How Effective is an Email Marketing Campaign?

How Effective is an Email Marketing Campaign?


How many time have you pimped out your email address to receive a free product or service online?

Well, we all like free don’t we – what’s the problem?

Nothing really, but after claiming our ‘free’ gift, most of us are bracing ourselves for a handful of unwanted messages in our inbox!

By sacrificing your email address you are actually subscribing to (or putting yourself on) a marketing list.

This marketing list is set up for consecutive email marketing campaigns – once a VERY powerful way to make money online.

But how effective is an email marketing campaign these days?

Do they still work or are people automatically scrambling for the unsubscribe button?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…

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How Effective is Email Marketing?

If you are having any problems with viewing the infographic below, simply hover and click on the image itself. You will then be taken to a separate tab where the image will be displayed in it’s original dimensions with a magnifying tool…

How Effective is Email Marketing?


How Effective is a Email Marketing Campaign?

Personally, it’s not for me, but I have dabbled in it in the past.

Bigger companies or online presences, tend to favor email marketing because it is a relatively low cost option.

Think about it for a moment – it’s a lot cheaper than mainstream marketing channels.

What do I mean by this?

Well, There are no print or postage costs and no fees paid in exchange for exposure on a certain billboard, magazine or television channel.

All you have to worry about is the monthly fees for the autoresponder (but even some of these offer FREE services!).

Let’s face it – the more traditional direct mail is slow.

In some cases it can take well over a week for an interested customer to respond to the letter you sent out!

On average, email marketing has a response time of about 48 hours – pretty fast really.

Depending on what your business is, this rapid response time could be crucial to your success.

But what are the main downsides to this form of marketing?

Why did I finally decide it was not the direction I wanted to go?

Well, I got worried about linking my online businesses (my websites) to a form of spam.

A lot of people on your list ONLY signed up because they wanted the free offer – I’ve done this many times myself before!

I started to think of myself, and my business direction, as a little intrusive.

So what about you?

Do you still use email marketing as a form of promoting your products/services?

Have you seen any success through it?

Do you agree with the infographic above – do you still believe that email marketing is effective?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject, in the comment section below.

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22 comments on “How Effective is an Email Marketing Campaign?

  1. Thanks Chris, I personally use Sendblaster Pro for my email marketing campaigns for my IT company. I have in the past purchased email databases and I have built up my own database of referals. Email marketing does work but one has to be careful not to spam your contacts and make sure you are not frustrating them. I have received a lot of leads over the last 20 years from email marketing so it does work well. Thank you

    1. Hi Craig,

      Well it’s great to hear that you’re succeeding at email marketing…it’s certainly not my first choice for a marketing avenue, but others do EXTREMELY well out of it (I hope you do as well!). 🙂

  2. I have yet been involved in any email marketing yet although I am trying to build one for my self before I can do will have to understand how it works and that is part I am yet to figure out how email marketing works and how to start email marketing. Do I need burners and if I do are they customized or Not.?

    1. Wow that’s got to be the longest sentence I’ve ever read on this site Charles!!!! 🙂

      Try buying a comma or a full stop at some point! 

      Anyway, got no idea what ‘burners’ are. Autoresponders perhaps?

  3. This is a question asked more and more often these days, as people move more to the social platforms where they spend the majority of their time on the internet. This has had a major impact on the effectiveness of email marketing for sure, and not in a positive direction.

    I believe the average number of emails the average person gets in a day is approaching 200 (this seems right, using my own experiences)…That is likely 10 x more than what used to be the case for me. I have like a million unopened emails between all the accounts I use.

    That is an unbelievable high number, I know, but the facts are that I simply do not have the time nor the desire to take the time to look at them all. Many are from marketers promoting the same products too, so if I see the one email, I may get 9 more that are the exact same mail (content-wise).

    I do use email myself, but for educating and providing content that people want to get in their email (i.e. newsletters, special offers for targeted clients, and etc.). I do not send out massive numbers of email swipe campaigns as some do. I think they will put some people off of opening the added-value content emails I send…

    There is still a place for email marketing I think, but the approach has to change, or you will get very low open and click-through rates (the statistics are not that good these days and they are getting worse). Unless you plan carefully, you will not have much success.

