Get Your YouTube Video Noticed

Get Your YouTube Video Noticed in Style!

So most of you know I’m a web designer and SEO fanatic…but that’s not what I trained for at university!

I’m actually a qualified, professional musician who studied at Leeds College of Music and Amsterdam SAE. My spare time is filled up completely by music production!

I released a new album about 8 weeks ago through all the major digital distributors (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.) and I uploaded the first related music video to YouTube last weekend.

This got me thinking about a new article here…because I know how hard it is to market music online these days (the competition out there for independent artists is absolutely HUGE!).

So my video’s up and gathering views by the day…but I want it to be seen by millions of eyes in a twenty four hour period right? How do I go about this with a music video (or any video for that matter?).

If you are looking to get your YouTube video noticed you have landed on the right article – congratulations for making the right choice in your Google results…for once! 🙂

In this article I am going to be covering all the tricks of the trade I use to gain a huge following for my music (and music makes GOOD money at the end of the day!).

These are all techniques I use and have been using over the last seven days – they are not the normal sh#t you find through a Google search which is dated and pretty much worthless.

Shall we begin…

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How to Promote Your YouTube Videos

Anyway, before we start, I think I should take advantage of all you lot with a little self promotion (because I’d be a complete idiot not to!).

Here’s the first video release off the album:

There! I even had to take a crash course in animation to get that out there…which involved mountains of bad language and screaming hysterically at my laptop screen!

If you liked the video – you know what to do! (shameless, shameless plug Chris!).

Okay, enough about my musical ambitions – let’s get into the good stuff…

Promote Your YouTube Videos Free

First things first – the key word here is FREE! There are millions of businesses setup online to get you subscribers, views, likes, shares, the kitchen sink…whatever.

Well f##k that lot – you don’t need them and at a guess you probably couldn’t afford them!

99% of these video promotion businesses claim to use the best marketing tactics to get REAL eyes onto your videos but I’m afraid this is just not the case.

Promote Your YouTube Videos Free

As you (should) know by now – marketing ANYTHING online is hard, hard work.

They use bots to get the numbers up on your videos – sorry if you’ve just shelled out $100 for one of these services…but the truth is the truth!

Do these mechanical video interactions actually work?

Well yeah, sure they do…but not for long!

You see, Google has owned YouTube for quite some time now…and they know every dodgy bot trick in the book (believe me – I’ve tried!).

Once your video is flagged by Google’s system that’s it folks – no more showing up in YouTube’s results and no more organic visitors to your video (it’s screwed!).

And is there a way of saying sorry and getting your video back onto it’s throne…no chance mate!

So if you’re looking for a dodgy short-term fix it’s best you close this article and find something else. On the other hand – if you’re looking for an effective strategy for the long term, read on…

Facebook Video Promotion

Okay, so just about everyone has a Facebook account right? So let’s get started…

So how would you go about promoting your video on your Facebook timeline? You’d just copy the video URL and post it into your timeline right?

Watch Facebook whirl into action then bang – your video is there for the world to see!

But how many of your friends have uploaded irritating cat or nightclub fight videos to the timeline already on this day?

Quite a few I’d guess.

So your video ain’t gonna mean Jack in all the noise your followers have already put up there…you need to take on a different approach.

Check this out…

  • Take a large-sized image snapshot/screen-grab of the video that is catchy or matches the video’s thumbnail. Or with a little more effort you can make a short video teaser snippet of your full-length video.
  • The first thing you do to a new Facebook post is upload that image. Or upload the video teaser for better results.
  • Take the YouTube URL for the video and “disguise” it through a URL shortener, like Bonus points for using Bitly for a short URL of a playlist that starts with that video, because you’ll increase watch time on your YouTube channel because your next video in the playlist will automatically start after the first one ends.
  • Write the text in your Facebook post and paste in the shortened URL for the video or playlist. You have to upload the photo first so it registers as a photo. You can’t post the link first because Facebook will recognize it as a YouTube video, even though you’ve posted it as Bitly link.
  • Post it.

Now I wish I could take credit for this baby…but I can’t. You’ll find the full (and rather long-winded) article here.

You see, this technique makes sure that your video is not suppressed in the Facebook timeline – it gives you the ability to stand out with a purposeful image…and still keep a video link in the post.

VERY powerful stuff – believe me!

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Empire Avenue – The Secret Weapon

I’m super-surprised at the amount of marketers and promoters online that have not heard of Empire Avenue. I’ve been using it’s community over the last two years and the results have been astounding at times!

Empire Avenue is your secret weapon – it’s the platform that is going to drip feed your videos with REAL views, Likes and comments.

The key word in the last sentence is REAL – all the actions taken on your video will be made by other Empire Avenue members…and some of them are really big in the social marketing world!

So What is Empire Avenue?

Okay, this is a pretty hard one to describe, but I’ll give it my best shot…

If you imagine a lovechild of Facebook, Just Retweet and LinkedIn you might be getting close!

It’s mainly made up of bloggers who want to promote articles, tweets, Google+ pages, Facebook posts/pages…well just about any social platform online really.

Empire Avenue

It’s important to point out that the missions you set on the platform are merely a ‘Take a look at my ____ and interact if you find it interesting’ option.

You cannot just post a mission saying ‘Give me views and thumbs up and everything will be alright!’.

