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Free Online Marketing Strategies

If you believed everything you read online you’d be forgiven for thinking internet marketing is a walk in the park. There are quite literally millions of marketing blogs out there but how many of them are worth the HTML they are built on?

In most cases it’s not really the webmaster’s fault – they need to promote various marketing tools/classes/information/whatever to fund their empty pockets.

It’s a fact of life – we all need money!

The problem arises when webmasters/bloggers are not 100% sure about the products they are promoting – they promote blindly and end up feeding the online world with misinformation.

So today I thought I’d give out some free online marketing strategies that I picked up over the course of my internet marketing training.

The key here is that they will not cost you ANYTHING!

I will also highlight the online marketing university where I trained every now and again but please don’t worry – that won’t cost you anything either ( it’s free to sign up for if you choose to! ).

This article will be a safety bridge over all the misinformation that is out there at the moment and it won’t cost you a dime to read.

Shall we continue?

Free Online Marketing Techniques

The first of the free online marketing strategies we are going to cover here today is probably the most important. What’s more it won’t cost you anything more than time and effort…

1) Content Marketing Strategy Plan

The playing field has well and truly changed these days – content is now the REAL king ( and long live the king! ).

A effective content marketing strategy plan allows online businesses to establish authority and gain trust with consumers. If you can consistently create valuable content that is unique success will surely follow.

But please don’t take on content marketing as a quick fix – it is far, far from that. Simply posting 20 articles onto you blog is not going to get you anywhere in the long run. You need to persist and you need to keep it unique.

Content requires continuous marketing and will never work out in a one off campaign. Just find your topics, start writing, and don’t stop!!!

It’s best to always try and confront the subject in hand an be honest with yourself. Just because you spent several hours on an article doesn’t mean it is going to rock your audience’s world.

Content Marketing Strategy Plan

In order to create a successful content marketing strategy plan, you need to face the facts. Don’t let this get you down. As I mentioned earlier, this is a long-term process so trial and error will fit in nicely.

Creating content you haven’t thought through properly will always be a waste of time. Stop before hitting that keyboard and ask yourself – “How effective is this article going to be?”.

One thing I ALWAYS point out to newcomers to the writing world is that practice makes perfect in this game. If you thought creating content came naturally to me when I first started out you’d be very wrong.

Find a topic YOU believe will be effective and attractive to readers and just write – don’t stop until you’ve finished. Once you’ve finished it’s time to read through what you’ve written and then correct ( or edit ) the parts you feel don’t read so easily.

Just remember one thing – if you know where you’re at with content marketing, you’ll be able to figure out how to improve and move forward with it.

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2) Marketing With YouTube Videos

This probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it is one of the most effective free online marketing strategies available to you.

Marketing with YouTube videos gives you a whole new search engine and hungry audience to toy about with. Did you know that YouTube gets over 800 million unique visitors a month?

Imagine if you manage to tap into just a small percentage of that?

Now, most people make the mistake of uploading random videos of products or basic product reviews. You have to go a little further than that I’m afraid!

Each and every YouTube video you upload must contain the following elements:

  • An attention-grabbing headline or title that is based on keyword research
  • A clear and concise editorial message
  • A video description that goes over 300 words and is optimized for SEO ( again we are looking at keyword research )
  • A simple yet clear call to action ( subscribe here, find out more here, visit our website here… )

Now please don’t worry about cost here – you don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to pull this sort of thing off!

I have witnessed certain marketers wasting dollar after dollar on expensive camera equipment and studio quality microphones – not needed.

These days the video camera on a iPhone will probably get the job done if you are struggling on the cash side of things. All you need is a little care on the editing side of things and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

How many times have you entered a query into Google only to see YouTube videos take up the first three positions?

Google owns YouTube so it’s within it’s interests to rank these videos VERY high in the search results. This means a couple of hours keyword research could bring about several videos that rank on the first page of Google!

It’s worth thinking about really, isn’t it?

If you choose marketing with YouTube videos you really are giving yourself an advantage in the ranking world. New blogs don’t rank anywhere near the first page of Google – new YouTube videos easily rank there ( in some cases within 4 hours!!! ).

3) Marketing With eBooks

A good friend of mine was seeing a slight slump in his internet marketing efforts so he decided to go out and find a new technique to improve his standing.

He wasn’t exactly a rich guy – he had managed to build a decent online business but he wasn’t exactly sharing a boat with Richard Branson.

He introduced me to marketing with eBooks – something I would NEVER have considered before he sat me down and took me through it!

But he had made this marketing technique rock for his business and I couldn’t help but be a little curious about how he had managed it.

He started to explain that there was no need to hire expensive publishing companies or writers these days – the internet has taken care of all that for us!