    1. I don’t really use these campaigns at all any longer Dave, it’s almost as if people have gone blind to marketing emails…probably because they receive so many of them (as you point out!). 

      Thanks for leaving your opinion on the subject with us. 

  4. I didn’t believe in email marketing in the beginning, but now I feel like it’s going nowhere but up. You’re right, you pay next to nothing. And you can send e-mails every time you publish a new post/product/service. I think I’ve read somewhere that it’s really good for recurring customers, as well. I’m putting it on my to-so list.

    Could you suggest a good autoresponder? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Jenny…

      No I’m afraid I can’t! 

      Seriously, I haven’t dived into email marketing for quite some time now so I don’t know what the best autoresponder is at the moment! (sorry!)

  5. Hi 

    This is a great comprehensive review of Email marketing campaign effectiveness. I have not experience of earning through email marketing but I heard about it many times from different source. Personally I believe this has slow effectiveness than other marketing method. I have seen my personal email flooded by auto responder email marketing campaign. In the beginning I was curious about those mail but now I hardly check those mail till realizing those importance. Thanks for sharing this important topic.

    1. Yeah I tend to agree with you there mate, but many marketers do make good money out of emails. It’s not really my type of thing either…

  6. Hello Chris!

    When it comes to email marketing, it is not my type at all. I agree that I must haven given out my email address in the time past because of one offer or the other, but it is quite annoying with the kind of mails these campaigners usually  flood our mails with. It is very cheap and definitely why big companies prefer it, but I usually use the unsubscribe button once I start receiving such mails.

    To me I dont think the email campaign is still effective as it used to be few years ago.

  7. Email marketing is good but I don’t think it still works as before because a lot of people are already on the internet and are aware of the internet marketing gurus who sell and market crappy products. Email marketing can easily work on people who are still very new to the internet world. Even when you are marketing genuine products, people still think it’s a scam.

    1. Yeah I tend to lean towards your way of thinking Kenechi, things have definitely changed online and email marketing is certainly getting harder to master…

  8. Looking at the current spate of things, email marketing is still very much effective and favored by especially big and multinational companies because it’s cost effective and as well takes your product and services to a wider audience. However, on a personal note, I wouldn’t favor email marketing as its conversion rate would be extremely low! You’d only find few people going through your product through email marketing.

    1. I tend to agree with you there mate, but the conversion rate is really not that low IF you are good at what you do. Personally, I’m not that great at this form of marketing…

  9. Dear Chris,

    This was a highly informative article and I learned a lot of new things. You have given me plenty to think about here. This post is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of!

    The infographic is an eye-opener.

    I am a full-time blogger working from home. While learning from experts and doing research one thing I noticed common with all of them is… They focus on email marketing and they have big list of email subscribers.

    Yes indeed, Money is in the list and email marketing works.

    I strongly believe in email marketing and I am building my list. To be honest just have 13 subscribers on my list yet to make any sales from it.

    Also what you said is true I do have many subscribers who just sign up to get the free ebook and then unsubscribe from the list. There are subscribers who never opened the email I sent lol.

    Wishing you great success!


    1. Well 13 subscribers is a start mate…Rome wasn’t built in a day (or so they say!). Stick at it and I’m sure that list will gradually grow. 

  10. I find this post very informative and made me understand  An email marketing campaign as a Segmentation that  helps marketers better tweak their content and get amazing results. Instead a one-email-for-everyone, segmentation helps you understand the prospect’s journey and address special pain posts because it is one thing to say that email marketing has a huge return on investment, and another to make your email marketing work.

  11. Interesting post on how effective is an email marketing campaign, Chris!

    I say interesting, because as your infographic suggests that email is very effective, but you have decided not to use it in your own business.

    I personally believe using email is a key element in building a successful online business and I think you might be leaving a lot of money on the table.

    I understand how you don’t want your business being linked to spam.

    I get around this with being clear that when they opt-in to my list they will be getting ongoing emails with training and promotions, and I always tell them they are free to unsubscribe at any time… but occasionally I will still get complaints and take it on the chin.

    I guess you have to decide if it’s worth it or not.

    I’d be interested to know if you will consider using email in the future or you have definitely ruled a line through it?



    1. No John mate, I’ve been doing this for about a decade now and I’ve never needed to plough people’s inboxes with mails to make money. It’s not for me, as I don’t need it to succeed! 

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