Get Traffic Using Pinterest – 6 Simple Steps

Get Traffic Using PinterestAre you tired of Google Analytics laughing at the amount of traffic you receive in a 24 hour period? It’s no fun clicking on your website data ​in anticipation only to find out you’ve had no more than 10 visitors the day before!

In this article we will be looking at the ways you can get traffic using Pinterest as a social platform. If used CORRECTLY Pinterest can effectively drive mountains of traffic to your blog and make your Analytics account a much more pleasant viewing…

1) Originality is Key

A little birdie told me that over 80% of pins on Pinterest are actually repins. Simply put – if you are spending all your time using other people’s pins for your site you ain’t really going get that far!

On the other hand – if you are willing to put a bit of time and effort into using fresh new images ( and content ) you will have an army of pin freaks just waiting to do advertise your site for you!

I’ve seen a lot of arguments online about the copyright issues with Pinterest but I tend to ignore them. The fact of the matter is that you can pin ANY image online and add YOUR link back to your blog on it ( no matter what the fine print says! ).

This type of technique happens about a 100 times a minute so I really wouldn’t get my knickers in a twist over it!

As long as the pin is linked to ORIGINAL content you will always have a chance.

2) Teaching

Reports show that tutorial pins see a 42% higher click-through rate than the average pin – this is something you should jump on straight away!

One of my main tactics when blogging is to stick to a ‘how-to’ concept with my posts. This tends to drive a ton of traffic my way because of the nature of the internet.

Teaching on PinterestPeople come online with queries about subjects – this means that people come online to learn. People love to learn. But beyond that, people love to store and share helpful information.

If you can set out to intrigue people with your pins you may well see some positive results. A ‘How-to’ post and pin title works especially well but you can also try using the list format – ‘5 ways to drive awesome traffic to your blog’ or ’10 FREE methods for hosting a website’…you get the picture?

You’re not actually teaching anyone with your pin, you are instead advertising the fact that you have content that will teach them. All they have to do is take note of your ( engaging ) image or description and click the pin!

3) Add Your Website

Overlooking this simple step is an idiotic move so I thought I better point it out just to make sure. When you sign up with Pinterest and start up a page you are given the option to include your homepage URL.

It will appear right at the top of your page underneath the title and description ( right next to your logo of you are using one! ).

This is a very simple step that will lead to interested visitors wanting to find out more about your subject matter and clicking through to your homepage.

Verifying your website will get a lot more people to click on it, as when you do this, a tick mark will appear beside it indicating that the site definitely belongs to you.

Pinterest will make you upload a small file to your website in order for them to determine whether the site is yours or not. It’s a pretty simple and painless process – especially if your site is built on a WordPress theme!

4) URL Description

​It goes without saying that you want your pins to link directly to your posts but have you considered the importance of the description area?

Use Descriptions on PinterestWhenever I finish my pin descriptions I ALWAYS include my URL a the end of each. This provides users with two glaring opportunities to click through to your site.

It also makes good sense to attempt to use some sort of CTA ( Call to Action ) within the pin description. Be careful here though – you don’t want to sound like a sales person!

If people believe you are marketing they will quickly lose interest in your boards, pins, page…EVERYTHING!

So don’t go for ‘Get Your Great Deal Now’ or ‘Low Cost Price’, instead aim for ‘Check Out This Page Now’ or ‘For More Information Click This Pin’.

5) Timing

As with most things in life – timing is everything! Every social media platform has an optimum time to post on. You want to be pinning your work at times when other people are online – you don’t want to be pinning away when the majority of the planet is in bed!

The best time to share on Pinterest is between 2 PM to 4 PM in the afternoon and 8 PM to 1 AM in the night.

Use this as a rule of thumb but don’t be afraid to try your own posting schedule out. Depending on your country of residence you could well find great ( hidden ) success by posting at super-obscure hours!

Just remember, people need to go to work, people need to sit down for tea and people need to sleep! Use your head when it comes to posting your pins – it’s not rocket science!

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6) Categorize Your Boards

Don’t just rush through the process of setting up your board – take your time to examine all of the parameters available to you.

One mistake I see all to often is people not taking up the opportunity to categorize their board. When you choose to do this your new pins will show up in the same category the board has been connected to.

This means that a lot of members who are not even following you will get to see your pins giving you a lot more overall exposure.

Your Ideas

Do you have any effective ways to get traffic using Pinterest? If you have a technique you think this article will benefit from please consider including it in the comment section below 🙂

9 comments on “Get Traffic Using Pinterest – 6 Simple Steps

  1. Very interesting read.
    We’ve stayed away from Pinterest so far because it’s easier to rely on services which are not quite so visually-oriented such as Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter, but it’s a big community and it would be stupid to pass it up. Thanks for the tips.
    And the theme you’re using is definitely something I’ll be experimenting with. Finding a responsive theme for the entertainment niche has proven to generate a lot of headaches.

  2. Hi, this is interesting to read as I have been thinking to do something about Pinterest. In fact I was using it eralier, but something went wrong and all of a sudden people were adding their stuff there. So I had to close it completely.
    I plan to make another account and to start again. So steps described in your text will come good as I cannot afford to make mistake again. Thank you so much.

  3. Well put.You have a good flow of ideas and you put them out clearly.Seems very well researched materials and will definitely be helpful to many people.

    its very important for one to focus on driving traffic to their site since this is the core means to survival and growth of their online success.

  4. Chris,
    Your explanation for getting traffic using Pinterest will help those that need more traffic. Using these 6 steps will help when I start using it. August is going to be social month test for my website. I will begin start using 4 social networks for my website and see what network is best for my niche. These steps for Pinterest will help with my testing. I will bookmark this post for reference.

  5. Wow, I have the exact problem you suggested in that I am login to my Google analytics account and finding few visitors, never really considered Pinterest but boy was this an eye openner, great tips I especially like the timing and teaching tips, I am going to start a Pinterest account and start implenting your advice, got any other tips on how to increase visitors to my site?

    1. Hi Gino,
      Well social media platforms are a great way to increase site visitors but content works best in the long run – just keep on typing and keep on posting that content!

  6. Never really thought of using pinterest as a promotional tool. I really enjoy visuals and sites like buzzfeed are really addictive and it’s all because of visuals and to-the-point posts. I’m sure these techniques are applicable to any social media or a promotional tool for that matter so I will try it and give it a go.

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