Free Internet Money Making Opportunities


Free Internet Money Making Opportunities

With life demands being what they are, everyone could use a little more money. Living on a set salary has become increasingly difficult for most households. Owing to that, most people have decided to venture outside of their comfort zones to find something that they can do on the side.

Free internet money making opportunities and ideas for making money on the side are all over the place if you only knew where to look. Here are some ideas that should help to get you started.

#1 Sell Your Skills Online

Most people have a marketable skill. Maybe you are a top writer, a trainer, a teacher, a coder, a baby sitter even, whatever it is you have to offer, you can showcase it online ( provided you discover the right platform ).

If you have a particular flare for writing, you could sell your skills on many different writer platforms such as Elance or iWriter. It will not make you a millionaire, but you can be sure to get an extra $200 every week for just under 10 hours of work.

#2 Be an Affiliate Marketer

This is where all the money can be made. If you have a way with words; if you can command people’s attention and if you can find where all these people hang out, then you can thrive at affiliate marketing.

What this means is that you are selling goods online on behalf of different companies. Everybody is going digital now. Big brands have realized that many of their customers are making orders and buying things online.

Be an Affiliate Marketer

So what they have done is gone and hired individuals to help market their wares online for a commission. As an affiliate marketer, all you have to do is bring the offer to the right audience. If those individuals buy something from your link then you get a commission. It is as simple as that.

It does however take hard work, some time and dedication to pick up. But once you have created a proper channel, all you have to do is a little maintenance and you could be making thousands of dollars in your sleep.

If you are interested in FREE affiliate marketing tutorials we recommend checking out the education on offer at the Wealthy affiliate. Read our full review on their services HERE

#3 Get Freebie Trading

If you are not into all this ‘working stuff’, there are other ideas for making money on the side. By joining ‘Freebie Trading’. This is where companies pay you to try out free offers.

The idea is that companies believe you will sign on with them once you have had a taste of what they are offering. Sometimes, you actually find something that proves very useful in your life. You can try Project Payday.

To get paid, you need to sign up for free trials such as a ‘free netflix trial’. However, you need to be pretty organized. Unless you want to be charged for everything you have signed up for, you need to know when the trial offer ends and you need to cancel before that happens.

#4 Test Websites And Get Paid

The online world is booming right now and every big company wants to capitalize on that. The best way to do this is to have a website that is both functional and user friendly. That is why most companies are willing to pay regular people to test their websites. screen shot

Through sites like, you get to try out various websites and answer questions on what works and what doesn’t.

#5 Rent Out Your House

There is a company called AirBNB. They link up renters with potential ‘landlords’. These are very short term arrangements. Say for example there is a traveler visiting New York and they do not want to rent a hotel. They will visit AirBNB to find out if there are any New yorkers looking to rent out their homes for a considerably lesser charge than any hotel would.

If you agree on the terms, they pay you the money to use your home for the agreed period. AirBNB guarantees your home against any renter damage and even gives you a rating for each potential renter.

As we mentioned earlier, free internet money making opportunities are found all over the web. All it takes is a little creativity; a little ingenuity and you could be making a tidy sum on the side. The internet is a big place, there is something for everyone on it…



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  1. awesome post here, I was wondering if you had more info on the affiliate marketing training you touched on above? is it a free course or is it paid?

    1. Hi Tom,
      The internet marketing course has a free membership that offers all the tools and training you will need to succeed online. We have written a full review on their services located here
      Signing up is simple then you are on your way with a whole community to help you if and when you get stuck 🙂

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