How Do I Find Out What Keywords a Website is Using?

How Do I Find Out What Keywords a Website is Using?

I often spy on competitors keywords in an attempt to find out how and why they are outranking me. Do I feel guilty about this…NOPE! Chances are they are doing exactly the same thing to me – that’s why they are outranking me!

Why Would I Want to be THAT Nosy?

You may work in the most diverse niche known to man and feel that you have no real competition. NEWSFLASH – there’s always competition! Somewhere along the line you will bump into direct or indirect competitors.

Being NosyCompetitor’s Keywords can help you:

  • Develop broad ideas for site topics and keywords to optimize those topic pages
  • Figure out why these damn sites keep on outranking you!
  • Assess which keywords you’d like to include on your site to obtain better organic search results

I want to share with you two FREE methods I used to use to spy on competitors keywords. I use the term ‘used to’ due to the fact I am now a subscriber to Jaaxy – an awesome keyword tool that retrieves ALL my competitor’s meta data for me!

If you are interested in finding out more about Jaaxy read the full review LOCATED HERE

If you are more interested in the rather long-winded old fashioned ways read on…

1) The Source Code

Sounds a bit like a Hollywood movie really doesn’t it?

This is a really simple and easy way to spy on competitors keywords if you are using Google Chrome ( and why would you be using any other browser – they all suck!  ).  All you have to do is arrive at a competitor’s website and click the three lined button at the top right of your Chrome browser ( directly below the red x )

From this drop down menu select More Tools and then View Source – you should be confronted with a garble of code at the bottom of the screen that looks like it’s off The Matrix!

Look for the keywords in the title tag, meta description tag and the keywords tag within the code. Not all source codes will contain the keywords tag but the title tag and the meta description are just as important in most cases:

source code

This is a ‘cheap n dirty’ way of grabbing your competitors meta data and harvesting it for your own use!

2) Google Keyword Planner

I often find this method a little ‘hit and miss’ but when it does work – IT ROCKS!

Most of you will be used to entering queries into the tool to check the search volume and competitiveness of that keyword.

But for this technique we are going to use the Your Landing Page box to enter the URL of the competitor’s page you want examined ( see below )

Google Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner will then display the keywords associated with that website or page. Now, I often find that some of these keywords are related to the adverts that site is displaying so you must carefully crawl your way through the results and pick the relevant options.

But it’s another completely FREE method and Google’s tool can produce some pretty powerful ideas at times!

How Do I Find Out What Keywords a Website is Using?

The two options I provided you with today are trusted FREE options but as I mentioned earlier they are no longer my first choice. I now trust in the power of Jaaxy for ALL my keyword research and it has helped me achieve unreal rankings in the process.

If you fancy trying out Jaaxy for free simply type in a keyword below and see the tool in action. You are allowed up to 30 free searches so you might as well grab some free professional keyword research when you can – these 30 searches alone will provide you with 100’s of new ideas!

10 comments on “How Do I Find Out What Keywords a Website is Using?

  1. Hey, thanks for pointing out those methods for finding out what the keywords of a website are. I never knew you could do that.

    Keywords are so important when it comes to writing content. Everyone wants to show up on the first page of Google, but this is difficult to do if you are targeting the wrong keywords. Low competition keywords are the way to go, because there are so many of them there are enough for everyone.

    Do you find that Jaaxy saves you much time when doing your keyword research?

    1. Hi Marcus,
      Jaaxy saves me a whole lot of time when I’m doing ANYTHING related to SEO – I can’t speak highly enough about it 🙂

  2. Hi Chris, what a fantastic article! I never knew you could do this little trick and you can even do it for free – that is just amazing! I did love Jaaxy when I had access to it and it was so quick to use but unfortunately I had to stop paying the subscription fee!! It’s a shame Jaaxy do not offer a fee to just use it 2-3 hours a month?! Do you know of any other useful little tricks like that? Sammi

  3. Hello, Chris.

    There are some amazing techniques to use if I want to spy on my competitors. I’ll definitely use the two free methods before upgrading to Jaaxy. I recently watched Jay perform the trick using Jaaxy, it totally blew my mind.

    This page is going right to my Evernote tasks to use for keywords research.

    Thanks for the valuable information.


  4. You know what my favorite thing at the moment is with Jaaxy….I’ve got the cheap version and I love it by the way….
    My favorite feature is the site rank thingo.
    I plug in the main keyword for my post into the siterank search box, and hit search. OK great , it tells me where that post is ranking. But the cool part is, Jaaxy shows the movement of the post. I can search it a week/month later and I can see if the rank has gone up or down.
    Why is this useful? Because if one of my posts is falling, I can update it with a bit of new info or image and it will climb up rank again.
    Its important to out the keyword in, not the whole title. If you put in the whole title, it will show position one every time, not accurate.
    Not only does siterank show me my post rank, it shows me the immediate competition. I love outranking Forbes and Moz. It happens occasionally, when we use the same keywords.

    1. Hi Jannelle,

      Yeah that feature of Jaaxy is pretty awesome but you must be careful with it – it’s very easy to get addicted to following your page’s progress…when you should be working on producing more content!!!

      But the function is the best tracking function out there – brilliant for following your article and keyword’s progress.

  5. Hi Chris,
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with checking out how the competition is doing within your niche just as long as you are not committing plagerism by stealing his/her content and then magically reproducing it in an article published later on your site.

    It’s all about getting ahead of that individual(s) in drawing more visitors to your site, plus ranking higher with the search engines.

    I was unaware of the two methods, Source Code and Google Keyword planner that would allow you to “spy” on that competitor’s website all to improve your business. It is a dog-eat-dog world and as long as it’s not illegal one should take advantage of every little tool available to improve your own business.

    Thank you once again Chris for providing such an insightful article on your website.


    1. Hang on…committing plagerism by stealing his/her content? I like to call that leveraging Jeff LOL.

      No I don’t really agree on that – in my book 99% of successful websites are built up on article ideas taken from someone else!

      Everyone’s at it – take a good article and make it a lot BETTER…leverage!

      As you rightly put it in your comment above – “It’s all about getting ahead of that individual(s) in drawing more visitors to your site”.

      Simply put – you need to overtake your competition so look at their work, grab their good ideas and make them roll for you! Improve their good thinking on your own site – this is what the successful sites are doing, day in and day out!

      On the flip side – I’m glad you learned something new about the Source Code and Google Keyword planner!

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