Free Marketing Tools Online – Find Your Edge

Free Marketing Tools Online

An affiliate marketer is constantly trying to get an edge over the big online corporations. If you decide to go into internet marketing you must be on the lookout for ANYTHING that will give you an edge.

This article will provide you with some free marketing tools online that may well give you the edge.

Are you ready to take on the big boys?

The Best Free Marketing Tools Online

#1 Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer

The key to any successful internet marketing campaign is the amount of traffic it can attract. You will come across many different theories and techniques online but at the end of the day it all boils down to one thing…your headline!

Headline Analyzer

Your article/post headlines are your secret weapons that will make you stand out from the affiliate crowd. Traffic flows toward good content so click on the link above and check out this viral headline tool.

#2 Portent’s Content Idea Generator

It’s not easy getting up every morning and turning on the ‘creativity suite’ inside your mind. Let’s face it – we all run dry from time to time!

Portent’s Content Idea Generator will allow you to input a topic idea so that it can digest it and spit out a few ideas for an article.

It really is that easy! My only complaint with the tool is that it tends to lean towards the humorous ideas from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with injecting a bit of humor into your work but only in moderation.

#3 Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker

Turning on the laptop to find out you are suddenly on page 5 of Google’s results is no fun whatsoever ( believe me – I’ve been there! ). What happened? Why did I suddenly lose my awesome rank?

penalty checker

This free penalty checker won’t stop you from being penalized but it will highlight the reasons WHY you got penalized. It’s critical that you find out what happened so you can make sure it does not happen again.

#4 Keyword Spy

When I was first introduced to this awesome tool I was more than a little disappointed. A friend of mine led me to believe it was free but it only offered a trial option.

But fear not!

After a bit of digging I realized that this trial was actually a lifetime trial – it goes on and on and on…

keyword spy

A great way to keep tabs on your competition and the tactics they are using.

#5 QuickSprout’s Web Analyzer

These days it’s essential to know how well the technical side of your website/blog is doing. This tool also provides you with a report on your top three competitors and a numeric score of how your site compares to theirs.

Looking For More Free Stuff?

If you are interested in more FREE tools along with FREE marketing tutorials on how to use them, we suggest checking out the Wealthy Affiliate. Read our full review on the services they offer by simply clicking the link HERE

12 comments on “Free Marketing Tools Online – Find Your Edge

  1. Hi there, just checked if I am missing anyone. And I did. Penalty cheker. I am not afraid to use it 🙂 just don’t know why should I get penalty. For legit comment surely not. What do you think? Regards, Matija, Slovenia

    1. Hi Matija,
      Not sure what the question is you’re asking here but you won’t ever get punished for leaving a legitimate comment on a website. Could you elaborate on your question a little further?

  2. When it comes to dealing with online marketing you do need every advantage you can get. With all the competition trying to rank number one anything you can do to improve to get to page one is great.
    You have listed some sites that deal with key issues to help get your post / pages a better ranking all for free which could be vary advantages to reach page one.
    Great post.

  3. Hey Chris,

    Fantastic article! I love how none of the websites and services you showed on this post are Jaaxy or anything similar, you have done your research and have definitely shown people some great resources to better their efforts in this tough industry, thanks a lot!

    Your website is definitely a one stop shop for great ideas relating to internet marketing.

    1. That’s nice of you to say so Aiden – that’s definitely what we are striving towards 🙂
      Hope you find the tools useful in your marketing efforts!

  4. You have an amazing list of free tools. I have heard good things about Keyword Spy. I will check them out. How do I get their lifetime trial? Does the software do more than research keywords?

    I agree with you. You have to keep ahead of your competition. You must always work with only the best tools. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Chris,
    I enjoyed going through your article and learning about different things. It was fun going through clicking on the different things to see how to create a topic for a post and how it may look. Best of everything you point to a great marketing resource Wealthy Affiliate, which is by far one of the best communities I have been happy to be a part because of all the knowledge and positive support from everyone.
    Yours Truly,

  6. Great article! I have been doing affiliate marketing for approximately 10 years now and the only tool you listed that I had actually heard about before was the Quicksprout Web Analyzer. I will be sure to check out the other ideas and see if they will be able to help me. It is definitely true what they say: you learn something new every day! Thanks!

    1. You certainly do learn something new every day Rob – especially when it comes to internet marketing!

      It’s really cool to hear that you picked up on something new here today, good luck with your marketing efforts.

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