Full Version Free Software For Photo Editing


Full Version Free Software For Photo Editing

Images are an essential part of successful online marketing but sometimes it’s not that easy to find what you are looking for.

Fumbling around with website editors trying to squeeze and fit certain images can be really time consuming ( and really irritating! ).

So, in this article we will be taking a look at handful of ​full version free software for photo editing. Time to tidy up those webpages and get a much more polished and professional look…

Free Software For Photo Editing

These days I’m lucky enough to own a full version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 but that was not always the case. When I first started out I made use of each of the options below and they all offered something worthwhile…


Check out GIMP here

GIMP is an awesome piece of software that has been evolving for nearly 20 years now. It’s an extremely powerful photo editor but it lacks the fast workflow of paid versions.

GIMP photo editor

Unfortunately it’s not the easiest of programs to get to grips with – some of the processes seem to be a little long winded and complicated. But once you’ve got to grips with the dashboard you will be able to:

  • Make color corrections
  • Make contrast corrections
  • Make brightness corrections
  • Sharpen or blur images
  • Correct perspective problems
  • Fix red-eye situations
  • Edit special lighting photos
  • Experiment with the many FREE special effects included

​​If you don’t want to hurt your wallet, this is an excellent choice of free photo/image editor. There are numerous processes to get to grips with that are very effective and professional when used correctly.

If you have ever used a version of Photoshop you’ll be quite familiar with the dashboard GIMP offers.

An awesome piece of software that’s completely free!

2) Paint.NET

Check out Paint.NET here

I’ve always thought of Paint.NET as a scaled down version of GIMP – it’s a heck of a lot easier to use!

Paint.NET photo editor

There are plenty of options for re-sizing and rotating photos, a basic range of selection and paint tools, and there’s some FREE special effects too.

When I used to use this program I included a handful of free photo image plugins to ‘bump up’ the overall power of the application.

But the software works fine without any third party plugins, especially if you are looking for something that’s easy to learn and use.

3) Photos Pos Pro

Ceck out Photos Pos Pro here

It’s not the best looking piece of software you will ever come across but it is powerful when you get into the swing of things.

Photos Pos Pro photo editor

There are plenty of selection options, a wide range of paint tools, colour corrections and more. I especially liked the quality of the layers the software offered – very professional.

It’s nowhere near as powerful as the mighty GIMP but it does offer a lot of unique effect techniques. I used to love making use of the bubbles and stardust effects to jazz up my website images.

Tiny toolbars and dated interface but plenty to offer once you get to grips with it – another great FREE image editing option.

4) Photoscape

Check out Photoscape here

I always found Photoscape a very handy marketing tool due to it’s simplicity and ease of use. If you are a more seasoned image editor then this is probably NOT the tool for you.

Photoscape photo editor

Whilst it offers handy features like a snipping tool and animated gif creator, it lacks the power of layer support.

But it is fun and it can really brighten up your website images in no time at all. I used to love using the clipart directory that is included with the software. It helped make my images humorous and allowed me to make use of speech bubbles.

With a little creativity Photoscape can help you make some informative and easy-on-the-eye images. Definitely worth a try!

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10 comments on “Full Version Free Software For Photo Editing

  1. I see your offering another great post this time on a subject I really like Photo Editing Software.

    Now a days it is so important to have a photo editing software package that you like to use and you show some great options for free which are great to get up and running.

    Your upgraded version you are now using Adobe Lightroom 5 is a great software package, I actually use its brother Photoshop and Corel Draw.

    Great post for free photo editing software.

    1. Photoshop and Corel are both good programs Travis – it’s just luck of the draw that I got Adobe Lightroom ( wish I could afford all three!!! )

  2. Hi Chris

    What a great topic of different photo editing programmes!

    It has many important points and people use them for all different reasons. Even the everyday person looking to print out some photos for an album.

    However I did notice that you didn’t mention any of Apple’s photo editing programs.

    An Apple Mac or Apple Computer I think is the top in photo editing and the one that I currently use especially with the iPhoto program. You can retouch any photo really well and delve into a lot of detail with it.

    However, I will have a look at your suggestions and see if they are any better. In the meantime, have a look at Apple’s versions.

    Stacey 🙂

    1. Hi Stacy,
      Yeah I didn’t mention the iPhoto program because it pales in comparison to a lot of the PC alternatives or the big players. The free Mac programs are decent enough but they will always be stuck in the ‘Mac Zone’ as I call it – not a place I choose to work 🙂

  3. I am using Gimp for a while and I must say that I am very impressed with the free program so far. I do not edit a lot of photos and the only reason why I am using this software is to create my own banners.

    I have never paid to someone to create the banners for me because I can do it myself with the help of free photo editing software’s.

  4. Hi there! Thank you for taking time to compile this list and making a thorough overview of what each has to offer. I personally use another platform but I think it is almost the same as what you have enlisted here. The option for letting you layer your elements is very important in my opinion because it gives you more flexibility to manipulate your photos. If you have that feature, you can basically start getting creative with your web design. 🙂

  5. Very nice article!

    I myself have done some work in personal photo editing and I’ve found that you don’t often know what features you get with a free trial. This article does a great job at outlining all of that for you.

    I think that being able to edit and create your own images for personal or website use is essential. Everyone should take a little time to make themselves well rounded in image editing.

    By the looks of things you’ve had experience in polishing up a few website images Chris – what programs do you usually use for this site?

    Extremely helpful thank you!


    1. Hi there Owen,

      I’ve used a lot of different image editors over the years but at the moment I’m pretty settled on Canva – considering it’s free and pretty awesome!

      Good images can make or break a website – I agree with you on their importance. The more dynamic your site the more important good images become. Of course, a site can still be a good site without the use of many images!

      Great to have you here commenting on our work Owen – have a great day!

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