How Can I Make Money at 13?

How Can I Make Money at 13?

When I turned thirteen I managed to get my first ever REAL job – I was a cook’s hand in a local cafe named ‘Tuck In’.

Now, I’m not saying this was the most glamorous job in the world – and I’m certainly not saying I enjoyed it…

But it was the first time I had created an income for myself…and it felt pretty good.

That was back in the 80’s, and things have definitely changed now.

So, how can I make money at 13 in this day and age?

What are the safe child-friendly options?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

1) Making Money Cleaning Houses

Making Money Cleaning Houses

A couple of my sister’s friends lived three doors down from my house, and they had a great gig set up where they were making money cleaning houses.

They were undercutting all the local professional cleaners, of course, but they were getting a lot of work as a result!

You see, traditional cleaning companies may do a great job, but they are usually quite expensive, and as such people are often eager to hire youngsters who will clean their homes for a reasonable price.

Now, you have to be pretty good at this type of thing, because word of mouth travels (and one poor job will put an end to your short-lived cleaning career).

But, if you have experience helping your mum clean the home, and you know what you are doing with a vacuum and duster – you could well be onto a local winner!


2) Earn Money Surfing The Internet

arn Money Surfing The Internet

Did you know that there is a website out there that actually pays you for using it’s search bar?

Seriously – Swagbucks actually pays you for searching the web!

But I’m not going to recommend Swagbucks to you in this article – I’m going to recommend a website named Clixsense instead!

When I first came online to earn I stumbled upon Clixsense within the first week or so – I’m still a member now!

You see, Clixsense allows you to make money through a number of different avenues, and it’s earning potential is much higher than Swagbucks (in my experience!).

If you have the time, and the patience to complete small online jobs, you can bring in a tidy little wage with Clixsense!

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3) Newspaper Route Delivery

Newspaper Route Delivery

If you can get this kind of gig locally – you are laughing all the way to the bank!

As long as you don’t mind getting up early in the mornings…

A good mate of mine actually used to work the weekends AND a couple of school mornings as well. Granted – he had much more of a work ethic than me…but he earned a heck of a lot more!

Contact local papers to see if they have paper delivery routes available in your area. Also ask as many of your parent’s friends as you can.

This type of job can more often than not be picked up through word of mouth (as long as you are a trustworthy teenager!).


4) Start Your Own Babysitting Service

 Start Your Own Babysitting Service

Are you responsible, mature and enjoy being with (younger) children?

If so, a babysitting service could be a great fit for your money-making journey!

This is a great gig if you have an ‘old head’ on your shoulders. Most grateful parents will stock the fridge up for you, or buy you pizza – once the kids are in bed – you are free to sit in front of movies for the remainder of the night!


5) Start a Dog Walking Business

Start a dog walking business

To be honest with you – I wish I’d thought about this option when I was a teenager!

I love animals, and we had dogs and cats in my family home (pets of course!). I can’t think of an easier or more enjoyable job – walking a dog for money.

Fresh air, good exercise and a furry friend to keep you company…the only downside is that you have to clear their mess up after them!

A high percentage of dog owners don’t have time to walk their dogs but want their dogs to get plenty of exercise. This generally means that they are willing to pay decent money for their furry friends to get the exercise they need/deserve.

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6) Car Wash Start up Business

Car Wash Start up Business

An oldie but a goodie – the traditional teenage car washing business!

All you need is a bucket, soap and rags/cloths – not much on the overhead front, and easy to get started with.

The cool thing about car washing is that 99% of the car owners will provide you with the hose/water and a vacuum, if you are offering to clean the inside of cars as well.


7) Collecting and Reselling Golf Balls

Collecting and Reselling Golf Balls

I used to LOVE doing this with my mates because we lived very near a local golf course.

The course itself was right next to a local forest – so you can imagine the amount of balls that ended up in that area!

The golfers using the course were in no mood to go trawling around the forest to gather their lost balls – that was left up to us. Simply gather, clean and sell on to the golfers for a fraction of the price they would normally cost – easy money!


8) Build a Website!

Build a Website!

The ultimate way to make some money and to create something that will still provide you with money AFTER you have left school!

Websites evolve with each article you place on them – the more content you have – the more money your website is worth. There are hundreds of ways to make money off a website that receives a half decent amount of visitors.

Take a look at this website we are on now (my website!). I started it about 3 and half years ago and there are now close to 500 articles on it.

I currently have about 3 main sources of income from the site – the main one being advertising within the pages of the domain.

Seriously – people pay me a one off payment just for a link in an article. Most of the time this link takes the reader back to a product they own or even a website of their own (it’s easy money – and it’s REALLY well paid!).

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8 comments on “How Can I Make Money at 13?

  1. Really like this post.  Brought back many memories from my own childhood days.  Mowing the lawn, washing the car(s), shoveling snow…it was all good back then.  Some of it was earning it as an allowance and other from the neighborhood.

    Nowadays, teens have much more options than we did and many of them (due to the electronic age), are fairing better than we did back in the 70’s and 80’s.  Easy jobs, but they also don’t require much physical exertion anymore.

    Many will become quite successful and may even surpass in earnings what us old folk have worked a lifetime to achieve.  Nothing wrong with that and I am glad that you have pointed out numerous options and directions that the youth can take as they begin their journey’s in life.

    Nice post!

  2. It is pretty difficult for teenagers that young to make money, even if they are a year or two older. But it is good to teach them that there are ways out there to make money. 

    Teaching them that there are also other options including making their own little business.

    1. Yeah I agree Ty – I just wish I had these options to earn money when I was younger (things were a lot different in those days!!). 

  3. very interesting post. I wish I knew all of this when I was younger. I personally like all those ways to make money, specially online. However I don’t consider that taking surveys is a good way to make money online, it takes so much valuable time and you get paid miserable amounts of money.

    I would start a website like your instead, I think that is the best way to make money for children and for pretty much everyone else

    I enjoy reading your article. I will share this post with others that may need it, specifically with my newphews and nieces!

    1. Hi Fredery!

      Yeah I know what you mean about survey sites – but most of them do pay out legit money, and are relatively easy to use! 

      Starting a website is always a good idea, but I’m not sure I’d advise a 13 year old to attempt it (they do take a lot of work to succeed with!). 

  4. Thanks for helping us to make money online. All the ways listed are legit but the one I personally use to make money is clixsense it is slow though but with time one can make a decent amount of money. I love making money online because it is at the comfort of your home meaning it is stress free. I would love to try out making money from walking dogs I guess it will be fun, since dog is my favourite animal.

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