Get Free Internet Traffic – Why Waste Money?


Get Free Internet Traffic

​The internet is getting busier and busier so it’s important to make sure you are using all the available techniques to get eyeballs on your content. In this article we will be looking at ways to get free internet traffic to your site and how to implement each one…

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1) Forum Marketing

If done correctly forum marketing can really rock your traffic efforts ( in a good way of course! ). It’s all about ‘becoming a face’ within your chosen niche forums.

This is a lot easier than you may think – simply engage, engage, engage!

You can achieve this by answering member’s questions and getting engaged within the discussions on the forum. Don’t just join and start posting crap in an attempt to get people to your site – forum moderators ain’t stupid!

Once you have established yourself comfortably on a forum and answered at least five questions it’s time to sort out your signature profile ( please make sure you check the forum rules on signatures before you attempt this ).

Your signature will contain a simple link back to your website. Don’t go over the top with this link just keep it interesting and straightforward. Certainly don’t think about putting a sales pitch within the link – instant ban from most forums!

Every comment and contribution you make to that forum will contain this signature underneath it. If you do a good job of answering questions and engaging, people will start to click your signature link to find out more about you and your website.

Forum marketing really helped me get free internet traffic when I was first starting out with my initial blog – it could really help you to! 

2) Social Media

It’s not just a place for girls to post cute pictures of cats any longer – social media sites are BIG business in traffic generation.

These days Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are huge lead-generators for many businesses the world over.

Social Media

I have always found that the key to a successful Social Media campaign is to mingle constantly with your potential customers – make sure you appear active! You are looking to add value to those in your niche and also establish a presence.

It’s easy to just sit back and attempt to push your brand on people with these communities, but this type of technique rarely works.

Which Social Media site is best for traffic?

Well, that’s really down to your individual niche and what your are ultimately looking for. I’m not going to go all out on a limb here but I would like to mention StumbleUpon.

I use StumbleUpon for every site I own because the results can be quite amazing. It usually depends upon choosing the right category for the post you are promoting but if you get this part right you can attract 1000’s of visitors to that post within a 24 hour period.

3) Search Engine Optimization 

If you can manage to get free internet traffic from the search engines the online world is your oyster my friend!

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is the ‘daddy’ of driving free traffic to a website/blog but you must have patience for it to succeed. It will take time to develop a lot of traffic from this strategy compared to other methods but when it works it really kicks ass!


I used to use a lot of off-page SEO for my sites and this involved building up a backlink portfolio. If I’m honest – I don’t do this any longer! I feel that off-page SEO is a waste of time that could be spent doing more important things ( like writing decent content! ).

Besides, Google is now wise to people gaming the system with backlinks and it has changed it’s algorithm accordingly. I don’t backlink ANY of my sites these days – I let people do it for me on social media sites!

On-page SEO is a lot safer in my book and centers itself around the use of keywords. These keywords are used in meta-descriptions, meta-titles and Alternate tags on images you choose to use.

For more advice on keywords and how to use them correctly I would suggest checking out Jaaxy with it’s free training here.

4) YouTube

YouTube is a free traffic method I stopped using about a year ago due to the amount of time and effort it took to create the videos.

Please don’t let that put you off though – people drive tidal waves of traffic their way by using this social video platform. The best thing about YouTube is that it is totally FREE to use…as long as you are not posting spammy ‘please buy this’ videos!


YouTube is owned by Google so the videos uploaded there tend to do really well in search engine results. If your video starts up a conversation and gets people ‘liking’ or ‘commenting’ below it things can really take off ( as in millions of visitors! ).

As a side note – always remember to include a link back to your website in the video description ( you’d be surprised at how many idiots miss this trick LOL ).

5) Blog Commenting – Niche Related Blogs ONLY! 

In days of old I used to comment on blogs with the sole intention of gaining a backlink for off-page SEO…..please don’t try this at home!

If you attempt to do this sort of thing these days Google will slap you damn hard!

ONLY comment on blogs that are related to your niche and ONLY comment if you have something worthwhile to say. Read the post you are commenting on in it’s entirety and leave a comment that will add value to the post.

If you manage to leave worthwhile comments of value people will take notice and people will want to find out more about you. This means they will click on the link within your comment to find out more about the answer you have given.

So do a search on Google for popular blogs in your niche and get engaging with the blog owners. Leave thoughtful and intelligent opinions on the content you have read and watch what happens…

It REALLY IS That Simple!

As long as you get ANY ideas of spamming out of your head these techniques to get free internet traffic will work wonders!

Pick the methods you feel you will have the most success with and experiment with them – see where they take you.

If you have any opinions or suggestions on the driving free website traffic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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38 comments on “Get Free Internet Traffic – Why Waste Money?

  1. Your article is a good source of information on where to get free internet traffic especially for the beginners who are not yet financially capable of paid advertising. You can also add Google plus under social media, it is also a good source of free traffic. Of the 5 techniques you’ve mentioned, at the moment I’m only using two techniques. Thank you for this information, I’ll try to add the three in my advertising campaign.

