connections…

This is the best way to build that reader relationship. The better you get at social media promotion, the more likely readers are to anticipate your next post.

This new social media presence also gives you status and access to people that the blog could not. You can reach out to other bloggers or companies with a friendly comment or “like” and perhaps attract the interest of their followers.

There is a bit of a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” attitude here, and it pays to make the first move.

This can be as simple as retweeting or reblogging a product, service or post with a recommendation or as bold as promoting them in your post.

This positive action may eventually be seen by those companies and bloggers, resulting in some exposure and favors.

They could simply tweet their thanks, which is then seen by a big audience, or they could return the favor with a more detailed promotion.

The important thing to remember is that this is the professional attitude to blogging…

Professionals don’t ask how often you should post to your blog, they are more concerned with the quality of the post and its social reach.

Daily posts with poor strategy is the amateur approach – one that all bloggers need to grow out of pretty quickly.

Focus your attention on creating one brilliant, engaging piece each week, work on social media promotion to connect to a new audience and watch the reader count rise.

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16 comments on “How Often Should You Post to Your Blog?

  1. Hi, your article is like a glass of fresh water, I write in my page once a week, but right now the load of work in my daytime job has increased so much that has drained my energy, I was wondering if I was loosing all that I has gained, your article encourage me to keep going, I wonder if you have any strategy when you feel like you don’t want to write by the moment, I have just stopped and I am waiting for the mood to chance.

    1. Just write when you can Javier – aim for about 3 posts a month and you should be alright in the eyes of Google. Getting comments on your work also helps – these count towards word count and updating etc.

  2. HI, Thank you for your great article. Your article gives lot of energy to keep posting in my website. I use to post once in two weeks, after reading your article, i came to know what wrong i am doing. How many posts would be sufficient to get good position google and traffic?

    1. Once in two weeks it fine Brahma – read the article again!!!! Just post quality content – don’t rapidly post crap or fluff content. You need to be looking at over 100 articles on your site before Google treats you as a premium website (it sounds a lot…but it’s really not!)

  3. What a refreshing post Chris and very timely for me at the moment as I have found myself getting worried about this particular issue lately.
    Intuitively I think quality over quantity but then I get caught up looking at what other people are doing and questioning my own gut instinct.
    I also like that you’ve talked about taking the time to promote the post instead of just moving on which I’m very guilty of. It’s a shame to produce so many posts that nobody will read right..
    Thank you.

    1. Great news Alison – really glad this article helped you out. I used to get bogged down in ‘posting frequency’ myself but I learned through trial and error that it’s really not as important as a lot of marketers/webmasters think.

  4. Thank you for this post. This is an interesting take on how often one should post to their blogs. You mentioned promoting your articles on social media. I know that can be a lot of work. Are there tools that you recommend to help with this process? Do you just promote the new article you’ve written or do you also promote older articles? How often do you recommend posting to social media?

    1. To be honest I stay away from most of the social media tools these days – I own 5 sites and they pretty much look after themselves with publishing and indexing due to the amount of articles already on them. A simple post to Google+ is usually enough if you are just after indexing your page (other than that there’s tools like Buffer or Hootsuite etc.)

  5. Hi Chris, thanks for the insights. I, too, gets bogged down on the frequency of posting. It’s feels difficult to justify posting less frequently when I see other successful websites are dishing out post after post.

    But I do agree that quality posts are more important than quantity. Nobody wants to read mediocre articles, so you might as well have several epic and unique content on your site than to have 100 generic articles that don’t provide much value.

    1. Yep that’s the ticket mate – I’ve slowed my posting frequency right down these days…on all 5 of my sites! Hasn’t hurt my rankings at all and I have a much more laid back life 🙂

        1. LOL – a lot of hard work! Once you get over 100 posts or articles on a site you can slow down a bit. These days I don’t really have to post as often as I used to and I still keep my rankings.

  6. Hi Chris, thanks for the insights.

    If you treat every post like your best work, rather than filler to meet a quota, it will become your best work.
    I agree to your point so much!

    I would like to know how can you manage few websites at the same time and how to balance your time given to them? and how to keep up quality posts

    thanks for your info, many thanks!!

    1. Well I run 5 websites Jayden and it is hard work. Once you get to about 150 posts (at least) on each things do get a little easier – Google considers you a serious site and you don’t really need to post as often as you used to!

      Also, it’s worth noting that comments keep your content evergreen – the more you get the fresher your site appears to search engines (leading to you not having to post so much!).

      Good luck with it all mate!

  7. Your page is very relevant because I also blog. I am never sure how much or when to write. I have been doing a post between 2x and once a month. It is difficult to write good content quickly. Your page reassured me that it is okay to focus on content rather than quantity. Keep up the good work!

    1. At a stretch I’d say that 2 posts a month should be your minimum mate. Don’t forget a blog post can be 100 words if you want it to – don’t be afraid to post short and sweet messages (Google will still log them as updated content to your site!).

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