How Often Should I Tweet?


How Often Should I Tweet?

Over the last few months I’ve started up a bit of a love affair with the social media platform Twitter. It’s not as if I hated the platform before – it’s just that I had more luck on other social sites!

But over the last few weeks I have been wondering how often should I tweet. Is there some sort of cut off point where Google thinks…

‘He’s spamming, he’s spamming, let’s get him!’

I was also starting to wonder how long it would take to piss off my followers. I can imagine that posting the same old content on their timeline might not be the best way to build up a solid relationship.

So I dug into the subject as deep as I could to make sure I was playing by the correct rules. In this article I will relay the information I learned through this digging…

How Often should I Tweet Content?

Before we go any further with this article I would like to bring your attention to an interesting snippet from a guy named Guy Kawasaki. This dude is apparently pretty high up in the blogging world and knows his onions ( so to speak )…

Twitter rules snippet

So this dude Kawasaki believes it is best to tweet content 4 times a day but with an eight hour gap in between each tweet. But it doesn’t stop there!

Here are the reasons why the internet world believes Mr. Kawasaki is bang on the money with his thoughts…

banner 2

#1 Are You Awake?

Not all of us on this beautiful planet are awake at the same points of the day – this is down to the timezone of your specific region/country.

When you post your article you are obviously awake ( or at least I hope you are!!! ). You then give it a quick spread across the social networks including Twitter.

The problem is that people on the other side of the world are probably not awake. If they are up there’s a good chance they are out for a few drinks or up to something away from the PC screen.

#2 Diluted by Followers

Lots of twitter followersHaving too many followers is never a problem – it’s a big bonus! But you must take into account the amount of followers YOUR followers have.

For example, if the majority of your followers have over 1000 followers themselves their timeline will constantly be updated with new tweets. How often do you think your tweet is going to shine through this barrage of posts?

#3 The REAL Lifespan of a Tweet

The article where I found Guy Kawasaki’s opinions also claimed that the REAL lifespan of a tweet is no more than 60 minutes. On top of that 92% of retweets take place in this first hour.

Twitter Scheduled Tweets

So you now know that you should be posting a tweet about your new work about 4 times a day. What can you do to keep them fresh and interesting?

#1 Creative Headlines

I don’t know about you but I’d get pretty dismissive about the exact same tweet popping up on my timeline throughout the day ( it has happened before! ).

Get a little creative with your headlines and grab some feedback from these changes. Twitter now offers an Analytics board so you can check which one of the headlines attracts the most attention.

Be creative with tweet headlines

This type of information is super-valuable to future campaigns and will give you ideas for similar topic posts you plan to release.

#2 Quote The Cool Stuff

Another awesome way to keep a tweet fresh throughout the day is to try and locate a section of the content that might resonate. If you manage to find a attention-grabbing line or two in your post use it as a quote on your next tweet.

All you are doing here is simply taking a portion of your content ( a quote ) and turning it into a headline for your tweet!

#3 Use Different Images

I still don’t get why people tend to ignore the image factor on Twitter and go with the lazy text tweet. Images stand out so loud and proud on Twitter you would have to be mad not to use them.

Find four interesting and attention grabbing images and apply each one to each tweet. Tweets with images will always get more engagement ( in my humble opinion! ).

How to be Successful With Social Media

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23 comments on “How Often Should I Tweet?

  1. Twitter is power! microblogging hs got to be a powerful way of marketing especially when your work is retweeted to other followers.

    I particuarly like your comments on the life cycle of a tweet and that is interesting.

    Tell me do you use any software to schedule your tweets or is this a manual process for you?

    1. Hi Andy,
      Over the last several months I have been using a free piece of software named ‘Tweet Jukebox’. A simple Google search should bring it up easily enough. It’s an awesome way to mix up your automation of tweets on a daily basis – I highly recommend it 🙂

  2. I just started using Twitter to promote pages on my website but this is really useful information on best practice for how often to tweet. In your article you mention scheduled tweets, do you use scheduling functionality within Twitter or do you use some other software to schedule tweets? I know there are various programs out there that enable you to do this.

    1. Hi Neil,
      I actually use a piece of ( free ) software called Tweet Jukebox – it’s relatively new to the internet but it works like a charm. Check it out for yourself!!!

