Facebook On Fire Review

Facebook On Fire Review

The other day I actually discovered that my aunt had a Facebook account – this is a woman who struggles to send a text message from her phone (that she’s had for several years now!).

People like Facebook – these days it plays a BIG part in people’s lives!

Imagine stumbling across a system that allows you to make money off your Facebook account…with less than ten minutes work a day!

Sign me up! SIGN ME UP!!!!

This is the promise that the Facebook On Fire system is offering – to solve your financial woes with a simple Facebook account.

So, is Facebook On Fire a scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Facebook On Fire Review

This system is owned by a dude named Joseph Magnum and you can find it at this website address – www.fbonfire.com (sorry – I ain’t leaving a link to advertise this type of sh#t!).

The whole system appears to be shrouded in mystery…other than the promise that you are going to earn $100-$3,000 per day by ‘just fooling around’ on your favorite social network.

The Facebook On Fire Review

But how long do you need to be ‘just fooling around’ for to earn this sort of money?

Surely you’re going to be glued to a laptop screen for several hours a day?


You can achieve this awesome online wage package by working on Facebook no more than 5 minutes a day!


People do make this kind of money while working from home. But not because they paid $47 for a secretive Facebook scheme – they make it through building up a successful business online.

The Facebook On Fire System

Okay, unfortunately this system is yet another polished turd made up of false testimonies and dark areas.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I have encountered scam products that offer no information on their system AT ALL!

This is yet another example.

They offer the prospective buyer no sort of idea on HOW they are going to be earning this awesome wage level.

So, back to the testimonials…

The Facebook On Fire System

Well, the dude above looks normal enough right? Eyebrows don’t join in the middle and I doubt he’s got webbed feet!

Surely this guy is an honest bet?


He’s just one of the numerous testimonial actors that Facebook On Fire uses – all of them snapped up for no more than $10 on the Fiverr website (yet again!).

Here you have members telling you that they were able to quit their day job or buy a mansion based on their earnings from this system, but the truth is, they were paid to read a script.

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How Does This System Work?

Good question – that deserves a good answer…

But I’m afraid I haven’t got one!!!!

Seriously – Facebook On Fire does an extraordinary job of promising you the world…without actually telling you ANYTHING about itself!

Most of these get rich schemes online have this talent – they promise you untold riches without letting go of any of the details. You are going to have no real idea on how the system works!

In order to get people to watch the sales video to the end, a $500 cash incentive is offered – pretty good move when you think about it, right?

But do you honestly believe that this bunch are going to shell out $500 to every individual that watches the video right through???

How Does This System Work?

The truth behind this $500 gift is not really that surprising…

You are offered the system for a $47 whack, and if you don’t make any money within the first 60 days of using it…you get the $500 gift!

Yeah right!

Is Facebook On Fire a Scam?

Reviews like this are so, so simple to write – mainly because the product is so awful it’s impossible to not know it’s a scam!

You’ve got…

  • The typical paid fake testimonials
  • Promises of untold wealth
  • No mention of the system’s ‘guts’ or how indeed you are going to earn the money
  • Fake $500 gifts that are never going to materialize (do you think their refund policy is worth sh#t?)

It would be nice to think that there may be a decent internet marketing module behind this crap sales pitch, but I doubt that very much.

The people behind these systems spend a lot of time and effort targeting people who may be new or curious about making an extra income online. Most of these people will believe anything that is put in front of them.

At the end of the day, internet scams work – if they didn’t, they wouldn’t exist!

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