The currency on the platform is distributed in something known as Eaves – don’t worry, there is a free membership that lasts forever.

By completing other member’s missions you are earning a set amount of eaves – some missions pay more than others (depending on how generous the mission owner is).

Empire Avenue Social Missions

Once you have eaves in your account you can set up a mission – as a free member you are allowed two missions running at any one time (this is more than enough for a YouTube video).

A mission can consist of just about any sort of promotion…

  • Visit a tweet and retweet or like it
  • Comment on a blog post
  • Share a blog post on any social network
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Visit a G+ page and interact
  • Visit a YouTube Channel
  • Visit a YouTube video and watch or interact
  • Play and listen to a Soundcloud tune
  • The list goes on and on and on…

Empire Avenue covers just about every social platform out there – if you are looking to promote your social activity or content it is THE place to be!

The cool thing about the community is the fact that you cannot expect people to complete your mission if they decide not to! 

This sort of takes away the basic ‘begging’ element…although most members will complete your tasks without raising an eyebrow.

And YouTube Videos???

I’m not saying that Empire Avenue is going to get you 100’s of views or comments a day for your YouTube video – and why would you want it to really?

That type of thing would only set off the Google alarm bells and get your video tanked.

What I am saying is that it is totally possible to get 30 to 40 real viewers a day that watch your video in it’s entirety – not just for 3 seconds before closing down the tab.

Example of a Simple Video Mission
Example of a Simple Video Mission

These people are REAL members of YouTube with published videos of their own – they come from all over the world and are natural visitors.

This is extremely powerful stuff!

For extra promotion you can tweet your YouTube video then set up a mission for members to retweet that tweet – this is another awesome way to get thousands of eyes on your video (most of the Empire Avenue members have VERY healthy Twitter accounts with untold amounts of followers).

When you combine it all you will see – this sort of promotion is absolute gold…and it’s free!

The more help you give other Empire Avenue members, the more eaves you will earn, leading to more members completing your mission.

Simply put – the more you work on there the quicker your video will rise!

The YouTube Playlist Method

This is probably the most simplest method on the planet for multiplying your YouTube video views and interactions.

First off you are going to need to find a few keywords related to the niche that your video is in…and YouTube gives you the tool for doing just that!

Simply type in your niche to the YouTube search bar and then see what pops up in the area below, check out this diagram…

The YouTube Playlist Method

That’s ten powerful keywords delivered to you on a plate – every one of them has been used as a search term on YouTube before (multiple times!).

Of course, the example above is covering the email niche but you can use any niche or term you see fit – give it a quick go and see what pops up!

So now you’ve got an unlimited number of niche keywords that are constantly searched through YouTube – pick two and start up a playlist (use the two key phrases as a title e.g. How to Make Money – Make Money Online).

Now here comes the sneaky yet powerful part…

You are going to make a playlist of about 30 – 40 of the most popular YouTube videos in your niche…and you are going to put your video at the front of the line!

Playlists of popular videos constantly outrank other videos and end up on the first page of YouTube’s results – especially playlists that have keywords in their titles.

People interested in watching videos in your niche are always going to stray towards these playlists. After all, there are 30 odd videos under one roof…surely they’ll find something they like in there?

The first video in the playlist will ALWAYS get watched – even if it is for about 30 seconds or so!

This means you are getting eyes on your video for interactions AND boosting your view count completely naturally.

Struggling With Playlists?

Setting up a playlist is pretty simple – simply click on PLAYLISTS in the right sidebar:

YouTube Playlist tab

Then hit the New Playlist Button:

New Playlist Button

Type in the title of your playlist (containing one or two of the keywords you collected) and hit Create!

Now whenever you search through videos relating to your niche you can simply hit the Add To button below each chosen video to add them to your shiny new playlist.

Make sure you go to your channel Video Manager and place your video at the top of the playlist queue – once it’s there…it’ll stay there!

The cool thing about this technique is that you can make as many playlists as you see fit – just concentrate on one list per keyword if you want!

If the playlist is related to your video niche you will get people watching through your video.

How to Increase YouTube Video Views

So there we have it – three extremely powerful ways to raise the engagement on your YouTube videos. Remember that these three methods should really be used TOGETHER to see blinding results.

The cool thing about this 3 point system is that it’s totally organic – the viewers are real YouTube members from all over the world.

You are not breaking any laws and you are not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes really – you are merely promoting your video online.

If you have any questions about this article please consider leaving them in the comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP…

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2 comments on “Get Your YouTube Video Noticed

  1. Wow! Love the content on this page!..You have such a nice way of writing, music to my ears!
    I’ve seen those ads screaming that they can get a video to go viral in 5 min!. A con if ever I saw one.

    It left me wondering how many people actually ruin their YouTube channel & videos by taking up these sketchy offers – they’re all bots I take it?

    Thank you for your great advice to help us promote our videos the PROPER way! It’s actually not as hard as I thought it was going to be…when you have someone lay it out in front of you.
    Cheers mate!

    1. Hi Marcie, 

      Yeah all these services are bot based or made up of fake members…which then turn into fake subscribers or fake views. And what do you think YouTube does when it realizes you’ve gone down this dodgy avenue?

      Yep – they ‘can’ you!

      Glad you found worth in the article – thanks for reading 🙂 

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