Google Business Failures

Google Business Failures

I often get the feeling that Google operates much like a rich football (or soccer) team – they employ all of the top players (workers) and leave a large percentage of them sitting on the bench…just in case.

This is the sign of a good team – a successful team.

They owe much of their success to concentrating on one thing back in 1998, and doing that one thing better than all the competitors out there!

They were a search engine so they concentrated on their search algorithm.

Everything else came after their popularity was established.

But what about the Google business failures?

I know it seems as though everything they touch turns to gold…but that is not exactly the case…

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Google’s Black Marks..

Google Failuresin The Business World

It’s pretty mad to read the infographic above, isn’t it?

I mean, how many of you knew that Google had experienced failures like this?

The most shocking failure, in my book anyway, is the first one on the list – Google X.

Who came out with the idea of basing a homepage on a Mac OS user interface? I really do feel sorry for him/her (employment queue looming!).

It’s a crap idea, granted, but only lasting for one day?


And what about the Google Video Player? How many of you noticed this release? Because I certainly didn’t!

I know it was released over a two year period from 2005 to 2007, but I can’t ever remember stumbling across it (and I work online for a living!).

Google Notebook is the only one on the list that comes out of this with any sort of credit really…and that’s because it ‘evolved’ into the rather helpful Google Docs. Great functionality with both of them so there’s no complaints here!

I thought I’d post this image-based article today to show you that even the most successful of businesses hit a brick wall at times – thinking outside the box doesn’t always work.

If you are out there, building out or starting up your own online blog/business, then remember that it’s NEVER going to all be plain sailing – sometimes we are destined to back a lame horse (more than once in most cases!).

If you have any thoughts opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

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