Finding Keywords on a Website – FREE Methods

Finding Keywords on a Website

Are you interested in finding keywords on a website a competitor owns? Sick of being constantly outranked by lousy content and having no idea how it is happening?

Don’t worry – we’ve all been there! 

If you’re trying to figure out what keywords to go for, chances are you are going to take a look at some of your competitor’s choices to see how they outrank you.

But software and services are getting more and more expensive – not all of us are blessed enough to be able to afford them!

In this article I will be showing you a few of the FREE options I use to find the best keywords for a website. Put your credit card away and relax – this one’s on me 🙂

Options For Finding Keywords on a Website

#1 The Google Adwords Keyword Planner

This tool was updated about a year ago and now goes through life being known as the Keyword Planner.

As a bog-standard keyword tool it is nowhere near the power of Jaaxy but it still has it’s uses and it’s FREE!

It’s a pretty painless process really – all you have to do is enter the URL of the page or domain you want scanned in the Your Landing Page slot instead of the Your Product or Service slot ( see the image below ).

The Google Adwords Keyword Planner

The search will bring you back ALL of the related keywords for that domain so you will have to sift through them to find what you want. It is a pretty dated method of finding keywords on a website your competitor owns…but it still works!

#2 SEMRush

The free version of SEMRush allows you to discover the top 10 keywords a site ranks for organically ( the paid version lets you see them all! ).


It gives you a ton of info on each keyword including:

  • ​The keyword’s position in the search results
  • The traffic percentage of that keyword
  • General CPC info

​It also points out what URL on the site ranks for what keyword – very handy tool!

#3 Alexa

Most of us are familiar with Alexa for their traffic score ratings but they are very effective for keyword research as well!


Alexa allows you to to check keyword queries that bring a high percent of traffic to a particular URL.

Now unfortunately the free version only allows you to see the top 5 keywords from search engines. But along with this it offers you..

  • ​Info on the sites people visited directly before they arrived at your competitor’s site
  • The search traffic percentage
  • Audience geography
  • Audience demographics
  • Traffic rank ( obviously! )
  • The top sites that link to your competitor’s site

​All in all it gives you a pretty awesome ‘peek’ into why your competitor is so successful and why they may be outranking you!

Want to Learn More?

Are you interested in learning more about ranking your website above others?

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14 comments on “Finding Keywords on a Website – FREE Methods

  1. Very good info Chris, I personally use Jaxxy myself I love the fact that they also offer 30 free keyword searches to start you out.

    1. Hi Marlon

      Yeah the 30 free searches gave me a ton of free keywords I used for about a fortnight before signing up properly – it’s a great offer for people to take advantage of!

  2. Hey love learning new secrets to finding out what our competitors are doing to out rank us on Google etc.

    Have Jaaxy and yes it by far more superior then the rest.However,did not know I could use the Keyword Planner to find related keywords from domains.

    SEMRush and Alexa is so well illustrated here on your site can be added to what I do already for search on keywords of competitors domains.

    Enjoyed your post and information,

    Manuel f Herrera jr

    1. Cool! Glad you enjoyed the article Manuel. Nice to see you’re making use of Jaaxy as well – an awesome piece of SEO kit!

  3. Hey Chris,

    I’m familiar with Jaaxy and SEMrush, these are the ones I use most frequently. As a keyword tool, nothing beats Jaaxy and as a competition research tool I favor SEMrush. I have honestly never tried Alexa, it seems you can have some great info from there as well like where the visitors went before coming to your competitor’s site. Great info! I’ll be trying it out very soon!

    1. No problems Maarten,

      I’m also a HUGE fan of Jaaxy, without it I’d probably be lost! It really does blow the other keyword tools out of park! 🙂

  4. This is a great page and it is encouraging for both newbies and those slightly more experienced.

    Keyword research is so important to someone who is serious about making a break online… and if one is starting without a budget (OR VERY LIMITED Budget) whilst waiting for business to boost.

    Your tips will be most beneficial.

    Thanks for sharing your content

  5. It’s cool that you are offering free ways to find key words. The tool you’re promoting Jaaxy has helped me a lot, but there were times I couldn’t pay for that. Of course there’s a lot to learn about what to do with keywords once you have them, but that’s a different issue.
    This is a great boost for those starting out who are dependent on free tools to operate. I would have liked a link that went directly to your click through to Jaaxy, but that’s just me.

    1. Oh I don’t send people to an affiliate link unless I’ve covered the product in detail mate – I’m not a money hungry marketer after all!!!

  6. This was an awesome article. I didn’t know keyword planner was still around, but it looks like it has other purposes than just keyword research now. The review on Jaaxy that you linked to was another eye-opener. That program has a lot of useful information and looks to be great for saving time as well. The article is much appreciated.

    1. Hello once again Amazon! 

      Glad you like the sound of Jaaxy – there is a free trial on offer that will give you enough keywords to last you a couple of months (no reason not to give it a go mate!). 

      Give us a shout if you need any help with it! 🙂

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