  3. This is awesome stuff and great to know. I’m still warming up to twitter personally, but do like to post content of mine on other social outlets. Sometimes I wonder if I am going overboard with the posts. When my intentions are not to, just want to spread a message. These are great things to consider as well. Especially the news reference. Good work, and thanks again.

  4. Hey there,

    Thanks so much for the guidance in this post.

    I work in marketing and stumbled across this as am looking to get the most out of our social channels, with Twitter being one of them.

    You mention Tweet Jukebox in the comments above with Andy- I love the idea of this software as it means I can schedule things without even having to be there, this is very valuable information for me.

    Thanks again! 🙂

    1. No problem mate!
      Tweet Jukebox is a free app so you have nothing to lose – sign up and enjoy the automation process 🙂

  5. I have to say I was never a Twitter fan, to me it seemed full of trite statements that had no relevance to me at all!

    However, since creating an online business I can now see the relevance. Once I learned how to use it I got on a roll (Hootsuite helps) nad now use Twitter to help my business.
    I was never really sure how often to tweet, but I did know to take into account the different time zones.
    It makes sense that people don’t watch their Twitter feed 24/7 (I’m sure my granddaughter tries judging by the bags under her eyes!) so the tweets need to be spaced out.

    Would you say you need to tweet at times based on your target audience? For example, target the UK, so don’t tweet when people are likely to be in bed.

    Oh, and I totally agree with using images, I tend to overlook text only tweets, images do make things stand out more.

    1. Yes Kathy I would ALWAYS take the time zones into account when posting to Twitter. If you are targeting people in the UK then it stands to reason that you want them to be awake to see the content you post 🙂

  6. this is a very interesting idea, i never thought of it that way, i would think twitting 4 times a day on the SAME thing would just get repetitive and boring for your followers to the point were they will just unfollow you and love the 3 tips on how to keep them fresh and interesting, learn something new today thanks 🙂

  7. Hi Chris,

    I have to say this post helped me immensely. 🙂 I’ve never really liked twitter because of the fact that it is so difficult to find a decent tweet. If I look at it, within 5 minutes of watching there are 50 new tweets.

    I understand very well what this mister Kawasaki is saying. I’m definitely going to try this 4 times a day tweeting and see what happens! How is it working out for you?

    Thanks for the awesome info!

    1. Hi Maarten,

      I get good days and bad days on Twitter – like most social networks really! You have to concentrate on building up a following of like-minded individuals before you see any real interaction!

  8. Hi Chris,

    Great article on twitter…I am still learning it…and I think it’s great to know you can tweet that much. It all makes since.

    I do have a question though, because I am new to twitter and only have a few followers she I be more engaging on a personal level or just worry about ONLY tweeting information with online business?

    1. Hi Tanya,

      Well I would just stick to tweeting about topics that are related to your niche and use a few tags. People who are interested in your topics will find you and will start following 🙂

  9. Chris,
    I use Twitter almost every day. I do not get any traffic from it so far. I am going to start with your tweet schedule and see what happens. I do get some traffic from other social networks, never had a traffic from Twitter.
    How many followers do you think it takes to make some presence on Twitter? I use Buffer to schedule and I can set the times for my tweets, I will update today.
    Thanks for your information on how often I should tweet.

    1. Ignore the followers for a moment John – are you using hash tags on your tweets? These tags will help you show up in the twitter search bar ( like Google ) leading to a lot more traffic!

  10. Interesting question, Chris. This is something I ask myself while on Twitter.

    I am not a fan of tweeting a content several times a day though so these advices you gave are great. What program do you use to schedule your tweets?

    I am also interested in what are the best times to send out a tweet.


  11. Thank you for your informative article, really useful!

    I’m thinking about starting to build campaigns within the social media. The problem is that I spend all my time on making content and I find it hard to make enough time to prepare and publish (even automated) tweets, timeline-posts, etc. And 4 (only) tweets every day are a lot!

    Do you think it’s worth the effort? What are your experiences with social media?

    1. Oh I definitely think it’s worth the effort but your content must come first Adam. It’s all about whether or not you can manage to fit in a social media campaign?

  12. Hello Christopher,

    I found your article on Twitter very informative. I joined Twitter two years ago and haven’t used it correctly. The tips you gave in your article will help me reconnect and expand my followers. I had never heard that re-tweeting your tweets throughout the day would help. I will be using that method along with implementing images in the future.


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