How Do You Get First Page On Google?

How Do You Get First Page On Google?


Article updated on 07/08/2018.

​There’s nothing worse than putting your heart and soul into a blog and then realizing that Google doesn’t like the clothes it’s wearing. Believe me – I’ve been there!

A simple search on how to get first page on Google will bring up a sea of misinformation and shady SEO offers. Is this ranking lark an art form or is it an exact science…

How do you get first page on google?

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How to Rank on First Page of Google

Well first things first – a worker is only ever going to be as good as the tools he/she uses. If you are using the commonly available internet tools you are putting yourself in the same boat as millions of other webmasters out there…

Do you fancy taking on the millions?

Do you think you’ll win out on top?

Well, no to both really (at a guess!). Ranking well in the search engines is solely down to the amount of research you have put in. If you flutter your way through it you are highly unlikely to outplay the competition – period!

You have to take part in the process of trial and error in order to develop a strategy that works for you.

Search engines love content – so that’s your first port of call!


How to Rank on First Page of Google


Don’t expect Google to sit up and take notice if you have a website floating around with 20 pages – that ain’t nothing to them!

20 pages!!!! Well that’s a lot of content!

No, no it’s not! If you are serious about ranking ANYWHERE near the first two pages of Google results you need to get well above this number.

When I first started up this site I put my life and soul into producing quality content – day after day, night after night!

At one point I had over 50 pieces of quality content on it and I still suffered from lame-ass rankings – it was soul destroying.

These days a large majority of the articles I produce here rank within the first two pages of Google’s results – there’s no magic formula behind it, I just did things the right way and I made use of the right tools…

So, how did I actually achieve all this?


banner 2


Guaranteed First Page Google

Sometimes in life you just get lucky – I did when I stumbled upon a rather low key marketing community named Wealthy Affiliate. It didn’t have dynamic headlines and it didn’t promise me I was going to get rich overnight.

It only promised me the education to build up an online business…for free!

The Wealthy Affiliate not only taught me how to succeed online, it provided me with the tools to step above the competition. I got to utilize an awesome keyword research tool named Jaaxy.

This tool allows me to dig down into keywords I fancy using and see what their REAL competition is. I can quite literally tell whether a phrase is going to rank one of my pages on Google within minutes!!!

I then select that keyword and create content around the keyword phrase knowing that it will rank well within a couple of weeks.

But there’s no ninja training behind this Jaaxy keyword tool – if I can reach these dizzy heights then so can you!

Use the Jaaxy search box below to experience the magic yourself…


Using Keywords For Google First Page Placement

While this process is not exactly rocket science you need to realize that locating these keywords is just the start of your journey. The next step is to use these awesome keywords in the correct manner.

When I first started up with my internet marketing training there were many ‘tricks’ one could take on to rank with keywords.

At one time it was commonplace to paste keywords at the bottom of your webpage in white text – your webpage was white, your keywords were white, nobody was the wiser!

This allowed savvy website owners to rank for keywords with very poor grammar without effecting their content. For example:

Try fitting ‘Rank First Google First Page’ into your writing without sounding a like a complete idiot!

It just doesn’t fit does it?

It might be a low competition keyword with a high volume of monthly searches but it’s really bad grammar – if you use it visibly within your text you’ll look like an amateur.


Using Keywords For Google First Page Placement


Well all that sugar and shake is over now – Google got tired of these keyword stuffing tactics and took evasive action.

If you attempt to use these keyword stuffing techniques these days you will be penalized almost instantly. Remember – Google ain’t that forgiving (when you’re out you’re out!).

Matt Cutts recently gave an excellent explanation on how to use keywords in the correct manner ( and he’d know! ). He explained that search engines will pick up on the first time you mention a keyword and read on. They’ll then notice that you’ve mentioned the keyword a second time and get a little more interested.

After this point the search engine in question loses a little interest – it sort of levels off and calms down on the excitement the more and more you use the keyword.

If you proceed further and keep mentioning the keyword the search engine’s alarm bells will go off and you’ll be tarred as a danger site ( keyword stuffing! ).

I think the best way to tackle keyword research is to use the chosen keyword as an idea for your article. Use it in the main heading of the article then try and mention it once in the first paragraph of your content.

From that point onward it’s best to just write naturally until you come to the conclusion or summary of your piece. It might be a good idea to try and fit it into this section as a little boost to your article keyword ‘juice’.

So that’s the keyword mentioned twice within the body of the article and within the heading/title itself – job done!


