Free Online Keyword Suggestion Tool – 3 Top Choices

Free Online Keyword Suggestion Tool

Sometimes I completely run dry on ideas – it’s one of the downsides of running a busy website! It’s not my fault and I’m only human, sometimes the ideas just refuse to flow.

This is when I make use of a free online keyword suggestion tool to wake up my creative side and get things going again. With these wicked tools I never have to worry about article ideas or new content in general.

In this article today I thought I would cover three awesome options for a keyword suggestion tool. I only came across them recently but the more I use them the more impressed I am becoming with them.

Check them out and see if one fits your needs…


1) SEO Chat Keyword Suggestion Tool

This little baby completely blew my mind when I first tried it out because I thought the site offering it was pretty average at best!

This free online keyword suggestion tool is multi-step: It keeps running to grab key phrases for every letter of the alphabet (check it out HERE).

You can then go through the phrases you feel are the most powerful/helpful and then take them further to find more awesome phrases. You really can dig down deep and end up with untold amounts of effective long tail keywords.

The way the results are displayed is really ‘mess free’ as well – check out the screen shot below (I couldn’t fit the whole page of results in the image – this is just the first few!!!!):

SEO Chat Keyword Suggestion Tool

As you can see the tool provides you with results listed from Google, Bing, Amazon AND YouTube!

Since being introduced to this tool I have had hours of fun discovering brilliant keyword rich titles. I simply use the phrases I find with this tool inside my Jaaxy account and drill down to hundreds of untapped keywords – I love it!


2) The SerpStat Tool

Another completely FREE online keyword suggestion tool but you will have to register if you want to export the results you find (check it out HERE).

This online tool allows you to filter down results to show questions which people type in the search box: This is a great way to discover how-to content and frequently asked queries.

Each search is performed on Google search engine, USA, but don’t let that put you off – you know how many people live in the US right? This tool can still give you wonderful insights into the marketplace and who is looking for what!

Check out the search screenshot below (again, this is only a small snippet of the screen)

The SerpStat Tool



This tool was introduced to me by a young lady that has had great success in internet marketing circles so I knew I was onto a winner from the word ‘go’.

This tool is completely FREE and generates up to 750 suggestions for every keyword. (check it out HERE)

The unique feature about this keyword tool is that it includes search terms from inside App Store. So far I am a little unsure about how this feature benefits the end user but I’m pretty hopeful it will help me out at some point in time.

This is another easy-to-use piece of online equipment and one that is pretty much unknown in marketing circles. DEFINITELY try this baby out – another very powerful keyword brainstorming device.


My Choice

Those of you that are regular visitors to this site will know that I am a MASSIVE fan of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. But even a tool as powerful as Jaaxy needs some sort of idea inputted into it to work properly.

I use the three suggestion tools listed here today to find my ‘base ideas’ for Jaaxy. I then plug them in and let Jaaxy do it’s thing!

If you want to see how effective this system is then try out the Jaaxy search box I have included below. It will provide you with 30 FREE searches that will uncover 100’s of FREE keywords for you.

Simply use the tools above for keyphrase suggestions and use the Jaaxy search bar below to narrow down all the killer long tail keywords. See for yourself how powerful this system is (it’s FREE…what you got to lose?)

15 comments on “Free Online Keyword Suggestion Tool – 3 Top Choices

  1. Hi there Chris!
    Nice article you got there, so you see that Jaaxy is better than all of the above mentioned keywords tools. So Jaaxy is your doodle. Hmmm.

    What about the Keyword tool inside the Wealthy Affiliate?
    Do you think that it would be enough to do your research, or you advice that we go for Jaaxy ? Is it a must ?
    Can I continue without Jaaxy?


    1. Hi Anas,
      When I first started out my education through WA I used their keyword tool for about a year – it’s excellent! But Jaaxy is yet another step up the ladder – it’s quite astonishing! I would always recommend Jaaxy over ANY other keyword tool out there – period!
      Cheers for stopping by Anas, good luck with your keyword research ( whichever tool you decide upon! )

  2. Hi Chris,

    It’s good to know that there are good free keyword tools for beginners to try out besides Jaaxy. I checked out SEOChat and and really like the clean interface to work with. Their alphabet soup results and long tail keywords are quite extensive too. For better ranking results, I would plug those keywords into Jaaxy to check for their competency and do a SERP analysis before writing an article about it.


    1. Hi Cathy!

      Yeah I was pretty impressed by the alphabet soup-type function myself – they bring up a lot of decent phrases I would not of thought of. And yes, I always plug the results into the awesome Jaaxy to get a more precise result 🙂
      Cheers for stopping by and leaving your opinion – glad you found some of the options above useful!

  3. How did you find all these amazing tools Chris? This is clutch for any online marketer. Of course I’ve heard of Jaaxy, but the other three look really great. These will especially be beneficial when I’m looking for more content ideas to write on or even to get some more keyword ideas. Really appreciate you taking the time to offer these free tools to us. Definitely looking forward to trying out the SEO Chat Keyword Suggestion Tool!

  4. Dear ChrisEvans,

    Oh my! Wow! I never ran into these Top 3 Choices where one can have fun with Keywords and Researching with Keyword Tools in the hopes of writing good quality content. Of course I am a fan of Jaaxy as much as you are. However, have you by chance heard of ubersuggest or SERPLAB before?

    Of the Top 3 you have mentioned here, which is the one that appeals to you the most and why?

    I am so bookmarking this page for sure, it just makes me smile to know there are other great free keyword tools that are worth exploring since I never knew these existed before. 🙂

    Thanks again for such a great masterpiece of information. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Hi Angel,
      I’d say that out of the three, The SerpStat Tool serves me best 🙂
      Yes I have heard of Serplab and Ubersuggest before – I use ubersuggest every now and again but I have no use for Serplab ( it’s a poor man’s Jaaxy at the end of the day! ).

  5. Hi there,

    Thanks for this post on how to find keywords via free tools available online. Guess what? I bookmarked this post as it is absolutely useful to me!!!

    I like how you outlined this article – simple, well structured and it gives a very good overview on the top 3 keyword tools that we can use, for free.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. No problems Alex!
      Glad the article was able to feed you with some useful info – good luck with your keyword research 🙂

  6. Hey, that’s the keyword tool I use! It’s the best.

    Jaxxy makes keyword search fun. My favorite part of the Jaxxy Keyword tool is the red, green and yellow indicators. I can tell at a glance which keywords are worth my time.

    Like you mentioned it’s free to try. That makes it a no-brainer.

  7. Hey Chris , nice suggestions as I run out of ideas like you , we are not robots.

    Especially the first keyword tool sounds very promising , I am going to test it right now.And is providing results from all the major engines , including Amazon and You-Tube.That is something I was not expecting.

    And you are absolutely right , if you put those keywords into Jaaxy and let it do the work , you are set to go in less than 5 minutes.

    Wonderfully useful list , thanks a bunch for this.Cheers.

  8. Thanks for the suggested keyword tools. I’m planning to play around with all three. I agree, as awesome as Jaaxy is, you still good to have tools that assist with coming up with phrases to plug into Jaaxy.

    I am learning quickly how important keywords are in the world of getting your site ranked and found by others so thanks again for the tips you have provided.

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