Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly Widely

Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly Widely

Well that’s a rather impressive blog post title isn’t it – ​get your blog noticed quickly widely!

First things first – I think I deserve a pat on the back for coming up with that long tail keyword lol ( you’re free to pinch it and use it for a post on your site if you want! ).

Back to the real business though – how to get your blog noticed and stand out from the crowd a little bit…

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The Content Blitz

It may sound a little obvious but WRITE REALLY GOOD CONTENT! Granted, sometimes this can be a little easier said than done!

Try and write content that you can actually use and implement – don’t just fill a site with ‘fluff’. If I get stuck I always revert to a ‘list post’ or a ‘how to’ post – they always seem to do well with the social shares and engagement!

I also try and concentrate on ‘evergreen’ content – I don’t just stick to the topics that are hot at the moment. Evergreen content will not necessarily produce instant traffic but it will evolve nicely in the long run!

Basically – write content that will be deemed valuable for years, not weeks!


It’s All About The Length Right?

For some reason the modern blogging world seems to be stuck on this idea of length – the bigger the better right?

Well no, not in my case!

People don’t want to come online and read an essay – leave that for the Financial Times!

I always try and write a conversation I might have with someone – I try and include the reader in the whole process. This is usually achieved by adding a degree of humor to the writing and using plenty of questions to the reader.

Stay away from the fancy words and try to impress readers on a more human level – you will see much greater interaction!



This is unfortunately a real necessity when it comes to getting eyes on your work. In and ideal world we’d just stick to the SEO content guidelines and receive truckloads of traffic from the search engines…but it doesn’t always work out that way!

Have you ever thought about using other bloggers in your niche to tip the scales a little in your favor?

Do a little research and build up a list of bloggers that relate to your chosen subject. They’re are not all going to be that friendly but some will be very approachable.

Stick with this friendly bunch and ask them to maybe social share your posts when they are published. This doesn’t have to be hard – a simple tweet here and there can get things moving (and the post will be related to their niche so they shouldn’t mind that much!).


Comment Sensibly

Don’t just look upon blog commenting as a form of achieving a backlink – it’s a great from of self promotion when used correctly!

Set up a little schedule every day and stick to it – no more than say 20 minutes reserved for RELEVANT blog commenting.

Comment Sensibly

Don’t try and be self-promotional here – if you leave decent comments other readers will pick up on them and want to check you out more ( i.e. they’ll end up back on your website! ).

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Mention The Competition

Always try and use the competition to your advantage and don’t be afraid of it. Mention other bloggers and their work in your content and then let them know you have done this.

About 99% of these competitors will be really pleased with your actions leading them to do the ‘social work’ for you.

Think about it – if someone thought your work was good and mentioned it in an article you would want to showcase this fact wouldn’t you?


Create Social Groups

Many of these modern day social platforms rely on members creating groups or communities – get on this train! 

Create Social Groups

Create groups within your favorite social networks and try and draw as many members in as possible. Blast your members with each piece of new content and sit back and watch the traffic roll in!


Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly Widely

Please don’t think that this is going to be an overnight thing – it ain’t! As long as you are consistent and work hard you will see a noticeable increase in content engagement. 

Search engines are not that keen on newer websites so you must be in this for the long run – start as you mean to go on and do things the RIGHT WAY!

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5 comments on “Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly Widely

  1. Nice ideas on how to get your blog noticed quickly widely. Did you see what I did there? lol I like the fact that you mentioned CONTENT first and foremost. Engage-able content is the main course and everything else is the condiments that spice things up. The promoting is the second step, because you have to have something of substance to promote first.

    I built a Facebook group for my website to keep my business life and personal one separate. I highly suggest this because I feel it may lead to many defriendings if you are constantly trying to sell to them. Even though this isn’t really a factor if your just writing to engage instead of just using your posts for a promotions dump.

    Trying to converse instead of trying to be a salesman is also much more effective. Nice site Chris

    1. Cheers Jason, and nice use of my awesome long tail keyword LOL ( yeah, I saw what you did there!!! )
      I also try and keep my social accounts separate when it comes to business and pleasure – makes a lot more sense than mashing all your posts up in one account!

  2. Well Chris I must say that Image at the Top is really impressive. 🙂 Creative, I wouldn’t have thought of that.

    Thanks for clarifying that it is not all about the bigger the Blog Post it is, the better it is to be ranked and get noticed on the 1st Page of Search Engines like Google, etc.

    Blogs must be socially engaging to the reader as though you are speaking directly with them in a convo (short for conversation). You want to connect with them on a close/personal level which is very true.

    Writing quality content is what I am trying hard to strive for. Along with organizing the Blog Posts well enough that it flows from Point A to Z in a sense as well.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  3. Hi Chris,
    I like what you did there using the long tail word especially when it comes to search engine optimization.
    You have inspired me to be more creative with my illustrations and writing for my future blogs, I will be creating for my website. Best of all you focused on all the facts with quality content for all to engage, read, and best of all share.
    Yours Truly,

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