Getting Traffic to Your Website For Free


Getting Traffic to Your Website For Free

The process of getting traffic to your website for free is not as hard as some people make out. With all the offers and push button systems out there promising thousands of visitors one would think it’s near enough impossible to achieve alone…

Well it’s not – it’s just another process that CANNOT work without a little hard work and patience.

Below are a few techniques that I use for attracting traffic to my website WITHOUT using SEO or Social Media

#1 Find And Pull Baby!

This is a relatively easy way to attract traffic to your website but millions of webmasters still choose to ignore it ( why? I’ll never know! ).

It is a simple technique that involves you locating the more popular blogs in your niche and drawing their traffic back to your site.

This method consists of two simple steps:

  1. You want to be alerted to presence of new and popular blog posts as soon as they happen. There is a really easy way to make sure this happens – Google Alerts. Set up a handful of alerts using keywords that are closely related to articles/posts you have recently published and set them to go! Now you will be alerted by email every time a new post is published that is directly related to your own work.
  2. ​So you now have an email box full of blog articles relevant to your recent blog articles. Go to each one in turn and read them in full. Leave a useful and unique comment at the bottom of each article with a link back to your website. Please don’t link back to your homepage – this is a complete waste of time! Instead link to the relevant article you posted on your site.

​#2 Link Out Frequently

For some reason most blog owners tend to think of linking out as ‘no go’ area when creating a popular blog. They couldn’t be further from the truth! 

Whenever possible try and link out to other bloggers in your niche. I know this may seem like giving the competition a helping hand but it does have advantages for you ( eventually! ).

Link out to others

Link out to others in your content and they will take notice of you, most of them will tweet about your post at the very least.

Don’t go around linking to every Tom, Dick & Harry – make sure you are only linking to blog posts that are VERY relevant to your own.

About 50% of the time you will find that these bloggers will end up reading through your site and linking back to some of your work. It really is a simple and easy way of getting traffic to your website for free.

#3 The Forum Boast

It took me a while to get my head around this method but when it finally came together it worked like a charm.

Many of the top bloggers out there at the moment drive mountains of traffic using forum boasts.

Here are the steps for this technique:

  1. Start a thread on your favorite, relevant forum explaining that you have written a new article and you feel it may be beneficial to the other members.
  2. ​Tell the other members that they are welcome to copy and paste this article on their own site or use the ideas it contains.
  3. Sit back and watch the traffic FLOW.

​The other members of this forum will also find the topics posted on it interesting otherwise they wouldn’t be there. Can you imagine how interested they will be to find out what your ( relevant ) killer article has to offer?

The forum should be directly related to your niche so all you need is a catchy title to draw other members in.

Please make sure that you check out the forum guidelines first – a very small majority of forums tend to dislike this type of thread and you don’t want to end up blacklisted by them.

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#4 The Interview Option

If you can manage to convince a like-minded blogger in your niche to take part in an interview for your site you could be onto a right winner!

  • It will create traffic on your site
  • It will make you appear an authority in your niche
  • ​The person interviewed is bound to share the finished interview when published creating very natural back links to your site

#5 Email Signatures

How many emails do you send out over the process of a week?

If you’re anything like me I bet it’s a pretty high number right?

Why don’t you include a simple link to your website in your email signature?

The internet is a relatively lazy place and people don’t want to stop what they are doing to type your website name into a search engine or browser – this is human nature I’m afraid.

It’s up to you to make this process easy for them – offer them a direct link whenever possible. Make your site only a click away by placing a link to it after your name in your email signature ( this technique should be used in your forum signature as well! ).

Make it easy for interested people to get to your site – don’t put to many actions in their way. One click should take them to the goodies 🙂

Do you have any tips on getting traffic to your website for free? 

9 comments on “Getting Traffic to Your Website For Free

  1. Hi – love these ideas, thanks for sharing. I’m in the process of trying to get a niche blog off the ground and have been wondering how to generate more links and traffic in a non spammy way, so i found this article really helpful. I like your writing style too. Cheers

  2. Hi Chris,

    This is very useful. Thank you. I have a question however. Just recently, somebody retweeted my tweeted article and she embedded my site article url with a screenshot of my article on her own site. Her site is new and only had two articles. Her diaper bag article and mine. My article used to be in page 8 and now it is down to almost page 20. Did her link hurt my rankings? Thank you in advance for your answer.


    1. That’s a difficult one Pitin, if she only had two articles then her site doesn’t seem that respected in the eye’s of Google – the link could well of hurt your article. Then again, there could be a simple shift in rankings. Did the drop coincide with her linking to your site?

  3. I love some of the ideas here. A lot of the time I am thinking where I can get more traffic to my site. Some of the things you posted on here, I hadn’t even thought of yet. It’s awesome how you went into detail about each item so if I wouldn’t to go ahead and do it, I could just from the knowledge that you shared. Great job.

  4. Hi Chris,

    This is a superb article telling everybody how to get free activity. Moreover, I like all the preparation and help you get from the individuals at Wealthy Affiliate including the proprietors themselves. I use Sumome but was wondering if this was the best option of getting traffic to my website. What plugin would you suggest for a wordpress website?

    Yours Truly,

    1. Plugin for traffic? I really wouldn’t know where to start there Carlton! Concentrate on your content more and your plugins less really – build out your site and gain the traffic that way! (much safer!)

  5. Great tips!
    I’m a beginner and although the SEO and social media route seems more tempting I will definitely be using some of these methods. I’m still trying to get my head around linking out, would that mean adding links to relevant articles within your blog? I’ll also be building my email list as I know how important that is.

    Many thanks

    1. Okay, first off are you asking about backlinking (linking out)? If so please be careful – don’t go for any guru advice on ranking with backlinks from PBN’s etc. Only aim for backlinks that are natural in the eyes of Google. Getting one backlink a day is awesome work – don’t overdo it otherwise your site will get tanked (believe me!)

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