Find Good Article Writers – Content Quality Control

Find Good Article Writers - Content Quality Control

If you want to find good article writers you have to ask yourself a few questions first. You may think you have located a pure source but is he/she really all their cracked up to be?

Let’s take a look at the points you should consider BEFORE hiring a writer for your website…

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Content is King

A website can display all the ‘bells and whistles’ and still under-perform – a jazzy looking site isn’t necessarily a good site! 

The basis of ANY good website is the content it contains – period.

The internet is growing day by day and only websites with quality blog posts will stand a chance. But not all of us are able to find the time to constantly post top quality writing and therefore we need a little help.

So we have the option of bringing in other writers to do the ‘dirty work’ for us. If you take a quick search online you’ll see most of the writers available only charge $15 for an article – you’re onto a winner right?

Well no…not exactly!

To Find Good Article Writers…

#1 Specializing in a Niche

It makes perfect sense to choose a writer that specializes in your blog niche ( or at least has some sort of experience in that niche! ).

A freelance writer who claims he/she can write on any subject known to man does not really fill me with confidence. A writer that specializes in a subject will always supply you with a great deal of confidence.

The truth is: there is a great deal of info only experience can teach. A writer within a niche has a constant access to this info and will be able to call upon it when creating your content.

Specializing in a Niche

Random freelancers will have no idea where to find these sort of tips – they will be doing the same thing you do when searching for content ideas.

It’s not exactly an easy task to pull off – finding a writer that fits in your niche may well take some time. But once you have this sort of writer in place they can be the difference between your blog succeeding or sinking into the internet wilderness.

#2 What do They Charge?

As I mentioned earlier in the article, a lot of freelance writers tend to charge very little for their writing…but is this a good thing?

Good writers will always charge a premium price – you pay for what you get in this world! If you want to find good article writers you need to stay away from the bargain basement.

Good writers are not idiots – they know how valuable their writing is to your site and how much money it can make you.

#3 How Unique is His/Her Style?

I’d say about 75% of writers out there will give you useful and readable content but not exactly unique content.

It’s easy for them to just go out, pick an article and re-write it in their own words – is this the type of content you want on your site?

How Unique is His/Her Style?

You are looking for subject matter that has not be published anywhere else – you are looking to stand out from the crowd a little bit! This uniqueness compels people to click through your articles and learn something new.

A unique writer is an absolute goldmine – if you locate one make sure you keep hold of them!

#4 How Interested is He/She in Your Site?

You need to judge the person behind the pen before hiring them – how much interest have they shown in your site’s goals?

You want your writer to be aware of all your goals and the direction in which you want your site to go. A writer that does not bother to ask these questions would always set alarm bells off in my head (they’re only interested in the money!).

#5 Examples And Overall Confidence

A good writer will always offer you a sample of their work – they have no real reason not to! A good writer will also have confidence in their own ability and will therefore have no problem completing any sort of ‘trial’.

It doesn’t matter what service you are looking into – if you witness the quality beforehand you are far more likely to invest.

Rule The Internet

Quality content rules the internet and rightly so – people don’t want to be bogged down in micro-niche site fluff! People are looking for good answers to their queries and the only way they will get the is through quality content.

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12 comments on “Find Good Article Writers – Content Quality Control

  1. A great article to finding good artcle writers. People focusing on content marketing will usually at some point in time have to result in labor force to assist them since pumping out content regularly is a huge thing in googles eyes. What site you recommend for hiring writers? Elance has been my go to but do you know any other good ones?

    1. Hello again Jesse!
      I currently make use of iWriter because I am only paying about $10 for a 1000 word article at the moment. You do have an option of paying even less than that but the quality of the writers decreases with this option 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,
    Very interesting article! In order to find a good writer that really is an expert in your niche, where would you look for that person?

    And would you sign an agreement or contract with that person, highlighting your expectations (unique content, number of posts you want per week, etc.)?

    I am thinking of using writers to add content to my website, but I am worried that I will get scammed and won’t get what I paid for!

    Thank you for the information,

    1. Hi Sonia,
      Yes you would agree all the parameters before the writer starts writing – length, keywords, tone etc etc. I’ve never been scammed with a content site and I doubt I ever will ( they are usually set up to protect the purchaser! )

  3. Interesting article. Found a lot of interesting ideas on your website recently. Just started a few niche website myself so will probably be in need of an article writer pretty soon. Will definitely be bookmarking this webpage so I can remember these tips and find out the best places to look.

    1. Cool! Great to hear that you find the website so useful!!! Thanks for the bookmark and we look forward to seeing you back here again soon Chris.

  4. A very good article for finding a good writer, unique content is a dreaded phrase
    for many people and this post offers a lot of good advice on how to find one.
    For someone who has no experience in contacting writers this post is full of pointers
    to look for and situations to avoid. Well done.

    1. (Well Done!) Well thank you Jeff – you don’t work as a school teacher by any chance do you? 🙂

      There’s plenty of content out there that is extremely well priced at the end of the day – I think a lot of bloggers get put off by the Freelancer type sites that expect about $30+ for an article!

  5. When building a website, texts and articles take hugely most of the used time. Design and these things you can usually do quite quickly but to create 10, 50 or even 100 high-quality articles takes so much time. That’s why I have thought about hiring someone to write me articles. I haven’t done it so far because I am learning the process myself but in the future I will probably do it. Your tips are certainly helpful.

    1. And don’t forget Roope that new writers adding content to your site can really freshen things up – readers become used to your style…sometimes it’s good to change things a bit!

      Good luck with your content and your site mate! 🙂

  6. Hi Chris,

    Great article. When searching for a good writer a general rule of thumb is that you won’t find him/her on fiverr that is for sure. Upwork is where I go to hire my writes and you will be pleasantly surprised as to the quality you can get for $15 for 1,000 word article.

    When hiring it is useful to know exactly how you want the article to be and in what style i.e technical and with references, writing as if they were you (ghost writing) or giving advice. And of course Keyword density. One of the biggest mistakes is not having a good line of communication before hiring writers and just giving them the keywords and expecting them to just produce the article.

    1. Hi Derek,

      First of all keyword density? That’s a little bit 2010 isn’t it?

      Sorry but keyword density is simple these days – in the title and once near the start of the article…maybe throw one in near the end as well for good measure!

      I still think that $15 is expensive for a 1000 word article – have you tried iWriter yet? I use them quite frequently and have built up a team of favorite writers that get 1000 words out for about $10 – give it a try (I think you’ll be quite surprised!).

      Nice speaking with you once again…but be careful…there’s no real need for keyword density these days…

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