No Magic Formula – No Hype

As I mentioned above, there really is no magic formula or exact science. Sometimes I find awesome keywords and end up ranking on page 5 or 6 of Google’s search results.

Why does this happen?

I have no idea!!!

But what I do find is that these lower ranking pages will move up the board over time. The more content I add to my site directly effects the rankings of pieces I published weeks before.

Sometimes I start off on page 5 and then within a couple of months I’ve managed to squeeze onto page 1.

The key here is to keep adding original content and move forward. The more Google sees your site evolve and grow the more it will take a fancy to it.

If you are interested in finding out more about SEO we recommend checking out the FREE tutorials at the Wealthy Affiliate. Read our full review on their services by clicking the link HERE

37 comments on “How Do You Get First Page On Google?

  1. Really great post. Its true what you said about needing content to get good rankings. I’ve struggled with this myself many times.

    I’ve written what I thought was a lot of content before realising that 20 or 30 posts is not much. Thats why it takes time and a lot of people aren’t willing to put in the time and work.

    It really does work. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Robert,
      Yeah 20 or 30 posts just ain’t gonna cut it these days – small micro niche sites are now pretty much dead in the water. If you want this online gig to work you’re going to have to keep writing content ( it’s the only way to get the search engines to notice you! ). Glad you enjoyed the post so much 🙂

  2. I loved your post, just loved it! You write in such a simple, easy to understand way. You hit the nail on the head with your explanation of keyword research, how to write your content and how rankings work. It was a long post but I was disappointed when it ended. Keep up the great work. I look forward to browsing your site or more information.
    What would you say is the single most important part of having an online business?

    1. Thanks for the kind words and positive feedback Lynne – really glad you enjoyed the article so much. Hope you enjoy the rest of the site 🙂

  3. Your title is indeed intriguing. Getting to the first page on Google is in mind of every blogger.

    As I understand you recommend Jaaxy. No doubt this is a powerful tool and possibly the best on the market. But not everybody can afford It. How about some alternatives, like Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate? Is it good enough in your opinion?

    Thanks for the info and for the answer which I hope to get.

    1. Hi Jovo, You’ve hit the nail right on the head there – not everyone can afford it!
      Of course most people have a budget to stick to so if they cannot afford the subscription to Jaaxy I would say the WA tool is the next best thing!

  4. Hey Chris, I want to commend you on your website design, It is has an appealing effect to the reader, which makes it easy to read.

    I would want to thank you for the opportunity to read your article. It is quite insightful, helpful to me personally since I own my own blog.

    Hope you keep up the good work


  5. So I have been working on my blog and had almost given up at 26 posts. It is good to know that if I just keep working at this, maybe redesigning a little bit, keep pushing out content, it will get better. I love your post and the design is eyecating and flows very nicely. Great Job

    1. Oh don’t give up at 26 Lola!!!!
      Keep on pushing until you get past 30 articles/posts and you will see a trickle of organic visitors coming in – stick with the process ( it does work! ).

  6. Very thoughtful article. It is refreshing to read honest commentary around niche marketing as there are so many get rich quick scams out there. Newbies can waste a lot of time and money if they aren’t careful.

    While I agree that 20 – 30 pages of quality content isn’t much I disagree you can’t get anywhere the top 2 pages on google. I have 2 articles on page 2 or 3 with less than 20 pages of content. It doesn’t happen most of the time but it can happen.

    1. Yes but unfortunately those pages are more than likely centered on low competition and low traffic keywords RJ – not much use to anyone looking to make serious money in the long run! 20 pages of content is nothing to Google – they will have forgotten about you before the end of the month if you don’t start reaching out past 30 ( at least! ).

  7. Hi Chris,

    Another great article. I find your articles so interesting..!

    I’m struggling with confidence with my site at the moment, its a competitive niche that I’m in and I’m not seeing any good ranking figures yet but you’ve given me the confident to carry on as more content is better overall.



    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that Sammi. What is the niche you are targeting? Remember – it’s a long journey to success in most cases so keep plugging away and posting content. I still get my negative days every now and again!

  8. I really have to say that I enjoyed reading through your site. Your topic of how to get to the first page of Google caught my eye and you pulled me in with the easy reading, your experiences with Google and especially with keywords shows throughout this article. Reality hit me when you mentioned writing over 50 articles….I know now I still have a lot of work to do on my own site.
    Also to mention I avoided using Jaaxy at first but when I finally signed up, I fell in love with it and use it all the time.

