Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic


Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic

Generally blogs attract two types of readers – those who look for specific information by searching for key terms (“organic traffic”) and those who land on a blog by chance (let’s call them “accidental traffic”).

How you position and market your blog is going to have a huge impact on the kind of traffic you attract, and not always for the better. A lot of accidental traffic can lower your rankings in the long run despite an increase in overall internet exposure.

Let’s take a look at some techniques on how to attract the right kind of readers.

Analyze The Sources of Traffic to Your Site

In your blog’s analytic report you will find a number of important indicators. No single one of them is more important than the others. It is how they interact with each other on a day-to-day basis that will tell you the most about how your blog is doing.

For example, take the number of visitors and the page views. This may seem obvious, yet it is surprising how many people will judge their blog’s success by the number of visitors it attracts. While this is no doubt an important measure, looking at the average time and the number of page views per visitor will tell you if your site is attracting quality visitors.

If you have a large number of visitors yet a consistently low number of page views per visitor, you may be getting a lot of “accidental traffic”. To understand what is causing this you may want to analyze the sources of traffic to your site – the top keywords, the number of backlinks leading to your site, etc.

Be Careful How You Spread The Word

Limiting accidental traffic to your site is key if you want to rank well on search engines. The following example may be useful in understanding why.

I recently watched a reality TV series which featured a lady who runs a beauty blog for a living. She claimed to be very successful and boasted making a seven figure income from her site. I was instantly intrigued by her alleged success and checked out her blog.

Her blog had a link to Alexa and encouraged readers to check its enviable ranking and impressive stats, no doubt in a bit to attract more advertisers. Except, the stats were far from impressive.

Website statistics

To summarize what I saw: a very high bounce rate, less than 2 page views per visitor, the key search term that directed traffic to the site was the name of the lady who appeared on the reality TV show.

Bottom line: a lot of the readers were looking up the lady in question and ending up on her blog, but leaving very soon. Although the overall number of visitors was large, the site’s stats were far from enviable and indeed the overall ranking was consistently dropping.

I may be wrong, but it is fair to assume that the lady’s appearance on the TV show was done with a view to boosting rankings. Yet it was having the reverse result. This is why targeted marketing is likely to be far more effective than random marketing.

Targeted Marketing Through The Right Media

My advice is to be careful about how you spread the word about your site. Using social media carefully and introducing your site to the right audience who are likely to be interested in the subject you write about is bound to keep readers coming back. And loyal readers will eventually translate into a better ranking and a much more attractive platform for advertisers.

And what is the right media, you may ask. Well, any professional or subject-themed media, such as LinkedIn or Google+ is a great start.

Targeted Marketing Through The Right Media

Facebook, on the other hand, is more of a personal platform and sharing your link there will likely attract more than a few clicks from people who will not return.

Guest posting on similarly themed blogs will get you exposure to the right kind of readers. For more information on how to approach guest posting, please see my previous post

Even if you do not go all the way to write guest posts, thoughtful comments on others’ blogs will get you some exposure as well.

Keep Abreast of Google Developments

Just as keyword stuffing is no longer the way to go, it is important to keep updated on the latest developments of Google and how they rank content.

In the past keywords used at a certain frequency throughout the text were picked up by Google in ranking content. This allowed for certain abusive practices including use of hidden keywords and overuse of keywords (“keyword stuffing”).

Today Google is much more sophisticated and has the sensitivity of a human being in picking out great content. That is why it is important to post good content.

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14 comments on “Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic

  1. Excellent article on a topic that I am really interested in. I like that your distinguish Facebook out as a more “Personal” platform compared to Goggle+ and LInkedin. Does Facebook have a “Business” page? Also, what if you have many sites, should you use one name or a pseudo-name for each?

    1. Hi Mike,
      Yeah Facebook has specific pages you can use to promote your business and yes I would always try and use a separate one/account for each site 🙂

  2. You make a lot of sense when you talk about the type of traffic you want to generate. People as you but it that are on your site by accident are usually going to be in and out very quickly creating as you said a much higher bounce rate.
    The targeted visitors is what you want and is the part that takes time to establish good marketing into the appropriate areas for getting your leads.
    Nice job on the article.

  3. Hey Chris, just wanted to say I had not even realised that any kind of traffic would be a bad thing, you can imagine how pleased I am then to have found your site.
    For me it’s always been the more traffic the better!

    Can you tell me how you go about analysing the sources of traffic? Do you have a tool perhaps you could share with me?

    I noticed you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate…like myself, I also thought I might ask if you would like to write a guest post for my site, I’ll be happy to write a post then for your site…just a thought.

    1. Hey Greg how’s it going?
      Yeah I’m always open to guest posts – do you have my gmail address?
      If not you can always get me in the community under ChrisEvans or contact me directly through this site here 🙂

  4. Hello Chris Talk about a quality article this is certainly one. You take us through four major points to getting Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic and in such a logical and well thought out way. I liked the comment about high traffic may not be good especially if you have a high bounce rate and less than 2 page views per visitor as with the example you discussed in your post. So being able to analyse your traffic is an important thing on order to determine where and how visitors are coming from. A great post and enjoyed it. Thank foe providing great content for your readers. 🙂

  5. Hi Chris
    You sure give me the true definition of what type of traffic exist in online. I’m sure all of us want to target the Targeted Traffic in able to achieve more conversion.

    Your post will definitely became target for someone who want to find information on how to attract specific targeted by information you provided. It’s true how the power of social media can give significance amount of targeted traffic to our website.

    Thanks for sharing Chris.

  6. That is some really good advice. I know I have been guilty of just trying to get traffic( any trafic at all) to my site, and have experienced some high bounce rates because of it. I need to start working on getting the targeted traffic coming. Thanks for the advice.

  7. Chris,
    You have brought up a topic that Linkedin is a social media for targeted marketing. However, my knowledge on Linkedin is more of executives or professionals looking for jobs by revealing their experiences and expertise. I am not sure whether Linkedin will be able to attract necessary target crowd. However, I do agree that Facebook is fading away where there are too many noises and I dont believe Facebook can be as effective as few years ago. Thanks for sharing this write up with us.

    1. Sounds like you are a bit ‘out’ on your social marketing Stanley! Have a little read around our site and brush up a bit – you’d be surprised at how powerful these platforms are!

  8. A very good article, well written. You make a very good point here and I totally agree with you about keeping up with the latest developments within Google. Quality content is one of the main things that Google is looking for at the moment and lots of it. Things were very different a few years ago and like you said, the system could be manipulated. We have to play by the rules these days though, or else we wont get very far at all. Getting a targeted audience is one of the hardest things to do in my opinion.

    1. Yes it is very hard Andrew but most ‘white hat’ methods are these days! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your opinion 🙂

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