GigWalk Scam – Does GigWalk Work?

GigWalk Scam - Does GigWalk Work?

I’ll throw something out here that most of you will probably not agree with – I’m not the biggest fan of mobile phones!

Do I own a phone?


Do I use the phone often?


Then why am I generally upset with them???

Over the past several years I’ve noticed a rather rude and teenage society being bred through the use of mobile phones – it really is the downfall of social interaction!

Be it on a bus, train, tram…any public transport, you will always be confronted with tide of headphone wearing finger-clickers!

But what if you were able to make a little money out of these devices? Well that would probably be a game changer for me!

Enter GigWalk – a new app designed to provide you with tasks on your mobile device for money!

Sounds pretty good right?

So…does GigWalk work and is it a viable way to earn some extra money?

Let’s take a closer look…

GigWalk Review

GigWalk is an inventive little app that manages to hook you up with paid tasks depending on your location.

Each task pays out anywhere between $3 to $100 depending on the complexity of the gig or job.

From what I could tell the app is available on both Android and Apple phones ( I have a Samsung so I tried out the Android version ).

GigWalk Review

The jobs/tasks I came across were not what I expected – I was waiting for a tidal wave of data entry or surveys to hit me!

Instead I was confronted with tasks that involved traveling to local stores ( Confirm products are available on the shelves, check if products are displayed correctly, check the price of products, visit local marketing events ).

All of these tasks need to be completed by using the camera on your smartphone.

The app is completely free and it is also completely free to sign up with them. They pay very quickly within 24 hours via Paypal.

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GigWalk Legit?

Time to hit up a few of the GigWalk complaints I came across when researching the app…

I came across a number of angry members online that were pissed about not being able to get paid.

Now, normally this would fill me with dread and I would call ‘scam’ without thinking…but then I looked a little deeper into these member’s claims…

It turns out that these particular members don’t have a Paypal account!

I mean COME ON!

Who comes to work online without a Paypal account?

Even my dad has one!

GigWalk make it clear that they ONLY payout by Paypal folks – make sure you are aware of this before you waste their time and your own!

GigWalk Legit?

The second complaint involved the workload against the location – not everyone is going to be able to make good money with this app.

If you live in the Scottish Highlands don’t expect to rake in a ton of job offers – you need to be near stores for the app to work!

On the other hand, if you live in a busy city or are constantly passing a high street you will receive a ton of juicy offers.

GigWalk Scam?

A number of former members left the app’s work due to them being concerned about their personal privacy.

The app follows you around ( obviously ) and knows when you are near a store they want checking out.

So I suppose you are being stalked a little bit…but that kinda happens with 99% of smartphone apps right?

GigWalk Scam?

I have to be honest with you here – this is not the type of work I look to do for money…but I don’t speak for everyone!

I introduced the app to a mate of mine who lives and works in London and she has had a whale of a time walking through the center of the city!

It’s actually got to the point now where she has to turn the alert volume down as she’s tired of it attracting attention!

She actually LIKES this kind of thing though – she likes shopping ( She’s female after all! ).

GigWalk is definitely NOT a scam – it’s an inventive new way to earn some cash through your smartphone.

The levels of pay vary due to your location but that makes perfect sense – you need to be near the shops to review them right?

I would have no problem recommending this app to anyone looking to make a little extra on the side.

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