Get Clixsense Referrals – PTC Direct Referrals


Get Clixsense Referrals - PTC Direct Referrals

When I first started out learning the online business trade I had very little money behind me. I needed a legitimate earning opportunity to keep my head above water as I worked through my online education.

It took me a little while but eventually I came across two awesome earning opportunities – Clixsense and Neobux.

In this article I will be covering a few of the tactics I have used to get Clixsense referrals and build a steady residual income with the site.

Forget About PTC

Before we dive into the ‘ins and outs’ of how to get Clixsense referrals I want to clear something up first.

Forget about paid to click advertisingI am not here to push you towards using other PTC sites to advertise your Clixsense referral link!

This type of method is an expensive no hope technique that I have no time for whatsoever – you will never get a return on your investment with this process.

What I will share with you is the free methods I have used to obtain my PTC Direct Referrals over the years.

How to Get Clixsense Referrals

All free methods to obtain PTC Direct Referrals involve patience and hard work no matter what site you are promoting. Please don’t think that this is going to be a ‘quick fix’ to riches for you – online success will always involve hard work!

#1 Social Media

Social media is now big business when it comes to ANY online marketing campaign. There are literally thousands of social media platforms to choose from but only some will work for attracting direct referrals.

I always try to stick to the social sites that allow you to participate or join groups. Google+ for example has a huge number of earn online and marketing communities.

Facebook offers a ton of groups you can join in with as well. Let’s say you find about 200 groups/communities between Google+ and Facebook.

Google plus

Take your time and grow a little presence in these groups and make sure they are near the ‘earn money’ niche.

Every now and again throw in a little review or payment proof about how well you have done at Clixsense this week – make sure you subtly add your affiliate link in at the end.

Each of these groups will have at least 1000 members so you are putting your link in front of A LOT of perspective direct referrals.

NOTE: It’s important not to appear like you are ‘on the sell’. Think outside the box with your posting technique and don’t just paste a naked affiliate link!

#2 Forums & Answer Sites

I’ve had quite a bit of success attracting direct referrals through these types of sites but don’t expect a tidal wave of activity. I use this technique to bump up my main avenue of advertising ( which we will get to a little later on in the article 🙂 ).

Forums questions and answersDo a search on Google for “how to earn online forum” or “work from home forum” or something like that and you will find a lot of places to post!

The trick with forums is to simply use your signature box to advertise your link – don’t bother posting your link or going on the sell. Instead simply take part and engage in as many conversations as possible.

If you leave well thought out and sensible replies people will take note of your signature box and the links within it.

Answer sites are a different kettle of fish altogether. Here are the Answer sites I’ve had the most success with:

  • Yahoo Answers
  • Wiki Answers

​​You have to be VERY careful using these 2 sites – the moderators are not fools. Bide your time and wait for people inquiring about earning money or working online.

Answer their question by recommending Clixsense and telling them why you think it’s a good choice. Be as truthful and natural as possible – don’t sound like you’re looking for a new referral, try to sound like you want to help.

#3 Start a Blog

If you are looking to attract large numbers of PTC Direct Referrals then this is the ONLY way to go!

If you take a second to look around this very site you will see I promote 4 – 5 earn online options I have had great success with over the years.

It’s been hard work but now I receive a lot of traffic/visitors on a daily basis. I only promote options that I have had success through in the past. I aim to get referrals by helping people – I don’t go on the sell!

But building a successful website is not something you can learn overnight I’m afraid. I signed up for an open education project online that covered all aspects of internet marketing and provided me with all the tools needed to succeed.

If you are interested in the FREE marketing training I just mentioned above, we recommend you read our full review of their services first. They are called the Wealthy Affiliate University and they will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to get started. The review is located HERE

14 comments on “Get Clixsense Referrals – PTC Direct Referrals

  1. Great information on clixense referrals and how to make some side income. I’m personally quite scared with these kinds of money making systems since in my experience they’ve proven to be quite scammy. I appreciate your expert opinion on these and got interested in your #1 recommendation of wealthy affiliate. Will definately check that out. Thanks a lot!

    1. Glad the article was helpful Jessie – you won’t regret checking out the WA community ( an awesome place to learn for free! )

  2. hello Chris,

    Great article & very informative, i agree with that hard work brings traffic , just post helpful articles & help people with your knowledge & share experience then you will get traffic & directly you will have a lot of chances to make revenue.

    Good luck & wish you all the best.


  3. The big question that comes to mind here is: is Clixsense really worth it? How much can you actually earn from Clixsense, and is it worth all that time posting about it on social media? Don’t you have to have ahuge following to make it worthwhile?

    Similarly, with answer sites you could end up spending a lot of time posting good quality answers to people’s questions, and how many clicks are you going to get from them?

    Surely there must be better ways to make money online?

    1. Hi Marcus,

      The serious workers on Clixsense make somewhere around $30 – $50 a day which is not bad…but they really do work HARD. If you are unemployed or looking for some extra cash it is an awesome choice…but I wouldn’t use it as a full time job ( it would be about 10 hours a day! ).

  4. Hi Chris,
    I loved your well detailed and explained article about ways to earn some income using Clixsence.
    Even if PTC is a good way to earn some income, it still discourages a lot of people especially in the beginning stages where you still earn pennies. The good things happen when you get more and more referrals and that what the article is beautifully about.

  5. Hi! Chris.

    Thanks for a very good article on Clixsense.

    I ended up having to click on your link to your Clixsense review in order to see what it actually is. I must say that after reading your review, I am definitely going to try Clixsense out to test it for myself.

    Thanks again for this post.

    All the best.

    1. Okay John, hope you get some luck out of the platform. Remember, you won’t get rich there – it’s just a site to bump up your weekly/monthly earnings! 🙂

  6. Hey am new to ptc website I ressently sigh up for clixsense but I dont know how to get refferals.can you please help.

    1. Hey Blue,
      You have to promote your referral link in any way you can – think outside the box and look for people who are interested in making money online. You could also go down the affiliate marketing route. We have plenty of information on that route right here on the site! 🙂

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