    1. Hi Fernando,
      Thanks for mentioning G+ as an option – it’s also a great social platform to attract traffic ( and improve rankings! ). Glad you enjoyed the article and hope you manage to use the techniques successfully 🙂

  2. I am just starting in the world of online marketing so I am constantly researching free ways of promoting my website. You have made some great suggestions here and I will be checking them all out. Even if a social media act gets me one visitor it is a start.

    1. Well Brenda, We all have to start somewhere 🙂
      If you need any help with anything please feel free to use the contact form in the top navbar to contact me direct. I know how hard it can be when you’re first finding your way online.

  3. A very well written article. There are a few ideas here I had honestly not thought about. One of them is forum marketing. The way you put it, it certainly makes sense. I have just started to delve into social media marketing but obviously have a lot to learn there. But no matter which way you look at it getting traffic to your website is, at heart, mostly an interactive process. We are social animals. Going forward, I will try to implement a few of your suggestions. Thanks Chris.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      You’re right – driving traffic to your website is an interactive process and social marketing certainly gives us this platform. I’m glad you were able to take so much from the tips we’ve provided. Hope you see great success when putting them to use 🙂

  4. I particularly like your Forum Marketing suggestion. I hadn’t thought of it as I have never been involved in forums. I did a Google for “my niche” forum and found many I can utilize.

    Video should not be overlooked. Which make me realize that as a video producer, I am overlooking an obvious niche. Good video can be produced with a smart phone. Video editing software is cheap. Google even has one that is free.

    Video holds people on your site longer and brings them back more often. Be sure to use key words in the meta data describing the video and add text for people like me who want to find out what you have to say without watching a 10 minute video.

    I produce environmental documentaries. I use video trailers to introduce longer video. Three minutes is max the average viewer will stay with your video unless. Use a short video to hook your view and make them want to view your longer show.

    Did you know you can record a hangout and have it stream to YouTube? That is the easiest way to get your video on YouTube.

    1. Hi Bill,
      Forums can really turn your online business around IF you develop a presence there first ( i.e. don’t just sign up and start banding about products etc… ). Video is another excellent method of driving traffic if you have the time and have the talent. You say you have some experience with video production – then you should definitely consider using these skills to drive traffic!
      Great comment – thanks for leaving this opinion here 🙂

  5. Hi Chris

    I just bookmarekd your site, because it’s got a wealth of inspiration for my project. I like to overview of many topics helping me to reflect upon my own site.

    Take care, STefan

    1. Hi there Stefan,
      Great to hear that you could take so much from the article. Good luck with your own project and if you ever need any further help with it feel free to pop back and contact us 🙂

  6. FREE traffic is the best traffic. You have lined up some great ways to get it and I have tried them all.

    Another favorite of mine is Pinterest. Its great for product promoting and to get traffic to your website.

    I also use a platfrom called Viralwoot which is full of other marketers doing each other favors by re-sharing and liking pins on Pinterest.

    If you have a pin and can put it in front of thousands of followers of other marketers you can get some decent traffic over time.

    Like all aspects of internet marketing it takes time to build up but its worth the effort in my opinion.

    1. Hi there Mark,
      Thanks for suggesting Viralwoot – I’d never heard of it before today!!!
      I just had a quick look into it and it sounds VERY promising. I think I’ll sign up and review it for this site!
      Great information – thanks for sharing it with my readers 🙂

  7. Hi Chris, Your post is excellent! You make it sound so easy. I already knew about all of the traffic sources that you mentioned, but I didn’t try them all yet and didn’t knew StumbleUpon also. I just finish signing up on StumbleUpon and it seems a great place to share our content. I will explore it right after. I lack experience with marketing forums as well youtube, but they are on my to do list 🙂 Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    1. Greetings Sandra!!!
      Yeah Stumbleupon can drive tides of traffic your way but you must make sure you post other people’s articles there as well as your own. They have a pretty effective spam team these days that can quickly identify self-promotion tactics. Really glad you found something new to try within this article – feel free to pop back and visit us anytime 🙂

  8. Hi Chris!
    I am even happy to write articles and socialize with my fellow online. I use social media much to ask about or comment on posts which I feel are relevant to the topic as my website is about.
    A really fun media to move in is youtube.
    I even like to make videos that relate to the articles that I have written.
    I think like you that the free traffic ferret used in the right way is very powerful.
    As I read from your text so it is also your favorite traffic source.
    Unfortunately, I have never taken the time to familiarize myself with how I should move in forums so I could then like to learn a little more about.
    Especially how to find relevant forums which relate to my niche.

    1. Hi Steen,
      Forum marketing is pretty much an art form in itself – takes A LOT of work and patience! There are a lot of free traffic methods out there and it sounds like you’ve found a few that suit you…that’s a good start!

