Features of a Good Website


Features of a Good Website

Your website is your business base when it comes to working online – it’s the route of all your income. An unattractive or poorly built site will do more to hurt your business than to help it.

Below are what we would consider the features of a good website – is your piece of online real estate up to standard?

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The Aspects of a Good Website:

1) Website Appearance

Your website’s appearance is a direct reflection on your online business/company. If it’s not polished and professional looking what does it say about your service?

Nothing good, believe me!

First impressions last and that is exactly what your website/blog is – a first impression!

Good looking sites are much more likely to keep the visiting audience on-site for a lot longer than the scruffy looking domains.

  • Always use black text on a white background ( even if you run a horror based site! ). This is the easiest format for the eyes.
  • Keep font size for paragraph text between 10 and 12 pts.
  • People are visual by nature and your site should reflect that – make sure you use dynamic and eye catching graphics whenever possible ( but try not to overdo it! )
  • If you are selling physical products try and use as many high quality photos as possible. Don’t rely on other avenues for this quality – get your camera out and make sure the shots are up to standard!
  • Always aim for plenty of white space on the page – Don’toverload your site with overly complex design

2) Writing Good Website Content

Content will provide your site with substance – it’s the life blood of your website! Good content will grow your audience’s confidence in your product/service and make you appear more of an authority…

  • ​Forget everything you learned in school – use small paragraphs that are not overwhelming
  • You don’t have long to hook your audience ( a matter of seconds not minutes ) so make sure you get to the point fast – don’t post ‘fluff’ for space filling purposes!
  • Always add new content – who wants to return to a dead site that offers nothing new?
  • Interact with your visitors through the content – make it read like you are specifically speaking with them ( use ‘you’ and ‘we’ whenever possible! )
  • If you struggle to write you should seriously consider using a professional. Articles usually cost no more than $20…which is a small price to pay for a landslide of impressed visitors!

3) Website Functional Requirements

Many first impressions have fallen when they reach the hurdle of website functionality. This is often overlooked but still one of the most important features of a good website…

  • Broken website components leave your audience feeling frustrated and disillusioned – check everything!
  • Make sure there are no ‘dead links’ floating around your site
  • Check your sources – opinions change over time and you don’t want to be spouting misinformation ( check all your facts and figures )
  • ​Serious typos are a VERY amateur mistake – make sure your grammar is up to standard

4) Website Usability Review

People want to be able to navigate through a website without to much uproar or hair-pulling. Review your usability and make sure your site is easy to read, navigate, and understand…

  • Don’t get overly dynamic with your site – make sure people are confronted with a simple and organized site with valuable content
  • If you make use of numerous plugins your website pages will load real slow – avoid this at all costs!
  • ​Use logical navigation – keep a main tab at the top of each site page and limit the buttons in this tab to 10 at the most
  • Don’t keep your link text short and sweet – make sure your anchor text explains where the link is heading ( make it as descriptive as possible )

The Features of a Good Website

We haven’t included the topic of SEO above because this element deserves a page all to itself ( a lot to learn with this subject! )

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32 comments on “Features of a Good Website

  1. Hey Chris,
    Great article.
    I am constantly learning and trying how to improve my website, thus having such a list is so useful for me.
    For the moment, I have installed 10 plug-ins and I think my site is running well. I know that up to 15 is OK, is that correct?

    1. Well to be honest with you llina I don’t think I would go above 10 plugins – slows your page loading time right down and risks creating a bad visitor bounce rate! Still if your site seems to be loading smoothly you should be OK ( but be careful in the long run! )

  2. Thank you for posting this text on features of a good website. I was really attracted with the great title simply because I have two sites of my own, so I wanted to see what you suggest.

    I like all 4 major items you gave here. They contain so many useful sub-items and I have gone through them. I like the suggestion of white space, and black font. It can really be annoying with what one can see on some sites.

    Regarding typos, I hope I am not making too many, but I am not native English speaker, so life is not easy if yiu want to run two sites in English. I guess you are not in the same boat.

    I think this same post by its physical shape describes how a good post should look like. You have done a great job here and I thank you. I am relieved after realizing that probably my sites would pass most of what you suggest here.

    1. Hi Jovo, welcome back again!!!
      Pleased to see you’ve found another article here interesting. Your English is not bad at all considering it is not your first language – I’m sure your websites read fine 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,
    Very interesting and important for building up an online business. Without a website you have no chance to earn anything.
    I can totally agree with your four aspects of a good website. If you can build that up step by step this will increase your traffic.
    What would you recommend doing when your website is too slow? How could you fasten it up?

    1. Hi Don,
      If your website is showing signs of slowing down you should really look at the plugins first – how many are you using? If you’re in double figures you may want to cut a few of them out 🙂

  4. These are some great tips you offer for maintaining a good website. I myself just purchased a new domain so I had to move all my website info to my new domain.

    Unfortunately, this meant going through every single post and editing my internal links, otherwise my readers would be directed to dead links.

    I totally agree that black text on a white background is ideal because it’s easier to read; and quite frankly when you begin to experiment with text colors, it can become a bit nauseating.

