Facebook Post Ideas For Businesses – Keep Fans Engaged!


Facebook Post Ideas For Businesses

Are you struggling for new Facebook post ideas for your business? Your fan page, much like your website, will need new and innovative ideas to keep the regulars interested.

I have pieced together some innovative Facebook post ideas for businesses looking for a little spark of something new…

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1) A Little MORE Conversation

It makes good sense to request engagement from your audience on Facebook – this should be done in the form of questions. Start the day off with a positive vibe by stating ‘Another beautiful day for business’ and then end the short post with a question.Get people talking

Ideally this question should be specific to your business. For example, if you are a athletics based business you could ask people’s opinion on the new Nike trail runners.

A mate of mine runs a very successful Facebook page and he swears blind it is mainly down to ‘fill in the blanks’ posts he uses constantly.

Now I have to admit – these have never worked for me ( I’m pretty lousy at them! ) but they certainly rock his world! He finds them great conversation starters that ALWAYS receive some sort of response.

Again, if you were posting for your athletics page you could try something like ‘If you could be trained by any Olympic athlete it would be _______.’ Just make sure the ‘fill in the blanks’ questions are targeting your primary fan base.

2) The Guessing Game

I like this idea! Facebook has made recent changes to it’s policy and now allows businesses to use social games to interact and engage with their fans.

It’s a simple guessing game format that many school fetes or fairs make use of to make a little money – a little bit of a raffle really!

Guessing gameYou must get hold of a quantity of something and then place it within a jar of some kind ( make sure the jar is glass and see-through of course! ).

You can choose candy, buttons, balloons, branded promotional items like golf balls or even marbles. Simply fill the jar up, take a decent close up snap of it and and post the picture!

Include the question ‘How Many _______ Inside the Jar?’ and highlight the fact there is a prize for the closest guess.

It’s an old fashioned way of doing things but man is it popular – people just post their estimates in the comment section below the post. If there is a tie see who posted first on a page by looking at the time stamp on each comment!

It’s not going to be for everyone – some businesses want to seem a little more serious than this. But if you feel it could go down well with your fans give it a try – you’ll be surprised at the reaction these things get!

3) Blogging

It sounds a little obvious but you’d be surprised at how many small businesses tend to overlook this process. Whenever you blog about something you feel your fans will be interested in let them know about it on your Facebook page.

The blog posts you may want to consider are:

  • Posts which contain new announcements
  • A price drop on a popular product or service
  • Brand new services you are offering
  • New product lines you are trying out

You only want to post the link to your blog post – not the post itself! If you copy and paste the whole post to your Facebook timeline then it will suddenly become duplicate content.

This will not help your Facebook page OR your blog in any way – in fact it can only hurt it!

4) Other’s Content

I know how tempting it is to ignore your competitors work and try and outdo them instead – I fall into this trap myself on a daily basis!

News is news – it doesn’t matter who supplied it!

If you feel your fans are going to be interested in a topic then bring it to their attention. It doesn’t matter if the link is to a site that is in direct competition to you – it will make you appear more of an authority on up-to-date matters in your niche.

share the news in facebook posts

Anyway – too much self-promotion can be a turnoff to your fans and your page may start to look like a advertising platform to fund your next holiday to the Maldives.

You don’t have to go trawling your way through competitors sites if you don’t want to – newspaper reports go down really well on social platforms ( and create discussion/engagement! ).

But don’t just stop at articles – text can become a bit boring after a while. Videos go down a storm on Facebook so if you find any floating about online that relate to your business niche share them!

Most video owners WANT their videos to go viral so you sharing them on your timeline is no problem at all – you are helping them out!

Your Opinion…

Do you have any thoughts or opinions on Facebook post ideas for your business? We would love to hear about the tactics YOU use to create engagement on your Facebook page.

Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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16 comments on “Facebook Post Ideas For Businesses – Keep Fans Engaged!

  1. I am quite new to this thing and your information couldn’t be more revealing. I’ve always wondered how so many pages manage to attract so much response. Your article has pointed me to right direction. Thank you!

    1. Hi George,
      Glad we could clear up a few things for you with this article and point you in the right direction. Good luck with your Facebook marketing efforts 🙂

  2. Hi, great pieces of advice. I am sure that this will help me a lot whit my online business. After all in every kind of online business the most important thing is to keep your visitors and fans engaged. That is the best way to results.
    Thank you again for advice. Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Igor – thanks for visiting!
      Glad the article has provided you with some valuable insights into Facebook content. Good luck with your social presence 🙂

  3. Thanks for a brilliant post Chris. I have a really popular Facebook page for my baby business and I have just started 2 more for my WA sites that I just started.
    I must say the page for my baby business is easy! I just ask the moms what their baby weighed at birth and I have over 100 responses! It really does help with the interaction that moms love talking about their babies. I am soon going to start implementing the same methods on my other pages.

    1. Way to go for thinking outside the box Lynne – that was a really good idea! Nice to see Facebook is working out for you so well 🙂

  4. Yes but I am not very sure whether Facebook is good for marketing and I have never imagined of since I was bored with it one time, but thanks for motivating me once more. At that times I use to create group pages where I used to updated my stuffs daily and it is good to pay for your advertisements since it reaches more people hence more sales. Payment starts from $3.

    1. Hi Divican,
      Well Facebook is a known marketing platform but like anything online – there are certain techniques to follow before you see any sort of success!

  5. Hey Chris

    I always read other post in search of the one kernel I want to learn. On your post it wasn’t difficult to find it.

    Up until now I used to post my newest blog entry on fb, and sometimes something I’ve found funny or interesting. But your suggestion to engage the reader with blanks to fill in, is a great idea. I have to try it.

    How important are pictures in your mind?

    Cheers, Stefan

    1. Hi Stefan,
      Images do really well on social media platforms so if you find any you think will engage your followers go for it!

  6. I love the website and think it gives a lot of good info for entrepreneurs like us. We actually are planning on using the requesting engagement from your audience technique today to see how it goes. We appreciate the info you’ve put up and are curious to see what your next post will be. Great Stuff!


  7. I’m so glad I came across this post! I was just on another blog asking about using Facebook for my online business. Those are some pretty cool pointers you provided; and I am definitely going to try to apply them to my daily Facebook engagement tasks.

    I do have a question about your post that left me a bit confused…

    I just want to clarify that when you say to share my post on Facebook; it’s okay to just use the share button on my site instead of typing the link right?

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Wow thank you for this great information on how to improve our facebook page’s responsiveness. I know I’ve had times in the past where it seemed like no matter how much I posted I wasn’t getting a lot of traction on Facebook. I think you are right. The focus is to be more engaging, and I think that these tactics will certainly help!

    1. Hi Alec,

      With social media it’s all about the amount you put into it – if you treat it as a part time thing it will only give you part time results. Thanks for leaving your opinion with us!

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