How Can Google Plus Help my Business?

How Can Google Plus Help my Business?

Let’s face it, we all know the importance of using social media today to market your local business.

With so many consumers going online to buy products, research companies, and sign up for more information about products and services, social media, has become the most significant factor in marketing strategy and reputation management.

Having said that, Facebook and Twitter still reign supreme, but you can’t forget about Google Plus. After all, if you’re trying to rank in the search engines and most people are, a social network created by Google shouldn’t be ignored.

So how exactly do you go about using Google Plus and what exactly is it? You may also be asking the question, “how can Google Plus help my business”?

Here are few ways you can use Google Plus to take your business to the next level…

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Why Google Plus?

First, if you’re just getting started using Google Plus, no need to worry. Google Plus has recently just started picking up steam, so you’re joining the party at the right time.

According to recent reports, Google Plus is set to hold the number two title as the world’s biggest social media channel, even overtaking Twitter.

It’s experiencing double digit gains in users and more people are visiting the site and staying engaged in its tools and flexibility it offers users in promoting their business.

If you don’t have a Google Plus business page, you shouldn’t need any more evidence outside of that to get started right away.

Get Content Credit & Search Rankings

In today’s world, content marketing is key. Gone are the days in which you could post spun articles stuffed with keywords and still rank in Google.

What you need to have now is a serious content marketing strategy that consistently churns out relevant and important information for your site visitors and subscriber base.

This is where Google Plus kicks in. It allows you to claim credit for creating your content which ultimately helps in your rankings.

Get Content Credit & Search Rankings

The more content you post authored by you, the more credit you get resulting in an increase in your Google rankings. This is great for promoting your business and managing your reputation.

For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you can use Google Plus to promote content about your local real estate market, interior design tips, etc., all of which gets credited back to you in the search engines.

When people are looking for that information, your content comes up and it establishes you as top of mind when it comes to buying and selling real estate.

Create And Collaborate

Google Plus comes with an amazing video conferencing tool known as Google Hangouts. With Google Hangouts, you can hold video conferences with potential customers, employees and potential business partners anywhere in the world.

You can share information in real time, and participate in thoughtful discussions without traveling which is a huge time and money saver.

Google Hangouts

You can also use the social media site as a way to group subscribers into different categories.

For example, if you run an auto repair shop, past customers who have visited your store for an oil change can be alerted when oil change discounts come available.

On the other hand, customers who have visited to change out their air filters will be alerted when it’s time to change air filters. You can engage both customer groups with content that is targeted specifically to them.

What You Need to Get Started

Your business page is different from your personal account. If you have a business, you need a business page and setting up your business page is so simple and easy, anyone can do it.

Pick the category your business is in and then proceed to fill out some of the basic information they ask you for.

After filling out the basic info, you can start customizing your page like adding a photo and more information about yourself and your business.

From that point on, you can start sharing content similar to how would using your personal account.

Google Plus – Now It’s Your Turn…

Hopefully we’ve answered the question of “how can google plus help my business”, and you can see the powerful impact Google Plus can have on your marketing strategy.

There is more information you need to know to use this impressive tool to gain a competitive advantage in your business however, what we’ve discussed is enough to get started.

Be sure to come back to our site for more info about Google Plus in the near future!

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12 comments on “How Can Google Plus Help my Business?

  1. Google Plus is definitely an great for establishing your online business or brick and mortar business for that matter.

    One thing that I’m struggling with is getting followers. I’m thinking that maybe the reason is that I made a regular profile for my page and not a business page.

    Could this be the reason?

  2. Hey there I love your approach about making money online, and might I ad you are right when you say about everybody goes online to do there shopping this day and age is all about online shopping. Also on your website there is a lot of content to read through which I find very good so well done great site.

  3. Hi Chris

    I am new to Google plus and as yet I have not set up my business or personal page. Your article however doesn’t make it seem so daunting after all.

    I have read other articles about Google Plus saying that your content gets ranked and indexed faster if you use the service on a regular basis, do you know if this is true Chris?

    Great Read.


  4. Hey Chris
    Thanks for all this information on Google Plus. I have been there for a while, my personal profile and a business page. I have heard it is good for your business and that is why I joined but I don’t believe I have been leveraging it as much as I could. It is on my (long) list of things to do!

    I am very interested in using Google Hangouts… do you maybe have a tutorial on how to use that feature? Or any more information?

    1. I don’t have a tutorial here on that Lynne (at least I don’t think I do!). The Google platform itself offers some kind of tutorial – have you checked it out yet? It’s actually not that hard to use!

  5. Hello,

    You are right whey you say Google+ can help you with your website and leads.

    But I’ve 2 questions for you:
    1. I’m struggling to get more fans of my business page, how can I increase this??
    2. For some reason Google doesn’t like me posting on my personal page about my websites, because then they give a warning.. How can I handle this?


    1. They give you a warning? I’m sorry Rian but I’ve never heard of this before – what are you supposed to post on a social network if you can’t post URL’s? Something’s VERY wrong there. I’d close the account and start again if I was you!

  6. Hi Chris,

    I have recently joined Google Plus and thus far, I’m loving it. I asked around if it was really a necessity to have two accounts. I have given all my focus into the one I have, which is a personal one, but from there I am sharing my website content. Would you say that I should anyways create a separate one for my website? or am I good with the one I have?



    1. Hi Luis,

      Well I create a new account for every website I own – so I have 5 accounts at the moment (I opt to use brand accounts). I would advise setting up a special account for your online business every time – it looks a lot more professional in the long run!

      Hope this helps 🙂

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