Freedom Project Review – Freedom Project Scam?


Freedom Project Review - Freedom Project Scam?

​I’ve got to be honest with you – I hate reviewing Binary Options products! It’s got to the point where I cannot remember covering a legitimate one.

There are many ways to build a sustainable income online but the Binary Options platform is not one of them. Even if the software on offer was legit the whole basis of the platform is nothing more than a gamble.

I decided to publish this Freedom Project review through pure guilt – as I mentioned I tire of reviewing these sort of products. This is NOT a good system and this is NOT a good opportunity.

I felt it’s ( lack of ) worth warranted exposure…

The Freedom Project Review

At one point in time, scam artists were learning the online marketing ropes like most other wannabes. For some reason or another they eventually chose to move to the dark side of the force!

Why this is I’ll never know…

Sure, the money’s good and there are plenty of newcomer victims on the market. But at the end of the day there are plenty of legitimate ways to put your marketing training to good use.

I suppose these kinds of marketers have no problem sleeping at night – and that’s where the danger lies…

Selling The Freedom Project

Binary Options scams, sorry, systems, usually center around one of the following sales traps:

  1. ​Completely doctored Paypal Proof
  2. Fake video testimonies from amateur actors
  3. A rather glitzy video
  4. A countdown timer informing you of the amount of ‘positions’ left

​In this particular case the creator of this ‘product’ has opted to put all his/her faith into a sales video. As soon as I saw it appear on my screen I knew what sort of garbage I was in for.

I’ll try not to dwell too long on this sales video as it follows the same formula as most of the other dud products out there.

It’s pretty much a tug on your heartstrings with a ‘You’ve got no money but I have – so why not buy my product and get rich like me!’.

We are then treated to the standard photoshopped Paypal invoices that display untold wealth then…the video testimonials!

This is always my favorite part of a online scam setup – spotting the regulars hired off Fiverr!

I’d say I’ve got to the point where I recognize around 99% of the cheap and nasty actors used on these scams. They have no morals and no real talent – they sell their services for $5 knowing full well that they are contributing to a scam. Scum really.

Freedom Project Scam
No They Won’t!

These pathetic actors then move out of the way for the real crap to begin – the story of the marketer who designed this product. The narrative goes down the same old tired street as many others before it…

  • ​I earn _____ a day
  • I used to be in your shoes but now I’m Superman
  • Somehow I found the money to create a push button system
  • I’m stupid enough not to keep this system a secret and share it with you for free

But credit where credit’s due in this case – he does try and ‘mix things up’ a little bit. In this narrative he actually admits that he did not create this wonder system – he was given it after performing a Batman-style crime intervention!

Seriously, you have to hear this story for yourself – I don’t think I can do it justice in plain text format. Let’s just say it’s an absolute gem of a bulls##t move!

​Freedom Project System

The sign up process for the Freedom Project system bares many similarities to the Binary rubbish that came before it. You land up on a rather well designed page littered with further fake testimonials.

Once you plod your way through these snippets of crap you end up in the money pit – a broker sign up form.

Freedom Project System Testimonials

Of course this product is not really free – to use it you MUST have an account with a broker and they will surely have a minimum deposit threshold.

I recognize the broker in question this time ( Imperial Options ) but I cannot vouch for them being the ACTUAL destination.

There is also one of those cheesy timers on display so you better get your credit card out pronto – these babies are selling FAST!

Freedom Project Scam?

From the first moment I set eyes on this system I knew it was nothing more than yet another Binary broker commission scam.

Once you invest your money into the broker account you are pretty much screwed. The product owner will receive a healthy commission off the deposit, the broker will pocket the rest and you will end up with a product that is worthless.

The most worrying fact is that I cannot be 100% sure you are dealing with Imperial Options. There is no real way to uncover who is handling your credit card details.

Even if you are in fact dealing with Imperial Options the system is not going to work. You will be left tossing a coin on each bid and praying you can get some sort of return on your investment ( which you won’t! ).

I didn’t notice a refund option on this product but if you look closely enough you’ll probably find one. Problem is the link will be dead or the email address won’t ever be active – once you’ve bought this baby you’ll be well and truly stuck with it.

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