  9. Getting free traffic is the best move toward online business. This way we won’t harm our investment on paid method which can be risky if the conversion is low.
    I personally think that Organic Traffic would give the most money since it stays longer in Search Engines. So, I’d focus more on SEO within my website, and start increasing free visitors coming to it. Anyway, I glad to know more about multiple ways to get traffic here..Awesome!

  10. what about article submission and building your own email list? i think building an email list is also one way of getting targeted traffic to your website because if someone signs up to receive update from you website it means they already interested in what your website is offering and will definitely love to come back and read, all you have to do is build and email list and notify them when there is a new content.

    1. Well I won’t advise ANYONE to use article submission sites any longer – they died out with the dinosaurs Cedrich! Email lists generally are intrusive and not considered free traffic, autoresponders usually cost money. Neither of these techniques would have fit that well into the article above.

  11. Hey, I got some great tips from your post. Especially the tip about forum marketing. I just realize that I don’t really do that. And come to think about it, I really should… So I off to check my favorite sites and see if I can start interacting on them! Thanks for the great tips Fernando!

  12. Hi Chris,

    thanks for the fantastic tips I will try them all out, I was really interested in the social media part of your post, I’m not too sure how social media works as I’ve never been involved with it. can you tell me if there are two types of accounts within these platforms like personal and business or is it all linked together?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Mike,
      It’s usually best to set up separate accounts for business matters and personal matters. The big players like Google+ and Facebook easily let you set up business pages off your main personal account.

  13. Hi Chris,
    All that could be exploited and take advantage without incurring is beneficial for every budget, not only of the family but also for your business. Thanks for the valuable information on how to take advantage of free options available at your fingertips. magnificent information. both written and graphic.

    1. Well thanks for the pat on the back Renan – always great to hear that people have taken something positive from our work 🙂

  14. Hey Chris,

    Priceless post! I am building my WS now, filling it with content and sharing links on G+. And only this takes quite a lot of time. The ways to increase traffic you listed here are quite obvious if you spend a lot of time on the Web, but it is very inspiring to read a whole post on the topic! Because, as a beginner you don’t quite believe you are able to do anything useful within social media and forums, blogs or youtube.
    Thanks man, I needed it, and I will surely implement those still unused techniques ASAP.

  15. Hello there

    Im new to online marketing and still struggling with many issues and the biggest issue for now being traffic,Then i remembered how i found very informative post on your site weeks ago and decided to look up your site.
    You have not disappointed,you have explained things so well and l now feel ready to face traffic challenge.
    Thanks on the tip on using You tube for traffic,i do watch a lot of you tube videos but it never occured to me i could use it for traffic.

    1. Hello again Roamy!
      Yeah YouTube can bring in a tidal wave of traffic if used correctly. One tip though – don’t go ‘on the sell’ there! Drive traffic back naturally with a subtle call to action in the video description area 🙂

  16. Hi Chris, there is a lot of information that I have to digest from your post here. It is like your one single post has so many nuggets of golden information about how to get free internet traffic without spending a dime! I am still very new in this whole online marketing thing and I have not been able to apply the information and ideas from your post as much as I want to. I hope to eventually try out commenting and contributing on related forums and also blog commenting as well. I will do it one at a time surely. Thanks for sharing Chris!

    1. No problem Dominic – the more often you tackle these sorts of things the better you will get at them! Stick to it and digest as much info as you can – good luck 🙂

  17. Hey Chris

    I do agree with you on why waste our valuable money because I have lost a lot of money in the past on traffic generation methods that simply didn’t produce the results I needed!

    The Free traffic methods you have shared are AWESOME and simple, but do require work for them to be effective because nothing’s easy!

    Social Networking and SEO would have to be my most favourite ways to drive traffic to my website because they are highly effective.

    Youtube is next on my list… WHEN I finally have the right software, lol.


  18. Hey, I knew about most of these except for the forum one, I didn’t think it was possible to make money off a forum, now I see how easy it is as long as you engage with the community. I also never gave a thought to social media, seing as I’m not really sociable, having read this I’ll definitely create a facebook page for my website.

    Thanks for the tips, they will come in handy 🙂

  19. Hi Chris.
    This is a really fantastic advice. As somebody currently building a website and trying to attract traffic it’s always good to find out some new ideas. Several of these I hadn’t thought of! As you say, social media is a hugely important part of the Internet I think a lot of people neglect it when they are building a website. Creating a personal brand and a presence on social media is essential if you want to have a very successful site. Thank you also for pointing out about Google changing its back links policy. Remember a few years ago went back links were seen as essential but Google is much stricter on these now.

  20. Great article Chris. I never recommend paid traffic to people who are just starting online because it can simply burn them. I always recommend and benefit from free traffic and fortunately, there are various methods such as those mentioned in your article. Youtube alone can send you tons of traffic and I know internet marketers that are making money thanks to Youtube traffic alone. It all depends on your approach and how well you apply the knowledge.

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