Amazon will allow ANYONE to upload an eBook ( or digital book ) to their store for free. Once it is uploaded they will then take 33% of the any sales you make. Considering the store front traffic Amazon gets – I think this is a pretty cool deal!

Marketing With eBooks

His goal was not to make a profit from direct book sales but to use it as a lead generation tool for his website. He wanted to encourage readers of the book to opt into his website for further information.

He was quite an active online marketer and he had very little time available to him so he looked for help with writing the book. He located a writer online from one of these content sites and he got them to rewrite and covert a handful of his blog posts into an eBook.

So all the content was already there and he only spent about $30 on the writer overall – done deal!

So when the digital book was complete ( I think it took no more than 4 days ) he uploaded it to Amazon and set the price at a measly $2. This was an extremely affordable price enabling him to attract customers quickly.

He didn’t just stop there though – good marketing is always down to promotion efforts. Social media, YouTube videos and email lists – you name it he used it!

The most powerful lesson he learned from these initial eBook sales involved the ‘sneak peak’ Amazon allows it’s customers to have with books. They always allow a perspective buyer to roam through the first few pages of the digital book to see what it’s about.

Once he realized this he made sure he included a link back to his website twice on the first four pages of the eBook.

This means that even the people who were just browsing would be confronted with the link – not just the people that eventually bought the book.

So you see, marketing with eBooks is nowhere near as hard as it sounds. If you are not confident with your writing skills do what he did and hire a writer.

At the end of the day a couple of dollars is nothing to a customer that is interested in your covered subject – you WILL make sales!

4) Online Marketing With Social Media

If you are running a blog and you have not heard about online marketing with social media, I suggest you look for a new career.

Affiliate marketing with social media has been going on ever since the first social platform hit the big time. Wherever the people go – the marketers will follow.

I’ll be brutally honest with you here – most newbies to online marketing with social media get it VERY wrong. The problem is that they follow the crowd who are also probably doing things wrong.

When it comes to social media – you should ALWAYS focus on your audience, not the platform.

I see so many marketers jumping from one new social platform to the next – what’s the point?

Online Marketing With Social Media

If you’ve found a social site that houses the type of people that are interested in your niche why would you want to jump ship? Isn’t this just confusing matter for the sake of it?

Remember – your marketable audience changes a lot less frequently than social domains. You need to direct all your efforts towards where that audience is NOW.

Facebook is one of the oldest ( and most popular ) social platforms out there. If you target audience is hanging out there stay there!

Don’t be attracted to the new shiny objects in the social world – find out where they hang and hang there yourself!

A lot of people approach affiliate marketing with social media as a sort of broadcast tool. You know the ones – they are there to broadcast their own work and have no interest in anyone else’s.

Social platforms are there for people to be social ( sort of makes sense really doesn’t it! ). It’s fine to use them as broadcast tools but even better to use them as a social connection with your audience/customers.

If you are interested in learning more about internet marketing strategies we recommend checking out the FREE tutorials at the Wealthy Affiliate. Read our full review on their services by simply clicking the link below:


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  1. Well written and informative. I don’t know much about your tube marketing so your post was really good new I for for me. Thx

    1. No problems SC. Glad the article was in some way useful to you! YouTube marketing can be an extremely effective marketing weapon if used correctly. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion.

  2. This is a resourceful information toward online marketing strategy. I personally prefer content marketing because it suits me the most.
    I agree that Content now is KING. Be helpful to people and surely we can make decent revenue with that right ? 🙂

    1. Hi Edy.

      Yeah, the more helpful you are the more value you are offering your readers. Google ( and all other search engines ) love content. If you want to rank well you just need to keep on writing…
      Thanks for stopping by – glad you enjoyed the article 🙂

  3. It’s a great idea to create an ebook and market that. I haven’t tried marketing on Youtube yet. I do agree that people do not need to buy expensive equipment just to make a video for youtube. Times have changed where most people have smartphones. That’s enough to get the message out!

    1. Hi there Teresa!

      Yeah I was also impressed by the eBook method when it was introduced to me. After trying it out I can safely say it works and works well. The more effort you put into it the more visitors you will see return to your site.
      As far as video equipment is concerned there’s definitely no need to break the bank – there are numerous freeware options and trial software out there that will do an awesome job.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion. Peace 🙂

  4. This site is really well written and informative. You have included a very comprehensive set of information about online marketing strategy. I learned a lot and refreshed some points that I have learned and forgotten.

    Thanks for writing up this article Christ. Keep writing and I’ll be back soon.


    1. Hi Cathy,
      I’m glad you were able to take something from the article and refresh certain points you had forgotten. Glad you enjoyed your experience here and look forward to seeing you here again soon 🙂

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