    Writing good content is a bit complex for me. I personally love writing; but sitting down and typing it is was frustrates me. It is a process, but when done correctly, your visitors will thank you for it.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Just try and relax when you are writing Diana – try and step away from the ‘process’ and allow it to become something you enjoy. People do not come online to read the perfect post or article, they come online to find answers to their questions or to be entertained 🙂

  5. Hey Chris, You pointed out some pretty good tips on the features of a good website. Aside from the content, I couldn’t agree more that the appearance is the first and last impression I will get. The minute I visit a page, those first 10 seconds is gonna be the determining factor on whether I will stay or not. If it’s not appealing to the eye, then I’m out and I’m pretty sure it’s like that for the majority of the people out there as well.

    1. Yep, I find myself doing the same whenever I’m looking for info online Bob – if it doesn’t appeal to me when I arrive on the page I hit the ‘back’ button and choose another Google result! First impressions really do last online 🙂

  6. Hi Chris,

    For me, the features of a good website must at least begin with organization and good navigation that works. WordPress themes, especially premium ones, are quite good at this and using compatible plugins will definitely make your site more reader friendly.

    The second would be the content and I think this come with a lot of practice. Don’t aim to be perfect, just trying to write with relevance and simple words are good enough. It gets better after you hit your 50th post, I think.

    The third I would say is advertisement and pop-ups. I leave a site immediately when I see all these things on my screen. They don’t give me quality time to finish what I read so I don’t see the point of staying any longer.

    I would like to read your post on SEO features so, once you have them posted, do let me know.

    1. Good point about those pop up adverts Cathy, I feel exactly the same way as you on that. I hate it when a ‘free eBook’ ad pops up halfway through my reading experience – ruins the whole thing and breaks my concentration!

  7. Great article Chris, I’ve always been of the opinion that website design and overall look matters a lot though some people claim that you make money even with an ugly website. Yes, you can but the difference is huge when it comes to the amount of money you can make with a professional looking website vs poor looking site. While functionality and usability adds more value to your site content says the last word. I think your informative article in combination with your professional looking website is the best example how a good website should look like.

    1. Well thanks Rufat – glad you like the website ( and the article! ).
      I have also heard about ‘ugly’ websites making money but I tend to agree with you – the more professional a site looks the more money it will make 🙂

  8. Hi Chris,
    Very thorough blog post about the foundations of a website. You did a good job breaking this topic down for beginners to clearly understand. I will be bookmarking your site to refer back to as my girlfriend and I have been looking for a resourceful site on this topic. I wish you the best in your future endeavors in online marketing.
    Best Regards,

  9. The design of a website is important and you have given a great tip on keeping the design as simple as it is. Sharing my experience here, my website used to distract readers a lot with complicated designs, and flowery banners. I noticed the traffic goes up and readers stay longer once I simplified my web page!

    Regarding your point on “making sure the anchor text explains where the link is heading”. Could you give me an example?

    1. Sure Alex,

      It’s pretty simple really! Use descriptive anchor text that explains plainly to the reader where the link is going, like – ‘click here to find out more information on ______’ or ‘our top SEO recommendations’.

      Just be up front about where you are directing your visitors 🙂

  10. Dear Chris, thanks for sharing. You are 100% right, when you discuss the features of a good website. Most of what you wrote about is either overlooked, or not well-known to the website creating folks, including myself.

    Your post is helping to me, because a website must be readable. The information on a site must be helpful to the reader, and you have said it all in this post. I hope to read more from you.


  11. Neat advices. As a blogger, I definitely to keep these in mind. Minimising the use of plugins is hard though, I see myself having the need for say, a plugin to clean the database, to add codes to the theme, to add slideshows… aside from the very basic ones.

    And they are all fundamentals to me, how many plugins do you suggest a side should have and how do you make your site load faster in general?

    Thanks for the advices!

    1. Well the rule of thumb I was taught throughout my training was no more than 10 plugins ( and even 10 is a little on the high side really! )

  12. You are so right about the features of what make a good website. They say that content is king, and it really is. People come to your website searching for helpful content, so you need to give it to them. However, if your website is slow or looks badly designed, it is really going to put them off and they won’t come back.

    Thankfully, WordPress really does make it so easy to have a great website. The days of having to manually code it all in HTML and long gone, and good riddance to them I say!

  13. Most people will always try to over complicate the whole process. It must be easy for your viewers to navigate through your website and sometimes less is better.

    For me, the theme is a critical one because if it does not look professional, then why would anyone trust it. So many website building companies will focus a lot of their attention on design and they will forget that it is the business part that they should focus on.

  14. Beautifully designed, very nice.
    How has passive residual income, as a whole, worked out for YOU yourself? Have you made a successful home business out of it? Do you REALLY make money worth a damn? And do you make plenty to just pay bills or more than enough?
    I am curious to see how this is working out for other peopl’s blogs.

    1. LOL I do alright out of this blog mate – but it’s all about helping people first and making the buck second ( the two come hand in hand! )

  15. Hi there! I didn’t know that there are so many guidelines in order to have a good website. I thought that I just have to create articles and that’s it. I didn’t know that I have to watch out for seo in order to gain more traffic for my website. So what is the program you are talking about? Can it help me on my website?

  16. A great website with great usability is one of the most important things to get people to stay and read the content. I’m glad I stumbled over this post, not many people write about this and I think it’s very important. Do you make some user tests to check how your site works for other people than you?

    1. Well I was taught to Linda…but I have to admit I rarely do so! 

      These days I find keeping up with the content on all my posts a little hard at best, leaving me with no time at all to carry out user tests etc. 

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post – I’m not saying others shouldn’t carry out user tests – I’m just saying that I struggle to find the time to do so (these days!) 🙂

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