Global Test Market Review


Global Test Market Review

I thought it was about time we covered what I call an ‘oldie’ in the online earning world. I first came across the Global Test Market surveys many moons ago when I initially signed up with Clixsense.

At the time they were probably one of the most reliable survey providers on the platform. So much so that I decided to open up a direct account with them ( cutting out the middle man of Clixsense! ).

​So what are they up to these days? Are the still as effective as they once were? Let’s get into the bones of our Global Test Market Review…

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The Global Test Market Review

Right, before we start I should really cover the boring bit that nobody really wants to read…

Global Test Marketing first hit the internet way back in 1999 and are owned by a company named Lightspeed GMI. Now, this bunch claim to have over 1400 clients in more than 60 countries worldwide.

So it’s these clients that they work for – providing them with online consumer research in whatever country they need feedback from.

The Global Test Market surveys are created around the products and services their clients are putting on the market. By taking them you are helping these clients improve on existing products and get valuable info/feedback on new products.

Global Test Market Login

The Global Test Market login, or sign up process, is as simple as they come really. You pimp out your email address, enter first & last name, then you are onto the typical survey site demographic forms.

These little surveys only last about 5 minutes but they are essential for helping the platform find the correct surveys for you.

With these surveys out of the way, you are then free to take part in whatever opportunity hits your mail box.

How The Site Works

Most online survey sites set a fixed rate of cash payment reward for every opportunity they provide. However, Global Test Market pays out points for every action you take on their platform.

The points system works on the basis that 1000 points equal $50 dollars. I have found that the more urgent surveys tend to pay out the most points.

The system does seem to lean towards the length of each survey as well. The longer the survey the bigger the point reward.

As far as I can tell the most you will get for a completed survey is 250 points. I used to end up with about 50 points per completed survey.

Unlike most survey sites, they also give you a small reward for surveys you did not complete or were screened out of ( 5 points! ).

Global Test Market Rewards

The Gobal Test Market rewards are paid out when you reach 1200 points. You have a choice of:

  • ​Payment by check
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Entry into their sweepstakes ( who would actually choose this? )
  • Direct Paypal payment
  • Charity donations on your behalf
  • Gift cards for Walmart

​Global Test Market Complaints

Before we go into the Global Test Market complaints I should first point out that nearly every online earning opportunity has members with bad experiences.

So, with that in mind, here are some of the ​Global Test Market complaints I came across online…

complaint 1

This guy experienced a rather concerning problem with his points tally…

complaint 2

And this guy from Singapore seemed to have a problem with receiving his cashout…

complaint 3

Global Test Market Scam?

So is Global Test Market scam or is it a worthwhile online earning community?

Well it’s worth pointing out that the complaints above were surrounded by extremely positive reviews from other members. When I was using the platform regularly I had no problems with it whatsoever.

People are always going to see varying levels of success through survey sites and the earning formula is simple:

The more surveys you complete the more money you will make!

As far as calling it a scam, I cannot agree with this as my experiences were all positive.

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4 comments on “Global Test Market Review

  1. Yeah, I have heard of Global Test Market; even tried a few surveys with them. My only complaint is that it’s extremely time consuming on my end.

    Some surveys are really long, or perhaps it’s just me taking too much time to answer. Anyway, I never got to the point of completing a survey so I can’t say much about the financial reward.

    It seems like a long way to accumulate 1000 points though.

    1. Yes I agree Cathy – most of the surveys drag on, and on, and on…
      Unfortunately most survey sites are like this – they want to get every possible answer out of you for the money they are paying.

  2. I am actually a member of GTM for quite some time and have cashed in more than a couple of times. I agree with Cathy that the surveys can be really time consuming and I used to usually fill these out when I had nothing else at hand.

    The delivery of checks can be a pain because it usually takes more than 5 weeks at times but the checks were always delivered and I was able to cash it in as well.

    They used to give 5 points if you ever screened out but they stopped that recently and give 10 sweep stake entries instead (I stopped completing surveys).

    It is 100% legit but payment processing takes time and screen outs happened very often atleast for me.

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