    1. Hi Angela,

      It’s great to hear that you have taken Jaaxy on and are using it to develop your site further – you will not regret signing up for it in the long run! 🙂

  9. Hi,

    This is a post with great content! It is well outlined and a clear breakdown on how one can get the page ranked first page on Google.

    It does look like Wealthy Affiliate offers great tutorial and training courses to learn SEO. I write and suffer from poor ranking.

    Other than what you mentioned above, I wonder if number comments on a post affects your ranking as well?

    1. Hi Alex,

      Yes comments certainly help with ranking and SEO – they act as extra content at the end of the day ( bumping up your page length! )

  10. Hi Chris,

    Agreed on everything you were writing in your post. Content is the magic word and if you produce great content that people like you read you’ll become successful earlier or later. It’s also very much depending on the time you could invest. Will it be good to join Wealthy Affiliate when you are just working part-time on your online business? Will it work out?

    How long did it take you to become successful with your online business? When did you start?


    1. Hi Don,

      I started up working online several years ago now but the first year or so was pretty tough – it’s all about dedication and REAL hard work!

  11. Hi Chris, this is a solid article. I was becoming slightly despondent at the fact I have yet to get on the first page of Google – despite all my ‘hard work’.

    However, I only have around 15 posts and 15 pages on my site, so it would appear this is but a drop in the ocean.

    Page 2 is my best result so far for a couple of posts. I guess its just a case of cranking out quality content for an extended period of time.


    1. Hi Dan, it’s all about content – the more you have on your website ( as a whole ) the more klout Google will give you. If you get a few comments on those pages on page 2 you will soon see them rise to page one! 🙂

  12. Chris,
    I like reading this article of yours. It truly exemplifies what a typical online blogger is going through. Certainly, I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy play critical role in helping a blogger to get high ranking in google. Thanks for sharing. Good job and it is definitely a MUST read article for bloggers.

  13. Hi! Great article! Every blogger and affiliate marketer wants to rank in the first page of Google. I wonder how many pages a website should have at least to get ranked in the first page? Somewhere I’ve read that it needs to have at least 60. What do you think? Thanks.

  14. Hey Chris, I came across your review on how to get first page on google, and for someone who has been really looking for new ideas on increasing my site ranking, I really felt like you provided a lot of useful information, Using the proper tools is just as important as the content you are creating. I will be sure to share this with others. Thanks, Adam

  15. I know exactly where you’re coming from because I have put so much effort and time in to blogs in the past, that they didn’t get the attention from Google they deserved 🙁

    I have also noticed a lot of “outdated” tools and training online that no longer work for higher Google rankings, and it’s this that can lead to online failure.

    This article has outlined a lot of useful infortmation I can use for first page Google rankings. Jaaxy, especially sounds like an Awesome tool!


  16. Is there a certain timeline when your articles will start ranking higher? I’ve been creating contents using low competitive keywords for about 6 months now. And I think my ranking started improving after 6 month. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or is it that google is trusting my website and contents a little more.

    1. Yes there is always a delay Joon but it is down to the keywords you choose. The Google algorithm is a complex beast at the best of times!

  17. Awesome post. Congrats on the great looking website. tools are definitely important and knowing how to decipher their results is very important for that. WA and Jaaxy helped me get started. I’m far from the first page but it’s been about a week and I can already see myself on google. The most important reason why you succeeded is because you never gave up. 50 posts and nothing to show for it is difficult to overcome. Congratulations.

  18. Hey Chris, Thanks for these tips.

    I have a blog and now have 42 posts of what i consider to be quality content and only now, am I beginning to see an increase of regular website visitors.

    I’ve always avoided using these keyword tricks that you mentioned, and done things the right way with my visitors in mind.

    Looks like it’s beginning to pay off and I’ve only done exactly what you’ve talked about in this post.

    May i ask, how many times did you ALMOST give up? I think I’ve lost count!

    1. LOL I almost gave up several times Lee but I’m glad I stuck with the process – Google will find you in the end ( if you’ve behaved! )

  19. Thank you for you post. I have been doing a lot of research lately to find out what it really takes to rank well in Google, I recently read that a good way of getting you website noticed is to write a lot of articles and have then featured on sites like Ezine and a couple others I can’t remember right now. Quality is always better than quantity, once people find our message entertaining and informative they will bookmark your page so that they can keep coming back to learn more of what you have to say.

    1. That is one way Reneea but you have to be careful – it’s a pretty dated technique now! Having numerous backlinks from article sites will actually look bad in the eyes of Google. You are much better concentrating on publishing content to your actual site!

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