GiftHulk Review – Is GiftHulk a Scam?

GiftHulk Review - Is GiftHulk a Scam?

Over the last few years I’ve noticed a ton of websites appear with the promise of paying you money for simply using the internet.

Now, this is a pretty awesome marketing tactic as people generally want to get paid good money for doing next to nothing ( me included! ).

The problem is that most of these paid internet sites pay some of the lowest rates in the world of online money making.


Is GiftHulk a scam or is it the site that finally breaks the mold?

Let’s take a closer look…

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GiftHulk Review

GiftHulk popped upon the scene back in 2011 and I have seen many adverts for it on various GPT and PTC sites since it’s launch.

To be honest with you, it’s yet another site that is trying it’s best to emulate the mighty Clixsense.

You get paid for doing things online…

Is GiftHulk Legit?

GiftHulk would have you believe that you do these tasks online anyway but let’s be honest here – how many of you switch off YouTube to complete a survey for $1?

Yeah, not many right?

This is just a reward site that pays you for completing grey and mind numbing tasks for very little return.

It’s open to anyone from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Ireland.

Where’s The Money?

Yet again we end up on a site that believes it’s own form of currency is better than cold hard cash.

Absolute crap!!!

The only reason these reward sites opt for this kind of digital currency is to undercut it’s members.

In this case we have the mighty Hulk Coins – how ridiculous does that sound?

Hulk Coins can be redeemed for real things like gift cards, Paypal cash, bitcoin, etc.

GiftHulk have their own little store section that you can visit to exchange this currency for chosen rewards.

You can earn Hulk Coins doing the following activities:

  • Try various product or service offers from popular brands.
  • Share your opinions on various topics, products and services.
  • Watch various types of online videos at GiftHulk TV!
  • Use GiftHulk Search as your Web search engine instead of Google. Then you will earn a fixed amount of Hulk Coins for searching once an hour, every day!
  • Earn Hulk Coins by doing short and easy online tasks such as writing an article, or doing some online research.

To be honest with you they offer nothing new – if you are a member of any other reward site out there you will already know the score.

Is GiftHulk Legit?

So you now know how the site itself works – time to get onto the important stuff!

Is GiftHulk legit or is it just another scam site destined to fail and take your hard earned Hulk Coins with it?

A simple search online brought me to more than a handful of rather worrying complaints about this particular reward site.

First off the bat is the regular complaint about not receiving any reward after you’ve cashed in the mighty Hulk Coins.

GiftHulk Rewards

It’s bad enough that you get rewarded in shitty options but when you have to wait up to 12 months for them to arrive…it just ain’t cricket I’m afraid!

So what happens if you end up in one of these sticky waiting situations?

You grab hold of support or customer service right?

Well…that’s where the second problem comes into play!

Numerous members have been online venting their frustration at the lack of any sort of life with the support network offered.

In most cases these members claim that the customer support has blatantly ignored their support ticket leaving them in limbo really.

When I used the site I only managed to get about an hour into my earning journey before a few ‘glitches’ started showing up resulting in me losing Hulk Coins.

I searched online I discovered that I was not the only one – this sort of thing happens to 99% of members.

You either take it as part of the package or you choose another reward site!

Not that impressive really is it?

So, Is GiftHulk a Scam?

I’m really hesitant to call this site a scam as there is plenty of proof out there that they pay AND they have happy members.

The problem is that for every happy member they have there is always an unhappy member!

At worst I would say that this site is poorly run but as long as the admins are making money – who gives a s##t anyway?

I quit using the site after the second day – I’m not one to waste my time on glitchy offers that cause me to throw the laptop at the wall!

I also hate this process of offering your own currency – I want cash not Monopoly money!

At the end of the day it is up to you – do you want to take the risk for a handful of Hulk Coins ( that are probably worth no ore than a $1 )?

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8 comments on “GiftHulk Review – Is GiftHulk a Scam?

  1. That means that gifthulk is just a waste of time. You can make some change but it’s going to take you a long time to collect enuff for a beer. How much did you make outta it? Did you try it?
    Thanks Chris for this review.
    Good to know and to avoid.

    1. Yeah I tried it, unfortunately. Made a few ‘dollars’ or ‘hulks’ but nothing worth writing home about really.

  2. Sounds the same as all the others like Inbox Dollars, Mechanical Turk, and what’s that other one? Oh yeah, Swag Bucks. But this Gift Hulk sounds even tackier. It’s amazing these sorts of sites get people to sit for hours and hours, earning pennies per day and thinking that it’s a useful way to spend their time. Gosh!

  3. I have never heard of this site, and I can’t say I am upset about that. I cannot stand when people do not offer support. Especially when there is a way listed to reach them, and then you cannot. It infuriates me to no end. This was a helpful review, and I cannot say that I will sign up. I do not want fake money that I can exchange for an outrageous exchange rate! Thank you!

    1. No problem Zach – I think you have the right attitude towards them really (I wasn’t that impressed myself!)

  4. Have been a member of GiftHulk for more than two years.

    They used to pay out like clock work back in 2014.

    I am still currently an active Diamond member in good standing but have not used the site in about a year now.

    I would not recommend anyone join or continue to do any work on the site until GiftHulk get their issues sorted.

    I currently have 11 paypal payments pending that are verified but are not delivered.

    I also have a couple open support tickets regarding the issue. None of which have garnered any attention or received any response. All previous support tickets have gotten closed without being addressed.

    Screen shots of all the aforementioned are available and were presented as proof but non of it has ever mattered.

    Security issues were raised by them but when I sent them a copy of my photo ID, and offers of doing a Skype verification, sms, or phone call verification as well then all communication on the matter ceased from their end.

    They simply ran out of excuses and reasons not to pay and just put their head in the sand as if the problem didn’t exist.

    1. Hi Jochem,

      This sounds very much like a company that are on the ropes – when Paypal problems start you know that the sh#t is gonna hit the fan at some point. I would suggest continuing to contact them but there’s probably some kind of small print that they’ll fall back on eventually. I hate to say it but companies can just fold online and not payout what they owe…

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